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Friday the 13th Part 2 is a Horror Slasher Film and is the Remake of the 1981 film in the same title. It will be released on 2014. The Cast features Jared Padalecki, Amanda Righetti, Derek Mears, Adam Brody, Chelan Simmons, Ryan Merriman, Autumn Dial and Onira Tares


When 7 Teenagers Decided to go Camp Crystal Lake to go Vacation but Jason is Back and is now Targeting Them. Can they survive Jason?



Jared Padalecki as Clay Miller

Amanda Righetti as Whitney Miller

Derek Mears as Jason Voorhees

Adam Brody as Kevin Wilson

Chelan Simmons as Autumn Williams

Ryan Merriman as Barry Simmons

Autumn Dial as Natasha Watson

Onira Tares as Mandy Johnson

Channing Tatum as John Wilcox

Katie Cassidy as Lauren Cooper

Zac Efron as Alex Fitzergeld


Mandy Johnson - Jason Bashed her in Mirror and Beats her with Chair .

Lauren Cooper - Jason Stabs her in Back and Chest with Machete.

Alex Fitzergeld - Jason Throws Him in against the Wall and Stabbed Him in Chest with Machete.

Natasha Watson - Jason Stabs her Head with Ax.

John Wilcox - Jason Duct Tapes Him in a Chair, Gaggeds him with Duct Tape and Sets Him on Fire.

Barry Simmons - Jason Drowns him and Stabs him in Neck with Ax.

Autumn Williams - Jason Stabs her in Stomach with Ax.

Kevin Wilson - Jason Impales Him in Neck with Nails on Wood.

Jason Voorhees - Clay and Whitney Throws an Acid on Him.


Clay Miller and Whitney Miller

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