Friday the 13th Part III is a 2016 American horror film which is a sequel to the 2015 sequel Friday the 13th Part II which followed on from the first Friday the 13th. The film was again directed and scored by Renny Harlin and Christopher Drake respectively and stars Leighton Meester and Michael Bailey Smith, reprising his role as Jason Voorhees. A sequel came out in 2018 entitled Friday the 13th Part IV.


The film begins just after the end of the previous film. Alice and Rob Hardy have just escaped from Camp Crystal Lake and make it into town to inform the authorities of Jason Voorhees' murderous rampage. Police and medical personnel subsequently swarm into the camp and uncover the tunnel system hidden beneath it, as well as the bodies of Jason's numerous victims. However, Jason himself and the decapitated head of his mother, Pamela Voorhees, are missing.

One year later, a new camping area is set up across the lake from the original camp. This new area will act as a training ground for a group of young adults who are going to become camp counselors over the summer. The group is made up of Melissa, David, Eddie, Sandra, Maddie, Ben, Kate and trainer Michael. The original camp has been closed down by local law enforcement.

One day, Ben and Kate decide to sneak into the old camp to have sex, only to be caught by police Deputy Winslow and taken back to the other camp. In the meantime, Michael goes looking for them and meets Amanda, a young woman who is also snooping around the area. He invites her to come back to the camp and they start kissing in Michael's cabin, until they spot local crazy Ralph watching them and Michael chases him away. Once Ralph is alone, Jason emerges from the darkness and decapitates him.

The following morning, Winslow receives reports from town that Ralph is missing and was last seen heading in the direction of Camp Crystal Lake. Winslow goes into the woods to investigate and finds a cabin deep in the heart. He enters looking for Ralph and finds his body. Jason appears behind Winslow, knocks him out, then picks him up and breaks his neck. Ben and Kate decide to sneak back over to the camp to have sex again. Afterwards, Ben goes down to a nearby stream while Kate lies down. Jason also comes down to the river and kills Ben with a machete through the head. He then returns to Kate and drags her away.

As night falls, Michael learns that Ben and Kate have gone off again and presumes that they have been arrested so he decides to head into town to visit the police station. Amanda decides to go with him and they set off, leaving the others alone in the camp. They decide to have a small party in the main cabin. Maddie tells Sandra about her intention to sleep with Eddie, and even goes back to her cabin to get some sexy lingerie. However, when she returns she sees Sandra and Eddie sneaking out to a van to have sex. Distraught, Maddie returns to her cabin and takes a shower. Jason enters the cabin and stands behind the shower curtain before pulling it open and ramming a machete into Maddie's stomach.

While they are driving into town, Michael and Amanda get talking and he asks her what she's doing around Crystal Lake. She explains that her sister, Claudette, was murdered by Jason a year previously. She knew that his body was never found and rumours say that he's still out there. She decided to come to Crystal Lake in hopes of killing him herself. Back at the camp, Sandra and Eddie are smoking pot in the back of the van when Jason throws the door open and Eddie falls back. Jason then plunges his machete through Eddie's head before pulling Sandra out and killing her.

Melissa and David are the only ones left, unknowingly. They go upstairs to have sex while Jason enters the main cabin and grabs an arrow. Outside, a thunderstorm begins and Michael and Amanda find themselves stopped by a flash flood. Jason enters the room where Melissa and David are making love and impales them to death with the arrow. In Michael's truck, he and Amanda start kissing and begin to have sex. Afterwards, the rain dies down and they finally arrive at the police station.

Inside, they are shocked to learn that Ben and Kate haven't been seen since the previous day and race back to the camp. They arrive to find it seemingly empty and search the camp, before Amanda declares that they must go into the old camp to find Jason, who she insists is responsible. The two head over and find the shack where he keeps the bodies. Michael strangles Jason with a chain but is stabbed and mortally wounded in the process. In a grief fueled rage, Amanda then picks up a hunting knife and relentlessly stabs Jason with it until he goes limp.

After Michael dies, Amanda goes back to the training camp and collapses from exhaustion. As she sits next to a window, she begins to cry, before Jason crashes through the window and grabs her.


Michael Bailey Smith - Jason Voorhees

Leighton Meester - Amanda 

Robbie Amell - Michael

Madison Riley - Melissa

Debbie Ryan - Sandra

Lucas Grabeel - Eddie

Hunter Parrish - David

Matt Lanter - Ben

Daniella Monet - Kate

Mayim Bialik - Maddie

Jeff Bridges - Ralph

Amanda Crew - Claudette


Ralph - Decapitated

Deputy Winslow - Neck broken

Ben - Machete through the head

Kate - Killed offscreen

Maddie - Impaled with machete

Eddie - Machete through the mouth

Sandra - Neck snapped

Melissa and David - Double impalement with arrow

Michael - Stabbed

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