Friends on Holiday is a 2019 British comedy film directed by Gracie King and written by King and Ifan Barber. It stars Olivia Colman, Amanda Abbington, Emilia Fox and Maxine Peake as a group of four friends who travel to Tenerife for the week in the wake of one of their divorces. The movie co-stars Joseph Fiennes, Natasha Ward and Preston Nyman, with Michael Caine in a brief supporting role.


In the wake of her divorce, Helen (Olivia Colman) decides to go on a week-long holiday with her three life long friends, Cassie (Amanda Abbington), Jo (Emilia Fox) and Vicky (Maxine Peake). However, back home Helen's two children, Fiona (Natasha Ward) and Sam (Preston Nyman) learn their father Archie (Joseph Fiennes) is in cahoots with local conman Reggie Wilkins (Michael Caine), and while Helen is in Tenerife, plans on robbing everything from their family home. However it soon becomes apparent to both Helen, her friends, and her children, that there's a much larger scale plot when Reggie arrives in Tenerife with Archie in tow.


  • Olivia Colman as Helen Warrington, is a bank teller who has just emerged from a messy divorce from her husband Archie. She takes her life-long friends to Tenerife to mark the end of the marriage, unaware that a much larger scheme is going on back home.
  • Amanda Abbington as Cassie Franklin, Helen's childhood best friend and a police officer. When she spots Reggie Wilkins at their hotel, she is the first of the group to realise Helen is in trouble.
  • Emilia Fox as Jo Edmondson, a smart woman who married rich, she helps Cassie investigate when she realises her husband has done many dodgy deals with Reggie Wilkins.
  • Maxine Peake as Vicky Morris, a busy mum of three who is mostly oblivious to the troubles at the hotel as she takes the time to relax. She later learns that Reggie Wilkins is her estranged father, and when Reggie falls to his death at the end of the film, she learns she's the sole heir to his fortune.
  • Joseph Fiennes as Archie Warrington, Helen's ex-husband who has found himself in deep debt and the only way to repay it is to strip Helen's life of everything out of desperation. He soon finds himself in Tenerife to seal the final part of the deal.
  • Natasha Ward as Fiona Warrington, Helen's concerned daughter who does some digging into her father's going-ons and learns his plans.
  • Preston Nyman as Sam Warrington, Helen's naive and ditzy son who tags along to help out his sister.
  • Michael Caine as Reggie Wilkins, a conman who plans to take everything that the Warringtons have, but is unaware of the back-up they have in tow, including his own estranged daughter.
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