Funeral Is The First Episode Of Life is Hard To Season 1.



It starts off with Stacy (Holland Roden) waking up, checks the time and realizes she's late for class and runs to take a shower, brush her teeth and do her hair and runs out the door and drives to school. The bell rings and she's late for class and her teacher, Ms Gwen Willis (Marnette Patterson) tells her that she's late and tells her to go to bed early and the whole class starts laughing including Stacy. When class finishes Maggie (Hayden Panettiere) tells her that she should try out for cheerleading and Stacy says with you no thanks and Maggie leaves. Stacy closes her locker and sees Tyler (Taylor Lautner) he says hi and she walks away and he follows her, he asks if they can talk and she says no and that she's not dating him anymore. Daniel (Grey Damon) sees this and tells him to leave her alone and Tyler leaves.

It then shows Blake (Shanley Caswell ) in the hospital visiting her mom, Sherry (Hilary Swank), who has cancer, ask her mom how she is doing and she responds that she is dying. Blake tells her noy to talk likr that and that she has to go to school. She kisses her mother on her forehead and leaves. At school, Blake gets her books from her locker and closes it and Josh (Logan Lerman) is standing at her locker. She walks away from him and he catches up, he says that he's having a party tonight and wants her to come, he gives her the invitation and leaves.

At lunch, Ryan (Chris Zylka) sits down with Ronnie (Trevor Jackson) and says that he has a crush on Trish (Lindsey Shaw) and Ronnie says that he should go talk to her and he says that he can't and he won't tell her yet. Ryan says that there is a new girl and that her name is Cassidy (Skyler Samuels) and he points to her and Ronnie goes to talk to her, he says hi and she says hi and that if he can help her and he then shows her her classes and she thanks him and leaves. Ryan then says that he's in love to and Ronnie smiles and says yea.

It then shows Chris (Alexandra Daddario) walking in the hall and Aaron (Drew Roy) walks up to her and asks if she's going to Josh's party and she answers yes but she's not going with him and he says that she should and Chris says that he should stop hitting on girls so much. Stacy then walks up to her and asks what did Aaron want and she says that he wanted her to go to Josh's party with him so she told them that she's not going with him and that he shouldn't hit on every girl and Stacy says like that would happen and they both laugh. Maggie then walks up to them and says that if there going to Josh's party and they say yes and Maggie says that she's going to and Chris says why did Josh invite her to his party and she says because she's popular and Stacy says that he doesn't only invite popular people and that she shouldn't invite a bitch to his party and they both laugh and Maggie looks at them angry.

We then see Greg (Beau Mirchoff) coming up to Chris and he kisses her and asks how her day is going and she says good and asks him if he's going to Josh's party and he says yes but he will be late cause his fuckhole boss is making him work late. Stacy then says why doesn't he quit his job so he doesn't have to listen to his fuckhole boss and get a new job and Greg says its not that easy and Stacy and Chris laugh.

Stacy and Chris then go to Stacy's house to find something to wear at Josh's party and Chris calls Greg and asks him what time does he get out and Greg answers that he won't get out of work til 10 and Chris says okay and hangs up. They get to Josh's party and Josh tries to find Blake but can't and it then shows Blake arriving at the hospital, she tells the receptionist that she is hear to see her mom and the doctor tells her that she passed away and she goes into her room to find her mom laying peacefully on her bed and she starts crying.

Greg is driving and he gets a text from Chris asking if he's coming and he texts back yes and he is hit by a jeep. Josh then says to turn on the news and everybody watches it and finds out that Greg died and Chris starts crying and Stacy comforts her. Then it shows everybody at his funeral they pay their respects and its over. Stacy asks Chris if she's okay and she says yes and that she'll get over it and she drives away in her car. Stacy then tells Daniel that she feels bad for Chris and that she's going to home to check on her and he kisses her and she drives away.

It then plays "Meant to Live" by Switchfoot and Stacy comes in and asks if she's okay and Chris says no and that she wish Greg was here and Stacy says she does to and Chris starts crying and Stacy comforts her and the show ends.

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