Friday the 13th Part 3: Jason Lives is a 2012 Slasher Horror film and is a sequel to Friday the 13th Part 2: The New Blood.


Taking place one day after the events of the previous film, Jason Voorhees awakens from a coma after Ginny impaled him with his machete. He grabs a meat cleaver and sneaks to a local store, owned by disgusting Harold and his wife Lydia, to steal clothes. After Harold is severely scolded by Lydia, he goes to the door and Jason slams the meat cleaver in Harold's chest. Then he slams the meat cleaver in the back of Lydia's head, killing her, and hides in the barn of a lakefront cottage, Higgins Haven.

The next day, Christine is returning to Higgins Haven with her boyfriend, Rick, and her friends, Vera, Andy, Debbie, Chuck, Rachel, and Evan. Christine is still trying to get over a memory that happened two years ago, when she was attacked by a man in the woods. They meet some mean motorbike riders named Fox, Loco, and Ali, who siphon gas from Christine's van and attempt to set the barn on fire. However, Loco finds Fox dead, then Jason suddenly appears behind Fox with a pitchfork and kills him, before bashing Ali's head in Christine's steering wheel.

Later, Christine and Rick head into town and while they are gone, Jason stalks and kills all of their friends. First, when Evan goes to the shed, Jason sneaks up behind him and stabs him offscreen. Later, when Vera heads onto the dock, she sees Jason donning Evan's hockey mask. She thinks it is Evan playing a joke and tells him to stop it, but Jason shoots her in the eye with a spear. Later, when Andy tries to flirt with Debbie, he is cut in half with the machete while doing a handstand. Debbie, who was taking a shower at the time, gets out of the shower and decides to rest on a nearby hammock. However, she realizes that blood is mysteriously dripping from the hammock and when she opens it, she finds Andy's two halves stashed inside.

Jason sneaks up behind a shocked Debbie and slits her throat, before cutting the electricity to the house. Chuck goes out to check the power box while Rachel stays in the house. Hearing a knock on the door, Rachel answers it and sees Evan with a stab wound in his stomach. She thinks it is a prank and ignores him, while Chuck is killed by Jason by the power box. Evan falls dead in front of Rachel, and after she gets some blood on her hands, she realizes it's real. She runs upstairs but Jason grabs her and impales her with a fire poker.


Chelan Simmons as Christine

Derek Mears as Jason Voorhees

Josh Hutcherson as Andrew

David Arquette as Harold

Tina Fey as Lydia

Kristen Bell as Rachel

Jake Gyllenhall as Chuck

Mila Kunis as Vera



Harold - Meat cleaver slammed in chest

Lydia - Meat cleaver slammed in back of head

Fox - Pinned to wall with pitchfork

Loco - Stabbed with pitchorkk

Evan - Stabbed in the stomach (Offscreen)

Vera - Shot in eye with speargun

Andy - Cut in half with machete

Debbie - Throat slit

Chuck - Head rammed in power box

Rachel - Impaled with fire poker

Rick - head crushed

Ali - hand cut off hacked up with machete


Friday the 13th Part 4 is announced to come out soon if Friday the 13th Part 3 is good in the box office.

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