Friday the 13th is a 2009 slasher horror film and a remake of the 1980 film of the same name.


In 1989, two camp counselors at Camp Crystal Lake, Jimmy and Terry, slip away to a barn to have sex but somebody follows them. Terry hears them climbing up the steps as they creak underfoot and Jimmy hops up. He reconizes the person moments before he is gutted with a hunting knife. Terry desperately screams for her life but the killer slits her throat.

Twenty years later, on Friday the 13th of June, a young woman named Anna arrives in the small town of Crystal Lake, looking for directions the infamous camp. She is offered a lift to the campground by a friendly local man, to whom she explains that the camp is being reopened and she is going to be the new cook. They two run into the local crazy, Ralph, who warns Anna of the death curse of Crystal Lake. She brushes them off. Once they are in his truck, the man begs her not to go, explaining that there is some truth behind Ralph's claims. Prior to the 1989 murders, a young boy drowned in the lake, and since then someone tried to reopen the camp but a series of fires foiled them. Anna requests to be dropped off and decides to hitch hike.

Anna eventually manages to flag down a pick-up truck with an unseen driver. She tells the driver about her new job and her love of children but becomes worried when they do not stop when they reach the turn for Camp Crystal Lake. Anna begs to be released but the trucker keeps on driving. Anna panics and jumps from the moving vehicle. However, the driver then stops and gets out of the car and chases Anna into the woods before stabbing her in the throat with a hunting knife.

Meanwhile at the camp, the other counselors arrive. They include jokester Ned, his best friend Jack, his girlfriend Vanessa, handyman Tim, good girl Jane and Alice, a friend of the camp owner Steve Christy, who's family has owned the camp for a generations. They have the weekend to get the camp ready to be opened, so Steve leaves them to it while he heads into town to pick up supplies. 

The group spend most of the day fooling around; Ned tries to pick up Jane but is unsuccesful, Alice and Tim grow closer and Vanessa reveals to Jack that she has always been terrified of thunderstorms when they see one on the horizon. Ned sees them going into a cabin to have sex and sulks off, only to spot somebody in the shed. Thinking it is Jane, wanting to engage in a one night stand with him, follows them inside, only to have his throat slashed.

Due to the storm, Alice, Jane and Tim end up virtually trapped in their cabin so they begin to play monopoly. After Jack and Vanessa have sex, she leaves to run to the bathroom stall. When she is gone, Jack is stabbed with a spear by the killer, who was lying under the bed the whole time. The killer then follows Vanessa to the toilets and kills her with a sledgehammer through the head.

The wind tears the door open in the cabin, causing Jane to remember that she left the windows of her cabin open. She decides to leave and says goodnight to Tim and Alice before making a run for it. She makes it back but while she is getting changed for bed, she hears someone crying for help. She runs out into the rain looking for them, eventually wandering into the archery range, where the killer blinds her by turning the lights on and then shoots her with an arrow.

The killer cuts the power from the camp so Tim leaves the dozing Alice to fix it. Meanwhile Steve returns from town, and runs into the killer waving a flash light in front of the camp. As he approachs, he recognizes them before he is decapitated with an axe.

Alice wakes up and goes to look for Tim. She makes her way to the power generator room and finds him pinned to the door with arrows. She retreats back to the cabin and boards up the door, when suddenly the killer throws Vanessa's body through the window. Alice finally sees headlights and thinking it's Steve back, runs outside.

Alice meets Pamela Voorhees, an old friend of the Christy family, who explains that she once worked as a cook at the camp. When she reflects on her experiences, she comes to the child who drowned in the lake explains that his name was Jason, and she was his mother. She then states that it was because of the camp counselors, Jimmy and Terry, who were supposed to be watching Jason but were instead having sex, for his death. She then claims that she can't let them harm anymore children and attacks Alice. Alice flees and Pamela chases her across the camp.

They eventually wind up wrestling on the lake shore. Alice retrieves a machete while Pamela carries a hunting knife. Pamela yells at her and cries for Jason before making one final lunge for her. Alice reacts by swinging the machete around and decapitating Pamela. 

The next morning, Alice wakes up in the boat and spots a squad car on the shore. She sighs in relieve when suddenly Jason's water logged corpse bursts out of the lake and drags her under. She wakes up screaming in hospital and has to be sedated. As a nurse speaks to the police officer, who tells her that they didn't find the head of Pamela or the body of any child in the lake, implying that Jason is still out there.


Dee Wallace as Mrs. Voorhees

Emma Bell as Alice

Josh Peck as Tim

Alexa Vega as Vanessa

Jake Weary as Jack

Lindsay Lohan as Jane

Zac Efron as Ned

Crystal Lowe as Anna

Jeff Bridges as Ralph



Jimmy - Gutted in barn

Terry - Throat slit in barn

Anna- Stabbed in throat

Ned - Throat slit in cabin

Jack - Stabbed with spear in cabin

Vanessa - Hit in the head with a sledgehammer in cabin bathroom

Jane - Shot in forehead with arrow in woods

Steve - Decapitated with axe in woods

Tim - Pinned to door with arrows

Mrs. Voorhees - Decapitated with machete on the beach


The film was followed by three sequels; Friday the 13th Part 2: The New Blood, Friday the 13th Part 3: Jason Lives and Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter.

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