The Super Friends are all about justice. However, you stole Superman's credit card to get my help. You're no better than thieves who plunder to get what they want.
~ Fuanteina to Aquaman about why the former is pissed off at the latter

So this is what defeat is like? I see that now. I accept it.
~ Fuanteina after being defeated by Nancy Blake and Hoshi CL's teamwork.

Fuanteina: Due to my erratic nature, I could not get along with the other monsters at Bigger Monster for Hire. I violently attacked them, and I don't have any friends.

Mia: Then we'll develop a bond with you by helping you control your erratic nature

~ The Blitz Craig addressing that they will help Fuanteina

Fuanteina is a humanoid blob like monster with a jester like motif. Initially appearing as an ally summoned by Aquaman from the Bigger Monster for Hire company, he eventually becomes an antagonist that aids Blitz Craig in their schemes to destroy the Super Friends.


Fuanteina was an erratic monster that can wield a sword that could split in two. He then went crazy and attacked the other monsters to unleash his erratic power on them, only for Bigger Monsters for Hire employees to restrain him. He eventually was contained, but only to be released when someone calls him for help.


In the past, he was a violent, ill-tempered monster that attacked the other monsters at Bigger Monsters for Hire, and was imprisoned for it. He is prone to emotions, as shown as when Aquaman tries to make amends with him.

Eventually, he comes to his own self-realization that going back to Aquaman is not worth it, and is focused on taking down Nancy Blake and Hoshi CL in their next encounter.

Eventually, he starts to think if he really is similar to Pricious in episode 4. It turns out that he has one thing Pricious does not - the bonds of friendship.

Eventually, he decides to join the Blitz Craig aiding them in their plans to defeat the Super Friends.


Fuanteina can wield a sword that can be split in two.

He can generate a shield that can prevents attacks from coming through them unless they have the phrase Que-boom in them.

Appearance in show

He first debuts in episode 2 of Super Friends 2020. When Hoshi CL and Nancy Blake attack Wonder Woman, the latter is in trouble. Aquaman finds Superman's credit card on the floor and uses it without Superman knowing with the intent of calling him to deal with Nancy and Hoshi CL. Eventually, Nancy and Hoshi CL manage to team up and defeat him, causing Fuanteina to bow down in defeat and saying that Nancy and Hoshi CL are worthy challengers. At the end, Aquaman is grounded and is forced to work until he pays off Superman's debt worth 100 grand. Fuanteina escapes Bigger Monsters for Hire.

When Aquaman sees him and tries to make amends with him in episode 3, he tells Aquaman that it's too late to go back, saying that Aquaman is no better than thieves who acquire to get whatever they want.

In episode 4, he starts to ponder whether he and Pricious are different and whether it's a good thing. A child tells him that being different than another is a good thing. He then talks to the child about whether he should go back to Aquaman since he stole Superman's credit card, and the child tells him that's his choice. Eventually, he chooses not to go back to Aquaman and prepares for his duel between Nancy Blake and Hoshi CL.

In episode 5-6, he challenges Nancy Blake and Hoshi CL only to find himself on the losing end. They both bow, saying that it's been a good fight. They ask him if he wants to join the Blitz Craig in their goal of defeating the Super Friends, and he says yes.

In episode 11, Mia Aw Rak-Hi sends him to retrieve the berserk Lightning Blitz after the latter loses control of his powers.


Fuanteina is similar to Pricious, another Ryusoulger villain, albeit with a key difference:

  • Fuanteina, on the other hand, is trying to go to find and explore friendship whereas Pricious does not care about anyone at all. Pricious tries to make amends with Wiserue, but his master Eras kills him off, whereas the Blitz Craig will do anything to help Fuanteina with his erratic nature. Also, Pricious was forced by Wizeru and Kleon into joining him to good while Fuanteina defected from good to evil, and is becoming more dangerous.
  • Another reason why Fuanteina is similar to Pricious is that both of them had to bring a comrade of theirs that went berserk, but differ in the end results. Fuanteina did it with the intent of bringing Lightning Blitz back to his senses while Pricious had to slash Yabasword's heart card to get him back.
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