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Friday the 13th is a 2013 American horror film and a reboot of the Friday the 13th film series. The film stars Emma Bell as Alice Hardy and Michael Bailey Smith as Jason Voorhees. Friday the 13th was directed by David R. Ellis, his final film, and scored by John Debney. In 2015, Renny Harlin directed the sequel, Friday the 13th Part II.


The film begins in Camp Crystal Lake, a summer camp, where all of the teenaged camp counselors have fallen victim to Pamela Voorhees, who is on a murderous rampage to avenge the death of her son, Jason. Jason was mentally handicapped boy who couldn't swim very well. The other kids picked on him and pushed him into the lake before running away. The camp counselors who were on watch that night, Jimmy and Terry, were busy having sex at the time and failed to save him. The film opens with Pamela chasing the last camp counselor, Ginny Fields, through the camp. The two briefly struggle before Ginny retrieves Pamela's machete. Pamela rants about how they failed Jason and then lunges at her, causing Ginny to swing the machete around and decapitate Pamela.

It is then revealed that this a campfire story being told by a group of teens around a fire place, who are camping out in the run down Camp Crystal Lake. The storyteller, Wade, then remarks that the authorities never did recover Pamela's head. The group then splits up; Mike and Amanda go for a walk, Richie and Whitney go into the tent to have sex and Wade goes to look for some weed in the woods. Mike and Amanda then stumble upon Wade's corpse shortly thereafter, and Mike is shot with an arrow. Amanda makes a run for it, making it back to the campsite before she trips and falls face first into the camp fire. Richie comes out of the tent to see what's going on, and when Whitney asks what's happening, she gets no response. She then comes out of the tent and Richie's decapitated head falls into her lap. Whitney screams as an unseen assailant grabs holds of her and the screen cuts to black.

Three weeks later, another group of friends are planning a camping trip to Crystal Lake. They are Alice, Ned, Jack, Vanessa, Jane and Tim. The group is shown meeting up at Jack's before they all get into his van and drive to Crystal Lake. Along the way, the gang pick up two hitch hikers, Anna and her boyfriend Steve, who are revealed to be hippies. They are also headed to Crystal Lake to find the weed that Wade was previously looking for. The group stops by a roadside truckstop and diner and encounter a crazy drunk named Ralph, who claims that Crystal Lake has a death curse and warns them to stay away. Ralph is told to back off by the sheriff, Bracke, who warns the kids not to get up to any illegal activities at the weekend before bidding them good day.

Finally, the group arrive at Camp Crystal Lake and set about putting their campsite together. Steve and Anna run into the woods to have sex, accidentally happening upon the marijuana plants. They smoke them and get absurdly high to the point of stripping naked and dancing around. They are so high in fact that they do not notice a shadowy figure coming out of the woods and watching them. Steve accidentally stands on a man trap and it closes on his leg. As Anna tries to pull it free, the figure bursts through the trees and impales Steve through the head with a machete. The killer then chases Anna into the woods, where she becomes lost. For a moment she thinks she has lost the killer, only to turn around and come face to face with him. The killer then runs through with the machete, pinning her to the tree behind her.

As night falls, Ned tries unsuccessfully to woo Jane, who then goes skinny dipping. Ned decides to play a prank and steals her clothes. However, she spots him and starts to chase them. Ned accidentally steps on a bear trap and is left suspended upside down from a tree. Jane laughs at him and mocks him, much to Ned's chargin. When she finally decides to let him down, the killer bursts out of the shadows and cuts Ned right down the middle. Jane panics and runs back to the lake, jumping into the water and hiding under the dock. She looks up through the slats and sees the killer, wearing a potato sack to cover his face, looking for her, before walking away. Thinking she is safe, she breathes a sigh of relief before the killer plunges their machete through the dock and into Jane's head, killing her.

Meanwhile, Jack and Vanessa get drunk and Jack tells her about his dream of having sex in the woods. Alice and Tim take the hint and decide to go for a walk. Tim admits a romantic interest in Alice and she reveals that she feels the same, and the two kiss under the moonlight. However, they are interrupted when Tim spots one of the abandoned cabins and they go to investigate.

Back at camp, Jack and Vanessa are having wild sex while the killer watches. When they are done, Vanessa has to go into the woods to urinate while Jack opens another bottle of beer. Tim and Alice take a look around the cabin and are horrified to find a bathtub with Anna's body in it. They uncover a shrine made up of newspaper clippings relating to Jason's drowning and his mother's subsequent rampage. Tim deduces that they are in Jason's cabin, and he somehow survived.

Elsewhere, Vanessa is peeing in the woods when she thinks she hears Jack rustling in the bushes. She goes to take a look but finds no one there. She starts to become increasingly nervous and scared, eventually starting to run before realising that she is lost and starts to sob. The killer steps out from behind a tree as she falls to her knees and begs for her life. The killer then grabs her by the head and squeezes until he crushes her skull.

Alice and Tim realise that the others are now in danger and try to make a run back to camp, but hear the killer coming and hide. Here, they witness the killer carrying Vanessa's corpse back to the cabin. They then find Tim's bagpack and becomes suspicious. Alice and Tim then make a run for and arrive at the camp, where they find that Jack in the only one left. Upon learning what is happening, Jack gets back in his van and drives off in a moment of madness, leaving Alice and Tim stranded. However, the killer launches Jane's body through the windshield and then jumps on top of the van. Jack tries to escape, but the killer slowly twists his neck around until it snaps.

The killer then proceeds to chase Alice and Tim through the woods until the wind up back at his shack deep in the heart of the wilderness. Here, Tim retrieves his back pack and gets his hockey stick out of it. He lies in wait until the killer arrives and attacks him. Alice finds a shrine built around Pamela's decapitated head and realises that the killer really is Jason. Tim fights Jason and manages to rip his hood apart, revealing Jason's horribly deformed face. Jason then grabs Tim by the head and kills him quickly by ramming his head into a spike on the wall. Jason picks up Tims hockey mask and puts it on to hide his face before turning his attention to Alice. Alice, however, has put on Pamela's jumper and Jason starts to hallucinate, seeing his mother instead of Alice. Alice uses the opportunity to try and escape before Jason snaps out of it and gives chases. Alice trips and falls to the ground, screaming as Jason runs towards her. Just as he reaches her, the screen cuts to black, ending the film.


Michael Bailey Smith - Jason Voorhees

Dee Wallace - Mrs. Voorhees

Emma Bell - Alice

Josh Peck - Tim

Alexa Vega - Vanessa

Jake Weary - Jack

Lindsay Lohan - Jane

Zac Efron - Ned

Crystal Lowe - Anna

Jeff Bridges - Ralph

Danny Huston - Sheriff Bracke


Pamela Voorhees - Decapitated with machete

Wade - Throat slashed off screen

Mike - Shot in the head with arrow

Amanda - Falls into campfire

Richie - Decapitated

Whitney - Killed off screen

Steve - Machete through the head

Anna - Impaled to tree with machete

Ned - Cut in half with machete

Jane - Stabbed through the head

Vanessa - Head crushed

Jack - Neck snapped

Tim - Head rammed into wall spike

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