Funny and Friendly Fight

Funny and Friendly Fight is a 1947 American animated musical fantasy comedy package film produced by Michael Shires Pictures and released on May 30, 1947 by Republic Pictures.

Voice Cast:

  • John Garfield as Narrator (Herman Ermine in Rabbit Town)
  • Frances Langford as Narrator; Singer (Bingo)
  • Walter Tetley as Herman Ermine
  • John McLeish as Finnigan Fox
  • Michael Shires as Matthew Mouse
  • Don Barclay as Douglas Duck
  • Charles "Buddy" Rogers as Boofy


  • Directors: James Kenny, James Anderson, James Michaels
  • Story: Art Scott, Bob Moore, Cap Palmer, Dick Howard, Dick Kenny, Tom Oliver
  • Character Animation: Bill Charles, Bob Johnson, J.W. Williams, Harold Foster, Harold King, Harold Anderson, Cliff Nordberg, Don Lusk, Fred Michaels, George Germanetti, George Nelson, James Stevens, Phil Davies, Henry Thomas
  • Effects Animation: Graeme Rowley, Don MacManus, John Brown
  • Layout: Doug DeGuard, Karl Karpe, Tom Claster, Henry Hennsey, Lance Nolley, Al Zimmer
  • Background: Art Rogers, Ray Hartshorne, Ray Hellmann, Mike Core, Bruce Michaels, Al Dempster, Clarence Chase
  • Musical Director: Clarence Wheeler
  • Score by: Oliver Williams, Paul J. Steck, Billy May
  • Production Supervisor: George Get (uncredited), Bert Stevenson
  • Sound Director: C.O. Stevens
  • Sound Recording: Robert Crissman, Harold J. Scott
  • Process Effects: Bert Gilbert
  • Film Editor: Thomas Scott
  • Animation Camera: Gene Moore (uncredited), Ken Moore (uncredited), Jack Stevens (uncredited)
  • Songs by Allie Wrubel, Sammy Fain, Frank Marsales, Frank Cosgrove, Ray Gilbert, Kim Gannon, Walter Kent
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