Friday the 13th Part 3: Camp Blood is a 2017 horror-comedy comic and a sequel to Friday the 13th part 2: Jason's Death.


Tommy Jarvis, now 17, is having a college party at Camp Crystal Lake, now named Camp Blood; but it's soon crashed by Jason, who finally avenged his mother.


The film starts with a news report about the previous film cops cleaning up the crime scene and finishing up. They take Jason to the morgue and it's being taken care of by Dr. Rob. But Rob is making out with his wife Nurse Collete and is not working. He goes to the bathroom but hears a strange noise. He tries to hear it but gets stabbed in the ear with a knife. He covers it but dies of blood loss. Collete goes to find Rob but gets stabbed with tweezers by Jason and strangled.

At the 1980's counselor's home, she is revealed to be named Alice Hardy and she killed Jason's mother in the 1980 because Mrs. Voorhees was a serial killer who butchered counselors. Jason attacks her and stabs her. He shows himself and ignores Alice's apologies for killing his mother. He delivers the final blow and kills her before taking her body away. He drops it off at his shack and his mother's rotten head laughs. She later tells him to kill Tommy Jarvis.

5 years later, Tommy Jarvis, now 17, is once again attending Camp Crystal Lake but the camp is renamed Camp Blood due to the murders that happened there. He comes out of the car that drops him off but he doesn't talk. The sympathetic counselor Joe shows him around and his assistant Spaghetti comforts him. He meets some of the other counselors and then looks lovestruck when he sees Trish Shepard but Joe warns him that no one is allowed to be near her because she is in therapy. While Megan and Melissa are sunbathing, they see Tommy and both have a crush on him but Megan only loves him for who he is and Melissa only wants him because he's a survivor. However, Tommy is almost run over by famous rich boy Eddie, who doesn't apologize but Tommy ignores him. When Rose sees this, she slaps Eddie and checks on Tommy while her boyfriend Andrew volunteers to help give Tommy a room. She then hopes Tommy is okay and gives him a kiss on the cheek but Andrew isn't jealous because he trusts Tommy. However, Kristine is rude to Tommy and recognizes him from her childhood but decides to give him a break because of his sister while Kevin gives him a hard time.

In Tommy's room, he still gets upset over the incident and doesn't participate with any activities. Joe's girlfriend Sarah tries her best to make Tommy feel like family.

At dinner, Tommy is silent through the whole thing but gets amused just like everyone when Patrick tells everyone of how Kevin tricked him into drinking horse s**t but then is getting revenge right now by tricking him into bottle full of sea horse ratish and cow manure, causing Kevin to spit his drink out in horror and disgust while the others laugh.


  • Robby- When he was going to the bathroom, he heard a strange noise. He puts his head on the wall and is stabbed in the ear by Jason with a knife.
  • Collete - When she was looking for Rob, Jason stabs her with tweezers and strangles her.
  • Alice - She went to feed her cat, Jason stabs her with a machete.
  • Andre - He went to swim with Sissy, after he was done, he was going to get drinks. But was confronted by Jason Voorhees, he tried to fight him but Jason beats him with a burning iron. He then presses it to Andre's face and beats him in the head with it two times.
  • Sissy - When she was looking for Andre (with her pants off), she was stabbed in the head with an axe by Jason.
  • Spaghetti- She was looking for her brother, and then suddenly, Jason grabs her and cuts her open with a pocketknife.
  • Philip - When he was looking for his cigarrates, Jason kicked his head off. His head is later found by Trish.
  • Theresa - When she was waiting outside for Alex, Jason slits her throat with a knife.
  • Officer Theodore - When he was making dinner for him and Derrek, Jason stabbed him in the back with a kitchen knife and bludgeoned him with a frying pan.
  • Officer Derrek - When he found Theodore's body, he tries calling for back up, but is hit with a baseball bat by Jason.
  • Andrew - When he was looking for a drink, Jason stabbed him in the head with a knife.
  • Rose - When she was done swimming, she was looking for Andrew (in her swimsuit), she is thrown into a hot tub and is electrocuted to death.
  • Kevin - When he was checking the power, Jason stabbed him in the head with a pipe.
  • Kristine - She was looking for Kevin (in a night gown), then she found his corpse. She got scared and tried calling the cops but the wires are cut, and then Jason grabbed her mouth and snapped her neck.
  • Patrick - He was waiting for Josie to hang out with him, he was warming by the fire. He was looking at pictures of her, when suddenly Roy stabs him in the head with a butcher knife.
  • Elvis - When he was looking for his car keys, Jason blindfolded him and stabbed him with machete.
  • Julie - When she found Elvis' body, Jason stabbed her with garden shears.
  • Alex - When he was looking for Beer, Jason stabbed him in the neck with a broken bottle.
  • Jack - After giving Joe and Sarah pizza, he gets impaled on a tree branch by Jason.
  • Sarah - When she was getting soda, Jason grabbed her and stabbed her in the mouth with a machete.
  • Joe - When he was looking for Sarah, Jason stabbed him in the back with a knife.
  • Josie - When she was going for a walk, Jason stabbed her in the neck with a pitchfork.
  • Mrs. Shepard - When she and Sheriff Garris are running, Garris betrays her by letting Jason kill her. However, Roy saw this and pities the woman. He also disapproves of Garris.
  • Sheriff Garris - After getting punched and knocked out for trying to kill Tommy, an angry Roy cuts open his stomach with weed wacker.
  • Eddie - When he was going outside to pee and was smoking, Jason stabbed his back with an axe.
  • Melissa - When she was taking a shower (in order to seduce Tommy), she noticed a noise and got dressed to check it out. However, she noticed Tommy and Trish getting closer so she tries to kill Trish but Megan appears and shoots her.
  • Roy Burns - When he tries to save Tina, Jason strangles him and decapitates him with a axe.
  • Jason Voorhees - When he trys to kill Tommy and Tina, Tina sprays gasoline on him and sets him on fire. However, he survives, receiving only a burnt zombie form, and trys to kill them but Megan distracts him by stabbing his eye with a crowbar, while Tommy decapitates him with a machete.


  • Tommy Jarvis
  • Tina Sheppard
  • Megan Garris


  • Rated R for a few reasons.
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