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Frozen is the ninth episode of Splash and Bubbes Super Why!.


Ripple is starting to become self-conscious of her talent of underwater breakdancing and is hiding it. The Reeftown Rangers fly into the book Frozen.


Bubbles: Hi. I'm so glad you're here. It's me, Bubbles. Welcome to Reeftown, where all of our saltwater friends live.

Suddenly, her phone rang.

Bubbles: Cool! Ripple is having fun dancing! Let's go say hi.


Bubbles: Hi, Ripple. What are you doing?

Ripple: I'm practicing breakdancing. But... what if my friends become jealous of my talent? I think I want to hide it.

Bubbles: This is a super big problem. And a super big problem needs us, the Reeftown Rangers.

She called the other Reeftown Rangers and swam to the Book Club.

Bubbles: Together, we will solve Ripple's problem.

They head inside as Ripple swims up to the podium.

Bubbles: Okay, Ripple. State your problem.

Ripple: I love breakdancing, but I'm afraid my friends will be jealous, so I'm hiding it.

Bubbles: That isn't good.

Dunk: Not good.

Bubbles: Good question, Ripple. A

And when we have a question, we look...

All: In a book!

Splash: Which book should we look in?

Dunk swam up and pulled down the book Frozen.

Bubbles: Let's read the title of this book. Frozen. We know what we need to do. We need to jump into this book, and find the answer to my question. It's time to transform. Ready?

All: Ready!

Bubbles: Fins in. Put your fin in.

Everybody puts their fins/tail in.

Bubbles: Reeftown Rangers...

All: To the rescue!

Everybody transformed before flying into the book.


Spikes: We're in the book Frozen.

Dragonet: Let's read. Two sisters, Anna and Elsa, played together as kids. But one day, Elsa accidentally hurt Anna with her ice and then hid her powers.

Spectral: That's just like me.

Dragonet: And that is why we are in this book. Both Ripple and Elsa are trying to hide a talent of theirs.

Splashachu: To Elsa and Anna we go!

Dragonet: Hi, Anna. We're the Reeftown Rangers and we can help you.

Anna: Elsa doesn't want to talk to me anymore or play with her powers.

Anna banged on Elsa's door.

Elsa: Go away!

Dragonet: That's really sad. Her ice powers must be a lot of fun.

Anna: But the door is locked. I can't get it open.

Splashachu: Splashachu to the rescue! With my amazing alphabet tools, I can build the word "unlock" and unlock the door.

He built the word "unlock" and opened the door. Suddenly, Elsa ran away.

Spectral: Wait!

Anna: Come back!

Elsa created a trail of ice boulders to throw them off track before disappearing.

Spikes: Cue the metal! Cue the sand art! It's Spikes to the rescue! With my magic spelling wand, I can spell the word "path" and make a path for us to follow.

He spelled "path" and made a path. The group followed Elsa to an ice castle.

Splashachu: Elsa! Why are you hiding in this ice castle?

Elsa: My story says so. Elsa refuses to show her powers to Anna.

Dragonet: Ninja Dragonet to the rescue! With the power to read, I can change this story and save the day!

She zapped "refuses" and floated over to three options: decides, wants, or won't. She tried decides.

Elsa: I don't think it's right to hide my powers from my sister. I'll show her.

Anna: Thank you, Reeftown Rangers!

Elsa and Anna: Bye!

All: Bye!

Dragonet: Why Flyers! Back to the book club!

They flew back to the book club, returned to normal, and swam back to the computer.

Bubbles: Super Duper Computer! Give us our Super Story Answer!

The computer spelled out "EMBRACE YOUR TALENTS."

Bubbles: Our Super Story Answer is "embrace your talents." But... why?

Ripple: Because when Elsa showed her powers to Anna, she realized it was wrong to hide her powers and that she should embrace them.

Ripple: So my question is, what should I do if I'm afraid other fish will be jealous of my breakdancing?

All: Embrace your talents!

Ripple: Thanks a lot, Reeftown Rangers. I'll go show my friends my breakdancing skills and embrace my talent.


Ripple: Hi, everyone. I'm going to show you how well I can dance. I've been practicing a lot.

She started to breakdance as her friends watched. They loved it.

Bubbles: Hip hip hooray! The Reeftown Rangers saved the day!

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