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Friday the 13th Part II is a 2015 American horror film which is a sequel to the 2013 Friday the 13th reboot. The film was directed by Renny Harlin, scored by Christopher Drake and stars Liam Hemsworth, Emma Bell and Michael Bailey Smith. The following year, Harlin directed the follow-up, Friday the 13th Part III.


The film begins in the woods of Crystal Lake. A young couple sit out looking up at the stars before they climb into their sleeping bag and have sex. They fail to notice a masked man, the legendary Jason Voorhees, coming out of the darkness. Jason slices the boy's neck open with a machete and then picks up the screaming girl and smashes her against a tree.

A few weeks after the end of the first film, a group of party craving teens are on their way to a lakehouse for a fun weekend. The group consists of the lakehouse owner Scott, his girlfriend Vicki, wild blonde Claudette, Jeff and his girlfriend Christine, wheelchair-bound Mark and his best bud Paul. When they stop at a gas station, they meet Rob Hardy, a young man who is looking for his missing sister Alice. They all also meet a local crazy named Ralph who warns the kids that the camp is cursed; they will die and Rob's sister is already dead. Rob becomes angry and lunges at Ralph, only to be stopped by the local sheriff, Bracke. However, Bracke proves unhelpful to Rob and he prepares to leave. Vicki takes pity on him and introduces herself, and the two hit it off. They are interrupted by Scott, who doesn't like Rob, when he calls her away. Soon both parties are back on the road.

Rob happens upon a barn where a farmhand named Donnie is manning a woodchipper. Rob asks about Alice, but Donnie is only interested in talking about a batch of weed he found planted in the woods. Knowing he won't get any information, Rob leaves and later comes across the lakehouse and knocks on the door, unaware that the people there are the same ones he met at the gas station. Vicki opens the door and invites him in, but Scott is rude to Rob again and kicks him out. Vicki follows Rob and apologizes, offering to help Rob find his sister. Rob accepts and the two go into the woods.

Donnie arrives back at the barn with a prostitute and they have sex. Suddenly, the woodchipper is activated. Donnie comes down to investigate and is knocked out. The prostitute then comes down to see what is going on and is grabbed by Jason, who throws her into a mirror and then stabs her with a shard. As Donnie regains conciousness, Jason picks him up and shoves him into the woodchipper. Back at the lakehouse, the others are getting down to drunken partying while Jeff takes the keys to Scott's boat and then heads down to the lake with Christine, where she goes topless waterskiing. Jason appears on the shore and throws a knife into Jeff's head. Christine watches in horror as his body falls from the boat, which then ploughs straight into her. Just as she resurfaces, Jason throws a spike into her head.

Rob and Vicki arrive at the old campsite and find Jason's cabin, through which they find an entrance into a tunnel system beneath the camp. Before they can investigate further, Jason arrives carrying Jeff and Christine's bodies. Rob and Vicki flee but stop in the middle of the woods to catch their breath, thinking they are safe. Suddenly, Jason bursts from the darkness and throws a sledgehammer at Vicki, killing her. Rob then runs off and makes it back to the lakehouse.

In the meantime, Paul breaks a chair so Scott sends him out to the shed to get tools to fix it. Mark sits on the porch and waits for him to return. Just then, Rob arrives and tells them that Vicki and the others are dead. Scott becomes enraged and lunges at Rob, enticing Claudette to hit him with a lamp to subdue him. Rob asks her where the others are, and she tells him about the chair. At the same time, Jason emerges from the shed, carrying Paul's head, and throws a hatchet into Mark's face, sending him crashing through the window behind him. Claudette calls the police and then starts to take to Rob, telling him about how waiting to die is the worst bit. She then seduces him and they have sex. Scott then wakes up, just as Sheriff Bracke knocks on the door. When Rob answers it, he finds that Bracke has been impaled with a sickle and he falls down dead. Scott steals Bracke's gun and tries to get away in his patrol car, but Jason smashes the window and pulls him out. Scott manages to shoot Jason before he breaks his back.

Rob and Claudette run into the woods, where they hear screaming from underground. They descend into the tunnels and find Alice chained to a wall. As Rob frees her, she shows them a locket which Jason gave her with a picture of his mother, Pamela Voorhees, inside. Claudette notes that Alice looks like her and Alice says that she thinks that's why Jason kept her alive.

Rob climbs up out of a hole in the ground and then helps Alice out. However, as he goes to pull Claudette up, Jason appears and grabs her, dragging her away. Rob jumps back in to try and save her. He follows Jason and witnesses him killing her by shoving her onto a spike on the wall. Jason then chases Rob through the tunnels until he ends up back at the hole he entered through. As Rob tries to crawl out, Jason grabs him and tries to pull him back down. During the struggle, Rob kicks Jason's mask off, revealing his deformed face. Alice, pretending to be Pamela, tells Jason to stop before grabbing his machete and stabbing him through the head. Jason's body falls back into the hole while Rob and Alice limp away.

At the end of the film, Jason's mask is seen lying next to the hole. Suddenly, his hand reaches out and grabs it.


Michael Bailey Smith - Jason Voorhees

Dee Wallace - Pamela Voorhees

Liam Hemsworth - Rob Hardy

Emma Bell - Alice Hardy

Odette Yustman - Vicki

Amanda Crew - Claudette

Avan Jogia - Scott

Adam Brody - Jeff

Chelan Simmons - Christine

Austin Butler - Paul

Topher Grace - Mark

Jeff Bridges - Ralph

Danny Huston - Sheriff Bracke


Boy - Neck sliced with machete

Girl - Sleeping bag smashed into tree

Prostitute - Stabbed with mirror shard

Donnie - Shoved into woodchipper

Jeff - Knife thrown into head

Christine - Spike thrown into head

Vicki - Hit with thrown sledgehammer

Paul - Decapitated off screen

Mark - Hatchet thrown into face

Sheriff Bracke - Stabbed with sickle

Scott - Back broken

Claudette - Impaled on wall spike

Rob hardy- machete in chest throat slit with knife and shot with nail gun.