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This is the story of what Frozen would be like if it was a Physiological Thriller. Be warned if you do not like twists, turns or thrillers.


Young Ana wakes up Young Elsa. Ana is able to convince Elsa to use her snow powers so they can play in the snow. Elsa loses control of her powers and creates a blizzard. This makes that castle get filled with snow and eventually gets destroyed. Only Ana and Elsa survived.

Elsa is traumatized by what she did. So she locks herself in her room. Ana sees that it is snowing outside and decides to sing "Do You Want To Build A Snowman?". Ana sings this song on every winter as an attempt to get Elsa out of her room. Eventually Elsa starts hearing voices in her head; she also starts hearing Ana's voice as if Ana sounded like a ghost.

On a ceremony where everybody is invited, Elsa gets a flashback of what happened on the day her parents died. She becomes crazy and runs away and freezes the whole land. Ana is tempted to find Elsa. Elsa now lives in a ice castle, where she sings Let It Go. On Ana's journey, she gets help from Kristoff, his deer and Olaf the snowman. They arrive at the castle and find nobody in it, not even Elsa! Elsa spots Anna and goes up to her. They hug and Elsa's arms go through Anna. The girls realize that Elsa is a ghost. Elsa is shocked, and loses control of her powers, killing Kristoff, Olaf and the deer. Anna survives, but is hurt.

She blacks out and when she wakes up, she's in the hospital. Anna asks  Dr.Bya about Elsa. The doctor is confused and tells Anna that Elsa's been dead since the blizzard-castle accident!