friday the 13th part 2 is a 2015 sequel to the 2013 horror film. it stars ashley greene, jason dolley, lindsay lohan, crystal lowe, rory culkin, derek mears, george clooney, rooney mara, david henrie, austin butler, lucy hale, ryan merriman and richard dreyfuss.


alice hardy [lindsay lohan], only survivor from the first film, is trying to forget the deaths that happened 1 month ago and she hears a noise in the hallway. she goes to look and sees a shadow, and suddenly she bumps into jason voorhees [derek mears]. she tries to escape, but jason kills her when her throat is slit with an axe. 3 years later, a guy named jeff [austin butler], his girlfreind sandra [rooney mara]  and their freind ted [rory culkin] are hired by paul [jason dolley] and his girlfreind ginny [ashley greene]  to work at camp crystal lake, ignoring the brutal massacre there 3 years earlier. several other counselers have been hired to work there, including vicki [lucy hale], mark [david henrie], terry [crystal lowe] and scott [ryan merriman]. the first day, crazy ralph [george clooney] and the sherrif, officer winslow [richard dreyfuss] go hiking in the woods. they get seperated and ralph has his neck snapped offscreen. officer winslow finds ralphs corpse and is pinned to a tree through his mouth with a machete. that night, scott and terry have sex in a nearby lake. suddenly, jason jumps up from the water with a meat cleaver and hacks scott several times in the back with it. terry tries to escape but jason stabs her in the chest with it and drags both their bodies away. meanwhile, mark is watching tv in his cabin when jason comes in with the same machete he used to kill officer winslow. he thinks it is one of the counselors in disguise but suddenly jason cuts off mark's head with it and stuffs his body in a closet. in another cabin nearby, jeff and sandy are getting ready to watch a movie. sandra goes in the kitchen to make popcorn while jeff starts the movie. suddenly, jason breaks the cabin door with the machete and stabs jeff in the stomach with it. sandra comes back with the popcorn and sees jason killing jeff and screams. jason turns his attention to her and chases her through the cabin, finally finding her upstairs in a bed. she is impaled through the heart with the machete and the machete goes through the bed. vicki decides to go over to jeff and sandy's cabin to watch the movie with them. she starts to get creeped out when she finds that their door has been hacked to pieces with a machete. she goes inside and sees jeff's corpse and screams, and suddenly jason comes downstairs. vicki panics and runs away, but she trips on a trap made by jason and is stabbed in the side of her neck with an arrow. ginny and paul start to worry when they cant find the other counselers. suddenly, ginny spots scott's and terry's corpses hanging from a tree. paul goes to warn vicky, sandy and jeff only to find them dead too. he then checks ted's cabin, finding out he'sthe only one still alive. paul warns ted, but jason enters the cabin and kills ted with a spear. ginny goes to mark's cabin to warn him only to find his headless body. jason suddenly rushes into the basement and chases her upstairs, then she runs into paul who says that ted was killed by jason. jason suddenly appears and stabs paul in the eye with a knife. ginny then runs to a warehouse where she grabs a screwdriver and stabs jason in the chest with it. she then faints and later wakes up in a hospital, where the doctor tells her that police saw jason gone at the crime scene.


ashley greene as ginny field

jason dolley as paul holt

lindsay lohan as alice hardy

crystal lowe as terry

rory culkin as ted

derek mears as jason voorhees

george clooney as crazy ralph

rooney mara as sandra dier

david henrie as mark

austin butler as jeff

lucy hale as vicki

ryan merriman as scott

richard dreyfuss as officer winslow


Alice Hardy- throat slit with an axe

Crazy Ralph- neck snapped (offscreen)

Officer Winslow- pinned to tree through mouth with machete

Scott- hacked 5 times in back with meat cleaver

Terry- stabbed in chest with meat cleaver

Mark- head cut off with machete

Jeff- stabbed in stomach with machete

Sandra Dier- impaled in heart through bed with machete

Vicki- stabbed in side of the neck with arrow

Ted- impaled with spear

Paul Holt- stabbed in eye with knife

Jason Voorhees- stabbed in chest with screwdriver

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