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Friday the 13th Part 2 is a 2014 American slasher film directed by Max Landis. It serves as a sequel to the 2009 reboot, and is distributed by Paramount, Skydance, and Dune.


Nathan A. Navarrete...John Murphy

Amanda Righetti...Whitney Miller

Adam Brody...Harry Barstow

Derek Mears...Jason Voorhees

Jared Padalecki...Clay Miller

Miles Teller...David Johnson

Kate Mara...CJ Jameson

Danielle Harris...Rooney Fowler

Bryan Cranston...Officer Harold Jameson

Diane Lane...Charlotte Jarvis

Ty Simpkins...Tommy Jarvis


3 years after the events of the first film, Camp Crystal Lake has pretty much forgotten the events that occurred. Survivor Whitney Miller is scarred by Jason Voorhees, who grabbed her at the end of the last film, which supposedly was a hallucination. Her brother, Clay, informs her that it's time to "move on."

A new batch of teenagers: John Murphy, Harry Barstow, David Johnson, Rooney Fowler and CJ Jameson, invite them for a weekend in Forest Green Park. Whitney hesitates to go there, but Clay informs her it's a new opportunity for them. She agrees and the road trip is on.

Listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama" while on the road, John, CJ, Whitney, Rooney and Clay discover Harry and David's stash of weed and pot in cigarettes. Harry forces John to take a hit at it, in which he agrees. But before he can smoke it, he throws it out of the window. The group have a laugh about it, but a police car behind them turns on the sirens.  John pulls the car over in which Harry, guilty, tells him to keep driving. However, the police car passes by them to a market. This gives time for Clay to throw the drugs into the forest, making Harry dislike Clay.

They go to see what's all the commotion, and discover a suicide happened. Officer Harold Jameson, CJ's father, greets them. He tells them it shouldn't bother their weekend and he let's them go. The seven arrive at the Park in which they meet Charlotte, a resident who recently moved there with her son Tommy who's obsessed with horror movies. Back at the market, a officer goes to investigate the woods. As he comes back, an unknown figure stabs him with an axe.

Back at the park, the group goes to the lake. A few people there leave, and Harry unexpectedly goes skinny dipping. Being awkward, John tells him to come back, but Harry replies "Go Fuck Yourself." The rest of the group except John, Whitney and Clay go skinny dipping. Tommy arrives and sees what's going on, but Whitney walks him home. Harry scolds Whitney for not being fun, and threatens her. Before Clay can stand up to Harry, John instead does it. After a fight, John walks with Whitney. They go to a gas station to buy drinks for the group, and leave. The owner goes to the restroom before getting a knife into her cheek by an unknown figure.

Arriving at the cabin, Officer Jameson is with the group. He shares a father/daughter moment with CJ. The group then turns on the radio and talk. Harry and Rooney go into another room and have sex. Meanwhile, Whitney and John walk in the woods where she talks with him. She reveals her story about Jason Voorhees and how she was captured and rescued by Clay. Back at the cabin, David, Clay, CJ and Officer Jameson sit at the table talking about Pamela Voorhees' rampage on Crystal Lake. Jameson leaves after getting news from his partners. 

In the woods, Whitney and John kiss before discovering the dead officer's body. David hears strange noises and goes to investigate. He arrives in a shack and finds the unknown figure revealed to be Jason Voorhees, who's wearing bagged clothes, a heavy jacket with the hood over his head, and his signature hockey mask (cracked and charred) having survived the first film's events. He picks up a screwdriver and forces it through David's eye while he's screaming and crying in pain, and he dies.

John and Whitney arrive at the cabin, telling the events. Harry and Rooney come back downstairs hearing the commotion. John, Whitney, Clay, Harry, CJ and Rooney decide to go to the Jarvis cabin. While walking over there, they discover the Forest Green Park sign. They spot a replacement sign which is trashed. They discover Forest Green Park is actually Camp Crystal Lake and the name is changed to Forest Green because the owners wanted people to not know it's violent past. They arrive at the Jarvis home telling them of the events. Clay ultimately decides to go look for David. He arrives at the cabin and calls John. As they talk, the phone line is cut and the cabin in which Clay's in, the power goes out. He goes to look for telephone, but Jason kills him with an axe offscreen. John declares him dead as Whitney devastatingly disagrees.

Officer Jameson discovers the dead gas station owner, and heads to the cabin. Meanwhile CJ takes off her clothes to take a bath. Jason quietly arrives and kills Rooney. He finds CJ and repeatedly stabs her. She tries to fight back, but Jason keeps stabbing her, and then snaps her neck. Jason quietly leaves. Harry goes to use the restroom, and finds her dead body. He freaks out, and tries to leave. He gets in a nearby car, but finds Rooney's dead body in the passenger seat. He screams, and Jason, hiding behind the seat, slits Harry's neck. Jason gets out of the car, as Whitney goes outside. Whitney shockingly sees Jason, both looking at each other, eye to eye. He charges after her, and she runs inside. Jason breaks the window and grabs Tommy. John grabs Tommy and saves him.

Jason goes after Whitney but John throws the family tv on top of Jason knocking him out. All four get inside a SUV, but Whitney stays saying she wants to fight Jason alone. They leave and Whitney is knocked out by Jason and is carried away. Officer Jameson and his partners go to the Jarvis home and find the dead body. He also finds his daughter's dead body and goes into shock and quiet rage. In the SUV, Charlotte says how much Whitney look a lot like Pamela Voorhees. John realizes something and gets out of the SUV. He tells Charlotte not to follow him, and John runs back to the camp.

Officer Jameson is sitting outside with darkness in his eyes. The officer's tell him that they know where Jason's cabin is. Meanwhile, Whitney wakes up and finds the dead bodies of her friends, including Clay. She then sees Jason ready to kill her. She finds the locket of Pamela Voorhees, and fools Jason into thinking she's his mother. He drops the machete and takes off his hockey mask revealing his face. However most of it is covered in shadow. But the police arrive snapping Jason out of it. He stabs Whitney in the leg and puts his hockey mask on. John arrives and tries to talk to the police to let him in. Jameson punches John in the face. He says it's all his fault that CJ was killed. John talks him out of it. He is allowed into there.

He mocks Jason until Jason attacks him. After a fight, John impaled Jason in the back with his own machete. Jason grabs John and pulls towards him also stabbing John. Taking the machete out, he grabs a knife and stabs John repeatedly and cuts his head. Whitney grabs Jason's machete and slits Jason's throat. She then puts the machete in his head and Jason falls, presumably dead. Whitney faints, and Jameson finds her. The following morning, Whitney awakes in a ambulance on a stretcher, and finds John beside her. The last shot is of the lake, until it fades out., and the film ends.

Ending Music

  • "Takin' Care of Business" by BTO
  • "Cry Little Sister" by G Tom Mac