Friends: The One With The Killer Doll is a fan fiction horror crossover between Friends and the Chucky films.  


The fan fiction starts out where Monica Gellar, Chandler Bing, Phoebe Buffay, Rachel Green, Joey Tribbiani and Monica's brother Ross Gellar are all have coffee and talking about the date that Monica had in the first episode. When then all got back to their apartment, there was a package sitting on the sofa and Joey walks over to open it. Joey opens the package to reveal a Good Guy doll in which breaks Ross's heart upon where he didn't get one when he was little. That night when everyone was in bed, Pheobe hears a clatter in the kitchen and sees a unknown figure in the living room so she goes to investigate upon which the figure bludgeons her with a hammer and a dazed Pheobe falls out of the window to her death. Everyone was awakened by Pheobe's scream and heads out to living room to see what is happening. Ross finds Pheobe's corpse out the window in which her body hits the pavement. The group call the police who deemed her death a suicide but they did not believe them. The next morning, the group go to Pheobe's funeral where Rachel begins to cry inconsolably. Back at the apartment, the group finds the doll gone and they all go to the penthouses to look for it. Meanwhile, Chandler finds the doll in one of the penthouses and the doll comes to life as Chucky right before Chandler's eyes. Chucky pulls out a voodoo doll and twists the doll's head around the body, causing Chandler's neck to be violently broken by the voodoo magic. Around this time, Ross and Rachel are having doggy style sex in one of the penthouses while Monica and Joey are arguing over doll being missing. In the meantime, Rachel finishes having sex with Ross and takes a shower but is unaware that Chucky is also in the bathroom. Meanwhile, Rachel's sister Amy tries to find Rachel in the penthouses but finds a completely naked Ross and tries to tell him where Rachel is but they are about to have sex while Chucky sneaks in and kills Amy by stabbing her in the back of the neck, causing her to squeeze Ross's genitals tightly while she dies. Rachel is finishes her shower and finds a severely truamatized Ross covered in blood and discovers her sister's mutilated corpse and tries to find Monica and Joey after getting dressed. The two find them and tells Monica and Joey that someone killed Amy. As Ross is about to flee in terror about the deaths of Pheobe and Amy, Chucky decapitates him with a mini hatchet as Monica, Joey and Rachel watch in terror. While the three of them hide in the three rooms of the penthouses with Chucky in hot pursuit leading to Rachel when she screams in pure fright as she discovers Chandler's broken body. Meanwhile, Joey and Monica realize that the doll is Chucky the killer doll and try to warn Rachel about the doll but finds Chucky strangling her to death with a yoyo. The final showdown is between Monica, Joey and Chucky where he attempts to crush Monica's skull with an acending elevator but Joey throws Chucky down the elevator shaft leading him to break through the wall and stabs Joey in the eye multiple times. Monica flees back to the apartment with Chucky in hot pursuit. Chucky stabs Monica in the ankle and she puts him in the oven to burn him alive which starts a house fire but manages to escape. As Monica escapes, she leaves town as firefighters arrive to put out the fire. 


Pheobe Buffay- Bludgeoned with hammer, fell out of window

Chandler Bing- Head twisted around body with voodoo doll magic

Joey Tribbiani- Knife thrown into back

Amy Green- Stabbed through back of neck 

Ross Gellar- Decapitated with axe

Rachel Green- Strangled to near decapitation with yoyo

Chucky- Thrown down elevator shaft, crushed by elevator

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