Frozen 7 is The Sequel of Frozen 6: The Groom of Elsa's, a Ogre Couple is Visited Arendelle.


  • Kristen Bell as Anna, the 18-year-old Princess of Arendelle and Elsa's younger sister.
  • Idina Menzel as Elsa, the 21-year-old Snow Queen of Arendelle and Anna's elder sister.
  • Chris Pine as Jack Frost, the spirit of winter. Jack Frost is a teenage hellion who enjoys creating mischief and has no interest in being bound by rules or obligations & a Hansband to Elsa.
  • Mike Myers as Shrek
  • Cameron Diaz as Princess Fiona
  • TBA as Hans "Isle Southern" Farquaad, The Only Son of Lord Farquaad
  • Eddie Murphy as Donkey
  • Josh Gad as Olaf, a comic-relief snowman who dreams of experiencing summer
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