Friday the 13th Part IV is a 2018 American horror film and a follow-up to the 2016 film Friday the 13th Part III which itself is a sequel to the Friday the 13th reboot and it's continuation Friday the 13th Part II. The film was directed by Mike Newell, scored by Christopher Drake and stars AnnaSophia Robb and Michael Bailey Smith, returning as Jason Voorhees. One final film followed, Friday the 13th Part V, which was also directed by Mike Newell.


The Jarvis family, consisting of divorced mother Barbara, daughter Trish and kid brother Tommy, move into a house on Crystal Lake in order to escape Barbara's ex-husband Leon. However, shortly after they arrive, a gang of teenagers arrive and take up residence in the lakehouse next to the Jarvis house for a party.

The next morning, Trish and Barbara go for a jog and encounter the group, consisting of Jimmy, Doug, Ted, Sara and Sam. The gang go skinny dipping and invite Trish to join them, but she declines. They then invite her to come over to the house later and join their party.

Meanwhile, a trucker named Enos picks up a hitch-hiking man who turns out to be Leon, searching for his family. However, Enos' truck runs out of fuel and they break down. Leon volunteers to walk back to town to get some more petrol while Enos waits at the truck. Enos spots someone standing in the bushes and calls out to them, only for them to throw a knife right into his head. Later on, Leon comes back with a can of petrol but finds both Enos and the truck missing, so he decides to walk the rest of the way.

As night falls the kids party gets under way. Jimmy decides to call over to the Jarvis house and ask Trish around again, having taking a liking to her. He meets Tommy, who shows him his mask collection. Trish tells Jimmy that she's not much of a party person, so he offers to instead go for a walk around the area with her. At Barbara's urging, Trish decides to go with him and they set off. Barbara then decides to go for a jog herself, but Tommy doesn't feel like it, so Barbara heads off and leaves Tommy alone in the house.

At the party, Doug and Sara decide to slip away and go skinny dipping in the lake. However, Sara spots someone watching them from the shore and sends Doug out to deal with them. Unbeknownst to Sara, the figure is actually Jason Voorhees, and he kills Doug before shooting Sara with a speargun. As Jason makes his way back to the house, he happens upon Barbara and kills her as well, violently drowning her in a stream.

Jason arrives at the house, where Ted and Sam have gone to take a shower together. After they have sex, Sam goes to get dried off while Ted stays in the shower. Jason enters the bathroom kills Ted with a meat cleaver to the face. Sam returns to the bathroom and finds his body, so she runs downstairs. When she opens the door, Jason is waiting and he grabs her. He only manages to pull her towel off as she runs back upstairs. However, he pursues her and kills her by throwing her out of a window.

It then starts to rain heavily, so Trish and Jimmy decide to turn back. They arrive at the Jarvis house at the same time that Leon arrives. Trish and Leon get into a bitter argument and the situation becomes very hostile. Suddenly, Jason launches Barbara's body through the window, knocking Leon to the floor and pinning him down. Jason climbs in through the window, picks Leon up, and rams his head into the television set, killing him. He then chases the trio around both the Jarvis house and other house, where Jason crushes Jimmy's head. Tommy hides in the basement of the Jarvis house while Trish tries to board up the doors and windows.

Jason kicks down the door and corners Trish. In the basement, Tommy finds a hatchet and comes back upstairs. As Jason is about to kill Trish, Tommy calls his name, and Jason turns to face him. He then chases Tommy up the stairs and Trish screams. As he reaches the top of the stairs, Tommy throws the hatchet at him, hitting him in the head. Jason's body then falls down the stairs and Trish and Tommy share an embrace. As they walk out of the house, the film cuts to a close-up of Jason, and his eyes open.


Michael Bailey Smith - Jason Voorhees

AnnaSophia Robb - Trish Jarvis

Chandler Canterbury - Tommy Jarvis

Jamie Lee Curtis - Barbara Jarvis

Josh Hutcherson - Jimmy

Darren Criss - Doug

Dylan O'Brien - Ted

Kat Dennings - Samantha

Beth Behrs - Sara

William Hurt - Leon Jarvis


Enos - Knife thrown into head

Doug - Face smashed with butt of speargun

Sara - Shot in the head with speargun

Barbara - Drowned in stream

Ted - Meat cleaver to the face

Sam - Thrown out window

Leon - Head rammed into TV set

Jimmy - Head crushed

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