From Dusk Till Dawn 4 is an American horror-thriller film starring Katie Cassidy, Travis Van Winkle, Michael Copon, Arielle Kebbel, Emma Bell, Meagan Good, Danielle Harris, Ryan Merriman, Cameron Richardson, Bobbi Sue Luther, Danny Trejo, Nicholas D'Agosto, Jessica Parker Kennedy, Jesse Williams, Anna Hutchinson, Aaron Yoo and Taryn Manning



Katie Cassidy as Kelly

Travis Van Winkle as Max

Michael Copon as Mike

Arielle Kebbel as Anna

Emma Bell as Michelle

Meagan Good as Nancy

Danielle Harris as Hayley

Ryan Merriman as Andy

Cameron Richardson as Lauren

Bobbi Sue Luther as Casey

Danny Trejo as Razor Charlie

Nicholas D'Agosto as Matt

Jessica Parker Kennedy as Dana

Jesse Williams as Steven

Anna Hutchinson as Lucy

Aaron Yoo as Bob

Taryn Manning as Claire


Bob- Bitten in neck

Steven- Neck ripped open

Claire- Throat ripped open

Dana- Bitten in throat

Lucy- Bitten in arm/turned into vampires/burned by sun

Matt- Bitten in neck while having sex/turned into vampire/burned by sun

Casey- Devoured by a vampire

Hayley- Devoured by a vampire

Lauren- Attacked by a vampire and pulled into the darkness

Michelle- Stomach ripped open

Mike- Chest ripped open

Razor Charlie- Stake to heart by Kelly


Kelly, Max, Anna, Nancy and Andy

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