Frozen Mutants & Mobians of Nimh is a crossover Movie Between Disney's Frozen, Nickloden's Teenage Mutants Ninja Turtles, Sonic The Hedgehog (Video Game Series Included Nazo From Sonic X) & Don Bluth's The Serect of Nimh.


  • Mrs.Brisby - a Wife Of Jonathon
  • Sonic The Hedgehog - a Helper of Mrs.Brisby & a Fastest Blue Mobian Hedgehog Alive
  • Jeremy - Mrs. Brisby's Best Friend
  • Leo - a Blue Masked Mutant Ninja Turtle & a Friendly Rival to Sonic.
  • Tails - Sonic's Best Friend
  • Justin - Mrs.Brisby's Expert, The leader of The Rats of Nimh & Mrs. Brisby's Ture Love.
  • Elsa - a Human Snow Queen Who Recuse Mrs.Brisby, Leo, Tails, Sonic & Jeremy From Dragon & a Friend for Mrs.Brisby.
  • Dragon - a Cat of The Farmers
  • Nickadeomus - a Old Wise Rat Whos a New Friend to Mrs.Brisby
  • Nazo - a Mobian God-like Hedgehog Who Escape inside the White Chaos Emerald, a Evil Leader of The rats of Nimh, & The Character Who Wants The Redstone (That Nickadeomus give to Mrs.Brisby).
  • Raph - A Agreesive Mutant Ninja Turtle & a Friend of Mrs.Brisby.
  • Auntie Sherw - Mrs.Brisby's Sister.
  • Mr.Ages - a Medical Doctor Mouse who Make a Health Drink to Timmy.
  • Timmy - The Smallest Son of Mrs. Brisby.
  • Olaf - A Friendly Kind Snowman.
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