Friday the 13th Part V is the fifth and final film in the Friday the 13th reboot series along with Part II, Part III and Part IV. The film again stars Michael Bailey Smith as Jason Voorhees and also sees Mike Newell return to direct. The score was done by Michael Andrews. This was the last standalone Friday the 13th film before the crossover with A Nightmare on Elm Street, Freddy vs. Jason.


The film begins where the last one left off. Following Jason's rampage at Crystal Lake, Tommy and Trish Jarvis are taken to a hospital along with Jason's body. In the morgue, Jason wakes up and uses a bonesaw to kill the coroner and then guts a nurse with a scalpel. Jason retrieves a surgical machete and enters an operating theater, slaughtering everyone within. He then makes his way into Tommy's room and lifts his machete above his head. Suddenly, Tommy, now a young adult, wakes up screaming, revealing the previous sequence to have been a dream. It turns out that Jason did escape and fled the hospital. Trish was committed to a mental hospital as she was so traumatized by the events they experienced. 

Tommy gets a phone call from a doctor, who regretfully informs Tommy that Trish has been found hanged in her room. Tommy, having grown obsessed with Jason over the previous few years, recruits his friend Allen to return to Crystal Lake to find and destroy Jason once and for all.

When they arrive, Tommy is shocked to find the campground has been renovated. They uncover the old tunnel system beneath the camp and Tommy descends. As Allen calls down to him, Jason appears behind Allen and cuts his head off. Jason then jumps into the hole and chases Tommy through the tunnels. He eventually manages to escape and makes it into town.

Tommy finds that Crystal Lake has been renamed Forest Green to distance itself from the bloody history. A new summer camp is about to open, explaining the renovation. Tommy runs into the police station and meets Sheriff Garris, who thinks that Tommy is hallucinating and puts him in a cell. Meanwhile, Darren and Liz, two camp counselors on their way to Camp Forest Green, are stopped dead in their tracks by a tree lying on the road. When Darren gets out to try and move it, Jason appears and throws him through the windshield of his car. Liz tries to escape, bur Jason knocks her to the ground and stomps on her head.

The next morning, the sheriff's daughter Megan, who is also camp counselor, and her friends Deborah, Luke and Alexis, stop by the police station to report Darren and Liz missing. Tommy tries to warn them to stay away from the camp as Jason is still alive. They dismiss Tommy's claims as superstition and leave. Garris escorts Tommy to the city limits and warns him to stay away.

Over the course of the day, Jason stalks the counselors as the kids arrive and the first day of camp begins. As night falls, Luke sneaks away to meet up with his girlfriend Nikki, and they have sex in her father's stolen RV. Jason appears and bangs on the walls of the RV, disturbing them. When they go outside to look around, Jason slips past and enters the RV. When they return to the RV, Nikki decides it's getting late and wants to return the RV so her father doesn't find out. Jason then bursts out of the bathroom, where he was hiding, and launches her through the windshield before wrestling with Luke. In the chaos, the RV crushes Nikki's head and Jason kills Luke by smashing his head repeatedly against the steering wheel.

Meanwhile, Tommy returns to the camp and encounters Megan, and manages to convince that Jason is back and is going to kill everyone in the camp. He has hatched a plan to trap Jason at the bottom of the lake, but needs Megan's help. She agrees to help him, but they are caught by her father and Tommy is put back in his jail cell.

At the camp, after everybody has gone to sleep, Alexis goes skinny dipping, while Deborah stays in bed reading. She notices that the window is open and goes over to close it, when Jason appears and pulls her out. He then goes down to the lake and kills Alexis. Tommy and Megan manage to escape from the police station and make their way back to the camp. Garris gathers all of his men and they set off after them.

The sheriff's men swarm into the camp, but Jason kills all of them before confronting Garris, who stands between Jason and the kids, who have been awoken by the commotion. Jason punches Garris through the chest, ripping his heart out, and then turns toward Megan. Suddenly, Tommy calls Jason's name. The killer sees Tommy sitting in a boat on the water and approaches him, remembering Tommy from their previous encounter. Tommy lures Jason out to the middle of the lake and wraps a chain around his neck with a stone attatched to anchor him down, but Jason pulls Tommy into the water as well. Megan swims out and pulls Tommy back into the boat, just as Jason bursts back out of the water and tries to attack them. Tommy revs the boat and mangles Jason's face with the motor. Tommy then grabs hold of Jason and forces him into the propellor, finally killing him. Jason's body sinks to the bottom of the lake and Tommy and Megan share a passionate kiss. The final shot of the film is Jason's battered mask sinking to the bottom of the lake.


Michael Bailey Smith - Jason Voorhees

Andrew Garfield - Tommy Jarvis

Chandler Canterbury - Tommy Jarvis (Young)

AnnaSophia Robb - Trish Jarvis

Hayden Panettiere - Megan Garris


Trish - Hanged (suicide)

Allen - Decapitated

Darren - Thrown through car windshield

Liz - Head stomped

Nikki - Head crushed under tire

Luke - Head bashed against steering wheel

Deborah - Killed offscreen

Alexis - Stabbed in the neck with ice pick

Sheriff Garris - Heart ripped out

Jason Voorhees - Mangled by boat propellor and drowned

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