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Friday the 13th Part II is the sequel for the remake from 2018.

Starring: Britt Robertson, Alex Pettyfer, Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth.


Year has passed since Alice survived the murders in Crystal Lake. Since the murders she is dealing with recurring nightmares. her brother' phillip and his girlfriend, were killed by jason voorhees. Six months later, alice and her friends coming to Crystal Lake to hold a birthday party for their friend. What they do not know is that Jason is still alive. And looking for fresh meat to kill.


Britt Robertson - Ginny Field

Alex Pettyfer - Paul Hoult

Jennifer Lawrence - Alice Hardy

Crystal Reed - Terri Baker

Robert Sheehan - Ted Gordon

Amber Heard - Sandra Dier

Ryan Merriman - Mark Thomas

Zac Efron - Jeff Randell

Tom Sturridge - Scott Russell

Chloe Bridges - Victoria Voorhees (Tylor)

Nico Tortorella - Ray Voorhees (Tylor)

Brian Krause - Sgt. Tierney

Alexandra Daddario - Heather Maxwell

Liam Hemsworth - Phillip Hardy

Robert Englund - Elias Voorhees

Body Count

No. Name Cause of death Killer On-screen Note
1. Elias Voorhees Hanged himself Himself No Flashback
2. Phillip Hardy Throat slashed with kitchen knife Victoria Voorhees Yes
3. Heather Maxwell Stabbed to death with kitchen knife Victoria Voorhees Partly
4. Sgt. Tierney Throat slashed with razore wire Ray Voorhees Yes
5. Scott Russel Stabbed in the head with machete Ray Voorhees Yes
6. Ted Gordon Beheaded Victoria Voorhees No Found dead
7. Jeff Randell Impaled by spear Ray Voorhees Yes
8. Sandra Dier Stabbed in the forhead by machete Ray Voorhees Yes
9. Mark Thomas Nack snapped Victoria Voorhees Yes
10. Terri Baker Stabbed in the chest by kitchen knife Victoria Voorhees Yes
11. Alice Hardy Strangled to death Ray Voorhees Yes
12. Ray Voorhees Decapitated with machete Paul Hoult Yes Selfe-defense
13. Victoria Voorhees Shot in the head Ginny Field Yes Selfe-defense
14+15. Cody + Suzy Hacked with machete Jason Voorhees No
16-18. Kyle+Shawn+Amy Unknown Jason Voorhees No


Ginny Field

Paul Hoult

changes from the original movie

1) Jason is not the killer. the killers are Victoria and Ray. his siblings.

2) Alice's role is bigger.

3) Alice's brother and his girlfriend died in the opening scene

4) The group goes to Crystal Lake to celebrate a birthday. not to open new summer camp.

5) Ted dead in the movie (in the original he's survived)

6) paul survived in the movie (in the original he's dead)

7) Ginny is Alice's cousin

8) Body count order is different.

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