Friday the 13th Part 2: The New Blood is a 2011 slasher horror film and a sequel to the Friday the 13th remake.


Some time after the Crystal Lake Massacre, Alice, the sole survivor, still suffers from nightmares. One night, after taking a shower and feeding her cat, she opens her refridgerator to find the rotten, severed head of Pamela Voorhees and is then bashed over the head with a boiling kettle.

Five years have now passed since Pamela's vicious killing spree a counselor training center is opened across the lake from the original 'Camp Blood.' A group of aspiring young camp counselors, consisting of Claudette, Scott, Becca, Jeff, Mark and Vicki amongst others, are led by Paul. Much to his chargrin, his girlfriend Ginny arrives late.

Later that night, Paul and Ginny begin to have sex in his cabin and are watched by local crazy, Ralph, who is then disturbed by the sound of twigs snapping underfoot. Suddenly, an unseen figure appears and kills him.

The next morning, Becca and Jeff go to investigate the old camp but are caught by a police officer, who escorts them back to the camp. As punishment, Paul informs them that they must stay behind that night while the other trainees head into a bar in town. As the police officer is driving away from the camp, he spots a hooded figure going into the closed camp and gives chase, only to be murdered.

When night falls, the trainees prepare to head into town. Claudette decides to stay behind, so Scott does to, and Mark and Vicki also decide to stay back. After the others leave, Scott tries to ask Claudette to dance with him, but she leaves, disgusted. She goes down to the lake and goes skinny dipping. Scott tries to follow her but steps on a bear trap, leaving him dangling upside down. Claudette hears Scott crying for help and goes to look for him, but only finds his lifeless body suspended from a tree, his throat cut. The killer then pops out and kills her too.

Jeff and Becca go upstairs to have sex and Vicki and Mark also decide to sleep together. Vicki goes to get some sexy underwear from her cabin to set the mood and Mark waits on the porch of the main cabin. Suddenly, he is struck through the head with a machete. The killer then goes upstairs and enters the bedroom, where he impales Jeff and Becca with a spear. Vicki arrives at the cabin and discovers their bodies, before the killer appears and chases her downstairs, but he catches up to her and stabs her to death.

Paul and Ginny decide to return to the camp but find all the lights out and nobody answer their calls. Suddenly the killer attacks Paul and knocks him out before chasing Ginny across the camp. Ginny stumbles across a shack in the woods and enters, looking for help. Instead she finds a shrine to Pamela Voorhees' severed head and the bodies of her friends. She realises that Jason is the killer as he arrives, so she puts on his mother's sweater, causing him to freeze. Paul, having followed them, sneaks up on Jason and attacks him. During the struggle, Ginny takes Jason's machete and imaples him. She and Paul then limp back to the cabin and wait for the authorities to arrive.


Amanda Seyfried as Ginny

Jeff Bridges as Ralph

Emma Bell as Alice

Michael Bailey Smith as Jason Voorhees

austin butler as paul

julianna guill as becca

adam brody as jeff

amanda crew as claudette

odette yustman as vicki

avan jogia as scott



alexa vega as vanessa- she appears in alice's nightmare when mrs. voorhees kills her with a sledge hammer.

dee wallace as mrs. voorhees- she appears in alice's nightmare when she attacks alice on the beach.

lindsay lohan as jane- she appears in alice's nightmare when she is strucked in the head with mrs. voorhees' bow and arrow.

jake weary as jack- he appears in alice's nightmare when he is murdered by mrs. voorhees.

josh peck as tim- he appears in alice's nightmare when she finds him dead.


Alice - Struck over the head with boiling hot kettle

Ralph - Stabbed in the neck with screwdriver

Police Officer - Neck broken

Scott - Throat cut

Claudette - Knocked out and killed offscreen

Mark - Machete through face

Jeff and Becca - Double impalement with spear

Vicki - Stabbed with butcher knife


The film was followed by Friday the 13th Part 3: Jason Lives and Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter.

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