Friday the 13th is a 2020 American Slasher Horror film written by David Bruckner and Nick


Antosca directed by Breck Eisner. The film serves as the second re-imagining of the Friday the 13th horror film franchise that began with Sean S. Cunnigham and Victor Miller's 1980 box office hit. The film serves as the ninth horrorverse instalment, following on from Evil Dead (2013), IT (2017), Halloween Returns (2018), Hellraiser (2019) and Child's Play (2019).

The film re-introduces the series killer horror icon Jason Voorhees, as well as deceased murderous mother Pamela and frequent franchise protagonist Tommy Jarvis, among other reintroduced and new characters. The film eventually ties in to the 2026 crossover film Terrordome as well as the 2025 Freddy Vs. Jason re-imagining.

The film was shot in Sussex County, New Jersey, specifically on the constructed cabin and building sets of Kittatinny Lake, Sussex County.

The film is the second Friday the 13th reboot following Michael Bay and Platinum Dunes' Friday the 13th (2009), which combined plot elements of the first four original Friday the 13th film instalments. This film distributed by Jason Blum and his company Blumhouse Productions on a raised budget combines elements of the entire franchise overrall, minus the ninth and subsequent tenth instalments, though there are homages to both films present in the film as easter eggs.

The film was released to commercial success and mixed to somewhat positive reception from critics as well as audience acclaim.

It stars Daniel Gilchrist, Brianna Hildebrand, Tommy Dorfman, Lili Reinhart, Austin Abrams, Jacob Batalon, Jacob Latimore, Kylee Russell, Teala Dunn, David Castro, Ellie Kemper, Lindsay Duncan and Erin Moriaty.



The film begins in 1979 with Tamara Jarvis, her teenage daughter Trish and 11 year old son Tommy arriving at the Camp Crystal Lake grounds to set up for the camp's re-opening with head counsellors Martin and Eve Christy, and local hired cook Pamela Voorhees.

Martha and Eve announce they have hired a local teenage couple as new counsellors who arrive at that moment, Will Adams and Claudia Taylor, Will being revealed as Trish's ex-boyfriend and Claudia as her former best friend.

As night falls and the Christies head back into town Tamara and Pamela prepare a dinner for the group. Tommy meddles in video games and horror masks he has constructed himself whilst running about with the family dog Gordon, causing an accidental kitchen mess and resulting in an argument with Tamara, Tommy then takes off outside with Gordon.

As Pamela helps Tamara clean up and tells the story of her motherhood Trish gets into an argument with Claudia and Will in the main lodge cabin where the three were getting drunk together, she takes off leaving the two to then head out to the barn in search and then instead decide to have sex on Will's reasoning.

They are interrupted pre-act by a hockey masked Jason Voorhees who proceeds to stab Will in the back with a machete. His body atop Claudia keeps her pinned and Jason resolves to push the machete through Will's back into Claudia's chest, killing her.

Pamela after telling of Jason suddenly stabs Tamara in the chest with a kitchen knife, Jason appears at the doorstep and Pamela embraces him before looking back at Tamara stating they'll need to move her.

Trish crying with a cigarette in the woods is happened upon by a hiker named Chi Hayes, who walks her back to the Jarvis cabin where the lights are out and her mother and Tommy are nowhere to be found.

Tommy comes across Will and Claudia's bodies in the woods, placed in a low tree and runs back to Trish and Chi. The three find their car tampered with and after moving over the main lodge cabin to use the emergency radio are attacked by Jason who pushes Chi down the basement stairs, causing his back to break and be stuck at the bottom of the stairs paralyzed.

Pamela appears and Trish and Tommy try to plea with her for help discovering her to be Jason's mother, they flee back to the Jarvis cabin and lock themselves in.

Pamela sees the still alive Chi and lectures Jason for not being efficient and after taking the machete from Jason brings it down upon Chi's head.

Trish lures Pamela and Jason down to the pier as Tommy escapes into the woods, as Pamela sends Jason for Tommy she is disarmed by Trish in surprise and decapitated with the machete.

Trish flees as an enraged Jason pursues her back to the Jarvis house and brutally beats her and begins strangling her, Tommy reappears and knocks Jason down and hacks at him to death with the machete. After he goes to grab his things from upstairs, he sees a mutilated Gordon leading to the bathroom where his mother's body is sitting in a flooding, bloody tub.

An enraged and traumatised Tommy returns downstairs and continues to hack at Jason's corpse as the police and paramedics arrive prompting Trish to try and stop him, only to be herself stabbed in the chest herself with the machete.

At the hospital as Tommy's father arrives Trish is declared dead in surgery.


Time then moves forward to 1989 and Haddonfield High School students Lex Stevens, Noel Waters and Lou Markus heading down to Camp Crystal Lake for it's re-opening by inheriting proprietor Steve Christy.

There they meet local Crystal Lake high school youths Eden Sinclair, Benji McLoughlin and Joanne Miller who are operating as new counsellors along with Joanne's older Michigan University of Technology student sister Sera Kane.

Tommy Jarvis is released from Pinehurst and is picked up by his father along with fellow released friend and patient Ross. Tommy steals his father's car as they stop at a gas station and speeds to Crystal Lake Cemetery. A deadite possessed Herbert West appears with the Naturom Demonto and completes an incantation arising Jason from his grave.

Jason takes Tommy's recreated hockey mask in his hands and kills Ross via decapitation with Tommy's father's shovel.

Tommy then speeds towards Camp Crystal Lake and is eventually pulled over and arrested by Sheriff Stevens, Lex's estranged father who is accompanied by Mr. Jarvis.

The resurrected and Deadite controlled Jason escapes West and in the woods and returns to the cabin to which his mother had secretly kept him hidden, arming himself with a machete among various other weapons, as well as putting down his mother's decomposed head, taken from her grave.

The next day Noel, Lex, Lou, Eden, Benji and Joanne run afoul of a local motorcycle gang while shopping, Benji and Lou damaging their motorcycles.

The gang led by Cunningham and his girlfriend Sable come up later that day to the camp after Sheriff Stevens stops by to try and reconnect with Lex.

Gang members Kurz and Miner are killed by Jason who hides in the barn as they begin to pour down gasoline siphoned from the group, Jason pushes Kurz down the upper floor ladder causing him to twist his head around at the bottom, Kurz is pulled up by the chin which is impaled by a pitchfork.

Sable is stabbed fatally by Jason and used to lure Cunningham to the barn where he is bludgeoned with a socket wrench.

Friday June 13th

The children then arrive by buses at the camp and Lex warms to a particular little girl struggling with her parents divorce and night terrors that began back in her hometown of Springwood, Ohio. The girl Alice's brothers Mark and Paul take to Noel and Lou.

At night Jason stalking the camp grounds kills Steve Christy who takes out Sera on a speedboat across the lake, as the two are secretly seeing one another.

Steve as the motor jams halfway across the lake inspects it is pulled forward and has his head partially shredded by the blades as Jason pulls him to it.

Sera fires up the boat a part at a time trying to escape but is knocked from the boat as Jason capsizes it. Sera with a cracked, bleeding temple is then drowned by Jason.

Alice witnesses part of Sera's drowning and runs for help.

Jason after dragging both Steve and Sera's bodies through the woods returns to the campgrounds and cuts the phone lines.

Tommy is released from the station holding cells on the insistence of his father who decides to drive him to Camp Crystal Lake and prove Jason's death.

Jason kills Lou in the cafeteria cabin pantry after Joanne leaves him via after jamming his hand to a counter with a corkscrew disembowelling him with his machete.

Mark and Paul discover the blood of Lou's death and rush for help.

Alice comes finds Lex and Eden while Mark and Paul come to Noel and Benji.

The group reconvenes minus Joanne and is unable to call for help and find their cars siphoned of gas as well as parts missing from the engine.

At the main lodge cabin Benji is killed by Jason after briefly boxing and headbutting Jason, as Jason in turns headbutts Benji three times and splits his head.

Lex, Noel and Eden become separated and Eden running to her and Joanne's cabin is killed as Jason enters and beats her mostly off-screen across the cabin walls, and finally throws her half through a window.

Joanne is met at the entrance by the Jarvises as they arrive and the two following deputies Hedden and Isaacs.

Hedden and Isaacs guide an archery arrow clad Joanne to their car where Isaacs stays with her as Hedden escorts Tommy and Mr. Jarvis into the grounds.

Hedden is killed at the pier as Jason fires a harpoon into his head. Lex and Noel meet back at the main cabin where they exchange their first kiss, after arming themselves while securing doors Noel is killed back in the living room as Jason throws Noel forwards into the fireplace, and pins him in place to burn to death.

Jason then rolls out with his feet burning logs which begin to immolate the cabin while locking Lex in the kitchen, who escapes as both Jarvises free her, discovering Crazy Ralph's body in the pantry just before.

Jason comes to the entrance road and tackles with Isaacs, prompting Joanne to try and run him over, instead only brutally running down and killing Isaacs as Jason intended.

Jason then flattens the tyres and Joanne flees through the woods to the archery range, where the deadite controlled West appears and turns on the archery range lights.

A temporarily blinded Joanne is then shot down with arrows by Jason who collects her body.

Saturday June 14th

The Jarvises and Lex flee into the woods and come across the hidden cabin deep in the woods.

There they see Jason's shrine complete with his mother's head and surrounding corpses, belonging to Eden, a decomposed Trish Jarvis, Lou, Sera and Steve Christy.

The three hide as Jason returns with Joanne's body.

Sheriff Stevens is relayed the message that the fire department are en route to Camp Crystal Lake by receptionist Suzanne, who offers to accompany him with no officers on hand up there.

Jason discovers the three and while pinning down Tommy to kill in revenge is distracted by Lex putting on the mother's sweater from the shrine and conversing with him as if she is Pamela.

This briefly works long enough for Mr. Jarvis to attack and allow Lex to land a pick axe blow to his shoulder.

Mr. Jarvis causes a cabin collapse seeming to kill himself and Jason as the two escape.

The children are rounded up to safety while Alice at the pier frightened is descended by a still alive, flaming and hellish Jason.

He kills Sheriff Stevens by breaking him backwards and a still alive charging Cunningham who stabs him in the head with his own disarmed machete, Jason in turn pulling it loose, hacking off his left hand and using a sleeping bag filled with cinderblocks left to pin the canoes to beat him to death.

Officers from afar that arrive fire at Jason to no success, Tommy lures him away from killing Lex to the water and anchors him to the bottom with a lake with a large rock.

Tommy is rescued from the water by Lex and Suzanne who bring him to shore.

At the police station following the aftermath as all the children's parents come to collect them Tommy's father enters still alive. Suzanne reveals to Lex and Tommy after discussing Jason and the Haddonfield murderer Michael Myers that her hometown had a masked killer of their own: Leatherface.

Post-credits The Tall Man walks along the Camp Crystal Lake pier and using telekinesis breaks Jason's chain.


  • Daniel Gilchrist as Jason Voorhees
  • Brianna Hildebrand as Lex Stevens
  • Tommy Dorfman as Tommy Jarvis
  • Lili Reinhart as Eden Sinclair
  • Austin Abrams as Noel Waters
  • Jacob Batalon as Lou Markus
  • Jacob Latimore as Benji McLoughlin
  • Kylee Russell as Joanne Miller
  • Teala Dunn as Sera Kane
  • Reece Thompson as Steve Christy
  • Lindsay Duncan as Pamela Voorhees
  • Erin Moriaty as Trish Jarvis
  • Michael Copon as Chi Hayes
  • Johnathan Schaech as Herbert West
  • James Fox as Crazy Ralph Soothsayer
  • Ser' Darius Blaine as Cunningham
  • Kris Van Damme as Kurz
  • Lewis Tan as Miner
  • Anna Hopkins as Sable
  • Tara Fitzgerald as Tammy Jarvis
  • Dana Ashbrook as Timothy Jarvis
  • Gil Bellows as Sheriff Ivan Stevens
  • Ellie Kemper as Suzanne Waters
  • Joe Rogan as Deputy Isaacs
  • Tim McGraw as Deputy Hedden
  • Victor Miller as Martin Christy
  • Adrienne King as Eve Christy
  • Sean S. Cunningham as Cryptkeeper Marvin
  • Tom Savini as Gas Station Attendant
  • Kane Hodder as Holding Cell Harrison
  • C.J. Graham as Handyman Hobbs


  • First Friday the 13th film to feature LGBTQI characters
  • Released on the 40th anniversary of the original first instalment
  • Original Friday the 13th writer Victor Miller, star Adrienne King (who also starred in the following film instalment) and Sean S. Cunningham appear in cameo roles in the film: Miller as Martin Christy, Cunningham as Cryptkeeper Martin and King as Eve Christy
  • The film combines various elements of the franchise: The story structure of the original Friday the 13th, it's direct sequel Part II, Part III, The Final Chapter, A New Beginning and Jason Lives, as well as featuring homages to the rest of the franchise.
  • The film directly connects with Horrorverse instalments Re-Animator, Nightmare, Halloween Returns, Evil Dead and The Texas Chainsaw.
  • Ellie Kemper had auditioned initially for Pamela Voorhees, Trish Jarvis and Sable
  • Michelle Rodriquez had expressed interest in portraying the female protagonist in an early casting call and draft of the script, she was initially offered the role of Sable though backed out due to scheduling conflicts. She opted instead for the casting directors to consider actress Hildebrand for the lead role of Lex Stevens
  • Various characters are named after cast and crew of the original Friday the 13th franchise instalments: Lex Stevens' after Steven the protagonist of Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday, Lou Markus after Jason Goes To Hell director Adam Markus, Benji McLoughlin after Jason Lives director Tom McLoughlin, Joanne Miller after Friday the 13th writer Victor Miller who also appears in the film, Sera Kane after famous Jason actor of the later instalments Kane Hodder, Chi Hayes after Part II actor Chi McBride and The Final Chapter Alan Hayes, Biker gang Cunningham after director Sean S. Cunningham, Miner after Part II & III director Steve Miner and Kurz after Part II writer Ron Kurz
  • Camp Crystal Lake cabins and settings were purely constructed sets in the woodland area surrounding Kittatiny Lake in New Jersey
  • The first time Crystal Lake has been set in the state of New Jersey since the original 1980 instalment
  • In the original Jason Lives Friday the 13th film instalment Jason is resurrected from his grave in the Crystal Lake cemetery merely by a strike of lightning
  • Tommy Dorfman in auditioning for Tommy Jarvis had not seen many of the Friday the 13th series and proceeded to watch them all in one day prior to the day of his audition
  • Dorfman was escorted to his audition by fellow 13 Reasons Why stars Katharine Langford, Justin Prentice and Alisha Boe, who remained waiting for support and reassurance as he was nervous going into audition, wanting the role but not sure he would secure it
  • Blumhouse's first collaboration with Paramount Pictures
  • Blumhouse's first Friday the 13th released slasher film to not be PG rated
  • Roy Burns, the copycat Paramedic Jason killer of the fifth original Friday the 13th instalment A New Beginning appears outside of Pinehurst during Tommy's release and at the fire scene at Camp Crystal Lake in the climax
  • The fire served as a homage to the fiery destruction of the grounds in Friday the 13th The New Blood and Freddy Vs. Jason
  • Tamara Jarvis' body being discovered in the flooded tub was an original, unused concept in Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter
  • The longest running Friday the 13th film
  • The repeated, classic window toss of the franchise is only used once here, in semi affect with Eden Sinclair
  • Eden Sinclair's character was a direct lovenote to Melissa of Friday the 13th: The New Blood
  • Easter eggs to telekinetic Tina Shepherd are played here with Eden's child charge Tina
  • Lex's child charge Alice is a homage to the Jason Lives character Nancy
  • Alice's brothers Paul and Mark's names are taken from the Friday the 13th Part II characters Mark and Paul of Packanack Lodge
  • The central lodge in the film in 1989 is titled Packanack
  • The Higgins family of the original Friday the 13th Part III are referenced as being original owners prior to the Christie's back when the camp was titled Camp Forest Green
  • The camp is referenced by Martin and Eve Christy in the film as originally being titled Camp Forest Green, which was the new name for Camp Crystal Lake in Jason Lives
  • Crazy Ralph's body falling out of the kitchen pantry after Lex discovers him is a homage to the scene in which the original Crazy Ralph's corpse does the same to Ginny in Friday the 13th Part II
  • Ellie Kemper's texan accent took several months to perfect
  • Body-Count: 23 (All on-screen minus Crazy Ralph)
  • The idea of a deadite related Jason Voorhees and the appearence of the Naturom Demonto were concepts briefly touched on in Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday
  • Noel's fireplace death is a homage to the popular Friday the 13th Video Game released in 2017, where a possible character death Jason performs is throwing a counsellor's head into a cabin fireplace
  • Will Adams and Claudia Taylor are homages to original Friday the 13th opening victims of 1958 Barry and Claudette, Will's name being taken from the original crew member and Barry actor Willie Adams, while Claudia's last name deriving from Marcie Stanler actress Jeannie Taylor
  • Chi's basement death at the beginning is both a homage to Rob Dier's death in the Final Chapter, Mark's death in Friday the 13th Part II and Marcie Stanler's death sequence in Friday the 13th
  • The pier was purely constructed
  • Director Eisner's favorite death sequence of the film is Steve Christy's death by the boat propeller while writer Antosca's is the Joanne archery range shooting, writer Bruckner's is the Noel fireplace killing and Jason actor Gilchrist's is the Benji head butt head split
  • Gilchrist now holds the record as the tallest actor/stuntman to ever portray Jason Voorhees on screen, at 7'7
  • Hildebrand and Dorfman struggled greatly with the end water scenes at the lake, shooting in the actual lake proved to incredibly difficult and dangerous without utilising stunt doubles, Hildebrand losing breath incredibly quickly
  • The film's soundtrack comprises centrally of 1989 released songs while featuring one 1980 song and one 1979 song
  • Harry Manfredini's original franchise score is re-used here and edited
  • The film's aesthetic style was under Eisner's idea to have a grander scope but an artsier feel akin to The VVitch and Hereditary, recent horror films he had seen and loved
  • All uses of blood in the film are executed in the fashion of Giallo horror film death sequences and are considered by Eisner a love note to Dario Argento and Mario Bava
  • The original ending featured a final confrontation with Jason at the Crystal Lake Police Station and Jason's defeat by a telekinetic child Tina
  • The second ever Friday the 13th to feature a running Camp Crystal Lake, complete with children


  1. My Sharona- The Knack
  2. Love Shack- The B-52's
  3. Drama!- Erasure
  4. Just Keep Rockin'- Double Trouble feat. Rebel Mc
  5. Requiem- London Boys
  6. Street Tuff- Double Trouble feat. Rebel Mc
  7. Lovesong- The Cure
  8. Lambada- Kaoma
  9. The Look- Roxette
  10. You'll Never Stop Me From Loving You- Sonia
  11. Pump Up The Jam- Technotronic
  12. Swing The Mood- Jive Bunny and The Mastermixers
  13. He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask)- Carl Robege
  14. Teenage Frankenstein- Christian Hanna
  15. Sail Away, Tiny Sparrow- Angela Rotella
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