Friday the 13th Part III is the 3rd and last film in the Friady the 13th remake trilogy.

Starring Sasha Pieterse, Chace Crawford, Britt Robertson, Alex Pettyfer, Ted King, Andrea Parker, Trey Parker and Matt Stone


Adrianne Hardy, Alice's mother, was found dead on the anniversary of the murders in Lake Crystal. Her husband, Sheriff Hardy, begins to suspect his wife's murder linked to Crystal Lake murders. Now the killer, the real Jason Voorhees, hset himself a new target: Trish Hardy Alice's sister.

Main Cast

Sasha Pieterse - Trish Hardy

Chace Crawford - Tom Jarvis

Britt Robertson - Ginny Field

Alex Pettyfer - Paul Hoult

Ted King - Sheriff Hardy

Derek Mears - Jason Voorhees

Danielle Panabaker - Christine "Chris" Higgins

Michael Trevino - Rick Albert

Dianna Agron - Debbie Klein

Colton Haynes - Andy Beltrami

Ashley Greene - Vara Lawson

Dylan O'brien - Sheldon Gilmore

Douglas Booth - Travis Harrsion

Zoey Deutch - Lucy Mayers

Andrea Parker - Adrienne Hardy

Trey Parker - Officer Trey Marsh

Matt Stone - Officer Kyle Stone

Nathan Fillion - Officer Nathan Castle

Body Count

No. Name Cause of death Killer On-screen Note
1. Adrienne Hardy Stabbed to death with machete Jason Voorhees No
2. Kenny Castle Throat slashed with machete Jason Voorhees Yes
3. Kyle Stone Unknown Jason Voorhees No Found dead
4. Trey Marsh Head bashed against the wall Jason Voorhees Yes
5. Vera Lawson Pushed from the roof Jason Voorhees Yes
6. Sheldon Gilmore Throat slashed Jason Voorhees Partly
7. Andy Beltrami Sliced to half with machete Jason Voorhees Yes
8. Travis Harrison Hacked with a machete Jason Voorhees Yes
9. Lucy Mayers Stabbed in the chest with machete Jason Voorhees Yes
10. Debbie Klein Stabbed in the back with machete Jason Voorhees Yes
11. Rick Albert Head crushed Jason Voorhees Yes
12. Chris Higgins Decapitated with machete Jason Voorhees Yes Survive in alternate ending
13. Jason Voorhees Burned by explotion Sheriff Hardy Yes Selfe defense


Trish Hardy

Tom Jarvis

Ginny Field

Paul Hoult

Sheriff Hardy

Chris Higgins (Alternative ending)

Changes From The Original Movie

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