Friday the 13th part 2: Jason's Death is an 2015 American Horror-Comedy film. This is a sequel to Friday the 13th (2009) and prequel to Friday the 13th part 3: Camp Blood.


In 2012, 12-year-old Tommy Jarvis is invited by a group of counselors to be a camper at Camp Crystal Lake. He is unaware that the counselors are getting killed one by one by Jason Voorhees.


The film starts with Commissioner Jarvis (John Schneider) and Captain Nick (Samuel L. Jackson) are going to investigate Camp Crystal Lake but are confronted by corrupt Sheriff Harris (Michael Ironside), who wants to rename it Camp Green Forest. They refuse and laugh at him. Jarvis tells Nick that Jarvis' son Tommy is attending the camp as a camper and they make a deal to protect him from the killer. (A red sign says, Friday The 13th Part 2 Jason's Death.

At Tommy's house, Trish Jarvis (Chanello Peloso) is taking books and music with her (but she doesn't know that she's not wearing pants, but please don't worry that's not being shown yet) and she is greeted by her cousin Terry (Allison Mack), who tells her that Tommy is invited. They see Riley Parker (Michael Rosenbaum) throwing a football to Paul (Freddie Prinze) but Paul distracts a driver and annoys him. They get annoyed by Riley because Terry got abused by him and broke up with him. He asks them about the books and Terry in anger says she learned it from watching him. He gives her a dirty song from his band and informs about the pants, causing Trish to cover herself in embarrassment.

In the living room, Tommy (Jace Norman) is playing a video game with Terry's boyfriend Scott (Jay Baruchel) but Terry uses her love skills to make them stop and pack up, much to their irritation. Outside, Paul is talking with his girlfriend Ginny (Sarah Michelle Geller) but are interrupted by Scott's stoner best-friend Titus Telesco (Jack Black), who is playing loud music in his car and smoking a bong. Scott and Terry remind him that he can't do that because it's illegal. But Titus claims he won't get arrested because cops might be afraid of stoners and disguises his bong as a water bottle. Tommy and Titus hug in excitement that they are seeing each other again. Mrs. Jarvis (Annette O'Toole) decides to follow them because she'll own a cabin and will be keeping an eye on them. They drive a R.V. and are upset the GPS is not working there.

At the camp, they are amazed by the legend of Jason Voorhees (Derek Mears) and Riley starts peeing on a book that talks about it but is warned by Captain Nick that people had died here a long time ago. They go to their cabins and find their rooms. Titus is found stabbed in the head with a axe but it's revealed to be prank by him and Scott, much to everyone's irritation.

They are welcomed by Clay Miller (Jared Padalecki), who survived the earlier massacre. Mr. Gackles (Bob King) warns that they're all doomed. Riley doesn't listen and refuses to leave.

They go to the swimming hole and tell jokes but Tommy just sits on the bench. Paul and Ginny decide to sneak in the crime scene and goof off. They are almost killed by Jason but are stopped by Nick, who takes them back to the camp and forces them to do office work tonight.

Riley hears about this and pretends to be sorry. He secretly lets them goof off and becomes lazy. Titan secretly plants marijuana in his cabin and waits for them. Terry asks what is he doing and he says he's growing plants, in order to get out of trouble. When she leaves, she finds out about it but Titan locks the door. However, Terry decides to let it go and asks if he wants anything but he says no.

At night, Paul and Ginny waste time making out but hear a noise. When they check it out and don't see anything, they think it's nothing. Ginny goes to the bathroom and Paul works. But Paul sees Jason and tells him to leave. Jason responds by stabbing Paul's stomach with a machete. Ginny hears someone and checks it out. Jason appears and whacks her with a paddle (off-screen but red graphics appear when he did it) after she screams.

At a party, Riley embarrasses Tommy there, causing him to leave and hide. Scott in anger punches Riley in the eye and leaves to find Tommy. Their college teacher Fred Waxlor (Robert England) becomes head counselor and is disappointed in Riley for his behavior. Fred sends people to find Tommy. Riley gets a beer from the kitchen and notices the microwave on. He opens it up but finds his dog in there. He gets grossed out and pukes in the bathroom. Jason knocks him out. Riley wakes up tied to the toilet and Jason forces him to chug on Pop Rocks and bathroom chemicals until Riley finally dies of drink poisoning. His body is later found by Trish when she was using the bathroom but got scared by the body.

Titan helps Scott look for Tommy and they search at the docks. Nick finds them and brings them back to camp. Unknown to them, he is attacked and presumably strangled by Jason. Titan hears this but doesn't see anything wrong and smokes a piece of weed. Titan goes to his cabin.

At Clay's tent, Trish finds out about Jason and Clay reveals that Clay's sister Whitney died in the hospital after drowning. He lived in the camp to get revenge.

At Titan's cabin, Titan collects his weed and starts preparing his bong but can't find the lighter. Jason comes in and Titan says, Can I help you. Jason responds by pinning Titan's hand to the table with a hook and he begs for mercy but Jason ignores him and impales with garden shears.

At Scott and Trish's cabin, she becomes worried about Tommy and Scott informs her that Tommy ran away because of Riley. They see smoke from Titan's cabin and they kiss before Scott checks it out. Scott opens the cabin door and finds Titan's body, causing him to run in horror.

He goes to get help but his left foot steps on a trap. He is hanged upside down and tries to get free but Jason arrives and cuts Scott's throat. Mrs. Jarvis sees him but at first thinks it's a joke. She tries to wake him up but now is convinced that he's dead. She goes inside to call the cops but Jason cut the wire and stabs her with a fire poker.

While Terry is changing, she finds Scott hanged upside down outside. She uses scissors to try and cut him down but finds out he's dead and goes to get help. She sees Jason and stabbed with a knife by him (off-screen but we see her moaning in pain and collapsing). Commissioner Jarvis finds his wife and cradles over her body but gets his throat cut by Jason. He tries to hold the bleeding but fails and dies.

Trish and Clay find out what's happening and Clay goes to fight Jason. He finds Jason and hits him with a baseball bat but is stabbed to death by him. He later dies warning Trish.

Tommy comes back but finds something strange going on. He finds all the bodies and is horrified. He tries to call Waxlor but hears a phone ringtone in the back of a cop car and finds Waxlor's body. He doesn't want to die but Trish finds him and they are saved by Mr. Gackles. He tells them about Jason but Jason rips his neck out and throws him out of the truck. Jason forces them to stay in the truck and he drives them to the barn.

At the barn, Tommy reminds Jason of when Jason was a kid and got bullied by campers. Trish is locked away in a cage as Jason unmasks himself to Tommy. Tommy feels sorry that a poor child grew up without a family and has a disfigured face. Trish yells at Jason but he puts a apple in her mouth to keep her quiet. Tommy hears Jason's story and is saddened by it. Captain Nick interrupts Jason and distracts him but gets his hand chopped off and hacked apart with a machete. Jason wants Tommy to become the new Jason but Tommy is scared by him. Trish breaks free and gets Tommy out of there.

At the lake, they see Jason and Pamela Voorhees' tombstones. Jason finds them and grabs Trish but Tommy grabs a machete and stuns Jason. He picks up a bow and arrow and shoots Jason in the left eye. Jason falls in the water and is seen crying. Tommy tells him to say hello to Pamela in Hell.

The Next Day, Tommy and Trish wake up on a boat with cops coming and picking them up but Trish is attacked by Jason. Tommy survives and is brought to land by Jason but Jason decides to kill Tommy some other time.

At the camp, the bodies are being picked by police and they take Tommy to the hospital but he is afraid of Jason. Trish is missing and her fate is declaerd unknown. We last see Jason secretly watching him and showing proof that he's alive, meaning there will be a sequel.


Jace Norman as Tommy Jarvis - The Main Protagonist.

Chanelle Peloso as Trish Jarvis - Tommy's older sister.

Derek Mears as Jason Voorhees - The Main Antagonist and serial killer of the massacre.

Michael Rosenbaum as Riley Parker - The head counselor , camp jerk, and Terry's abusive ex-boyfriend. He is the Secondary Antagonist of the film for his behavior and hates Tommy and Scott. He abuses them by insulting and embarrassing them.

Annette O'Toole as Mrs. Jarvis - Tommy's mother.

Jack Black as Titan Telesco - A dirty pothead pool boy who was disliked by Riley, Paul, and Ginny for his dirty appearance and drug behavior. He is based on his earlier role Titus Telesco from I Still Know What You Did Last Summer.

Freddie Prinze Jr. (Uncredited) as Paul Holt - A camp counselor.

Allison Mack as Terry - The lifeguard and Tommy and Trish's cousin

Samuel L. Jackson as Captain Nick - Captain of the police.

Robert England as Freddy Waxlor - A college teacher turned head counselor and friend of Tommy's family.

John Schneider as Commissioner Jarvis - Tommy and Trish's father and Mrs. Jarvis' ex-husband.

Jay Baruchel as Scott - Terry's new boyfriend and Riley's rival. He is first seen playing a video game with Tommy.

Sarah Michelle Geller as (uncredited) Ginny Field - Paul's girlfriend.


Paul Holt - He was working in the office, but Jason stabbed him in the stomach with a machete.

Ginny Field - When she was in the bathroom, Jason whacked her with a paddle.

Riley Parker - When he finds his dead dog in the microwave, he goes to the bathroom to throw up and gets knocked out by Jason. When he wakes up tied to the toilet, Jason forces him to chug on pop rocks and bathroom chemicals, killing him (similar to Urban Legend).

Titan Telesco - He was looking for a lighter to smoke his bong, and then Jason pinned his hand to the table with a hook and punchered his chest with garden shears (similar to I Still Know What You Did Last Summer).

Scott - When he found Titan's body and went to go get help, he stepped on a trap and got hanged upside down. While he was trying to get down, Jason slits his throat with a machete.

Mrs. Jarvis - When she found Scott's body, she tried running to the cops but Jason stabbed her with a fire poker.

Terry - She went to go find Scott, but finds him dead and Jason stabs her with a knife.

Commissioner Jarvis - When he sees his ex-wife's corpse, he cradles it until Jason slits his throat.

Clay Miller - Tries to avenge his sister, but is stabbed four times in the chest with a knife by Jason and stabbed in the back.

Freddy Waxlor - Stabbed to death (offscreen) by Jason. His body is found in the trunk of Captain Nick's car.

Mr. Gackles - He was trying to help Tommy and Trish get away from Jason, but Jason rips his throat out and throws him out of the truck (similar to Halloween 4).

Captain Nick - He was believed to be strangled by Jason but survived and tried to fight him but gets his hand chopped off and gets hacked apart with a machete by Jason.

Jason Voorhees - He tries to kidnap Tommy, but Trish stabs him in the head with a pickaxe. But Jason is still alive, but Tommy distracts him with a machete and finally kills him by shooting an arrow in his left eye.

Trish Jarvis - Possibly drowned when Jason pulled her into the lake with Tommy watching. Her fate is declared unknown.


  • Tommy Jarvis - Goes to a hospital and develops a fear of Jason.


  • Rated R for strong horror violence and gore, sexual content and language
  • Unlike the original series, Jason does not hate Tommy and instead feels bad that he is tormented by his juvenile classmates. And Tommy reminds Jason of himself.

Scene Selection

  • 1. Camp Crystal Lake
  • 2. Refuse to Laugh
  • 3. Make a Deal
  • 4. A red sign
  • 5. Tommy's House
  • 6. Riley Parker
  • 7. Abused
  • 8. The books
  • 9. Dirty song
  • 10. Living room
  • 11. Ginny's answer
  • 12. It's illegal
  • 13. Bottled Water
  • 14. Excitement
  • 15. The Cabin
  • 16. R.V.
  • 17. Jason Voorheese
  • 18. Cabin Rooms
  • 19. The Axe
  • 20. Clay Miller
  • 21. Doomed
  • 22. Riley not listening
  • 23. Swimming hole
  • 24. Crime scene
  • 25. Office work tonight
  • 26. Pretend to purpose
  • 27. Lazy
  • 28. The drugs plant
  • 29. Growing plants
  • 30. Door locks
  • 31. Let it go
  • 32. Paul and Ginny
  • 33. Check it out
  • 34. Bathroom
  • 35. Paul and Jason
  • 36. A Machete
  • 37. Hears someone
  • 38. A Paddle
  • 39. The Party
  • 40. A Punch
  • 41. Fred Waxlor
  • 42. Fred's Pride
  • 43. Beer from the kitchen
  • 44. A dog in there
  • 45. Grossed out
  • 46. Jason's Desperado
  • 47. Pop Rocks and Bathroom Chemicals
  • 48. Trish
  • 49. Titan helps Scott
  • 50. Unkown to them
  • 51. PieceĀ 
  • 52. Titan's cabin
  • 53. Clay's Tent
  • 54. Revenge
  • 55. Cap the Collector
  • 56. Can I help you
  • 57. Beg for Mercy
  • 58. Scott and Trish's Camp
  • 59. Smoke from the Cabin
  • 60. Titan's Body
  • 61. The trap
  • 62. Upside down
  • 63. Joke
  • 64. Pretends Wake up
  • 65. Fire poker
  • 66. Find Scott
  • 67. Scott's death
  • 68. The knife killer
  • 69. Commisoner Jarvis
  • 70. Bleeding fails
  • 71. Fight Jason
  • 72. Stabbed to death
  • 73. Warning Trish
  • 74. Strange
  • 75. Horrified
  • 76. Waxlor's body
  • 77. Mr. Gackles
  • 78. Out you go
  • 79. To stay in the truck
  • 80. Campers
  • 81. Cage
  • 82. A poor child
  • 83. Apple in her mouth
  • 84. Jason's Story
  • 85. Hacked apart with a machete
  • 86. The new Jason
  • 87. Break free
  • 88. Tombstone
  • 89. Shoot Jason
  • 90. Shoot Jason in the left eye
  • 91. Jason falls in the water
  • 92. Say hello to Pamela
  • 93. The Next day
  • Final Scene Jason decides
  • Ending Scene Tommy is alive

T.V. Tropes

  • A**hole Victim: Riley Parker.
  • Bittersweet Ending: Tommy survives and is rescued by police but his parents and the others are dead, his sister is missing, and Jason is most likely still alive, waiting to kill again. Not to mention, it's unknown if people will believe Tommy or not about an undead killer.
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