Friday the 13th is remake to the movie Friday the 13th (1980 version).

starring Jennifer Lawrence, Tyler Posey, Kallen Lutz and Lily Collins


In 1988, a young boy, Jason Voorhees, drowned in the lake of Camp Crystal Lake. At the next year, two consultants were found dead. Due to these incidents, the camp was closed. Thirty years later, the camp was reopened. New consultants come to work there. But what they dont know, there is someone who doesent want to camp opens again. And is willing to kill for it will not happen ...


Jennifer Lawrence - Alice Hardy

adrienne king - Pamle voorhees

Tyler Posey - Bill Brown

Kellan Lutz - Steve Christy

Lily Collins - Brenda Jones

Holland Roden - Marcie Stanler

Hunter Parrish - Jack Burrell

Brendan Robinson - Ned Rubenstein

Emily Browning - Annie Phillips

Keegan Allen - Johnny Holbrock

Katrina Bowden - Vanessa Foster

Matthew Perry - Ennos Tucker

Kevin Bacon - Crazy Ralph

Ddavid Schwimmer - Deputy Winslow

Emma Roberts - Claudette Hayes

Lucas Till - Barry Jackson

Body Count

No. Name Cause of death Killer On-screen Note
1. Barry Jackson Stabbed in the stomach with a knife Pamela Voorhees Yes Flashback
2. Claudette Hayes Throat slashed with a hunting knife Pamela Voorhees Yes Flashback
3. Vanessa Foster Throat slashed with a hunting knife Pamela Voorhees Yes
4. Johnny Holbrock Stabbed to death with a a knife Pamela Voorhees Yes
5. Deputy Winslow Head crushed by hammer Pamela Voorhees Yes
6. Jack Burrell Impaled in the nack with an arrow Pamela Voorhees Yes
7. Marcie Stanler Hacked in the head with an axe Pamela Voorhees Yes
8. Annie Phillips Stabbed in the back with a knife Pamela Voorhees Yes
9. Crazy Ralph Throat slashed Pamela Voorhees No Found dead
10. Ned Rubenstein Throat slashed with razor wire Pamela Voorhees Yes
11. Steve Christy Stabbed in the chest with a knife Pamela Voorhees Yes
12. Enos Tucker Beheaded Pamela Voorhees No Found dead
13. Brenda Jones Stabbed in the head with icepick Pamela Voorhees Yes
14. Bill Brown Impaled in the back with six arrows Pamela Voorhees Partly
15. Pamela Voorhees decapitated with a machete Alice Hardy Yes Selfe-defense


Alice Hardy

changes from the original movie

1) Barry and Claudette role is bigger. We learn more about their connection with jason's "death".

2) Annie was in the camp from the beginning. Vanessa takes her role from the original movie.

3) Aew counselor: johnny. he is like male slut.

4) Deputy Winslow appears in this film.

5) Body count order is different.

6) After ned's death, Alice and Brenda begin to think that bill is the killer.

7) Steve is younger than the original steve.

8) Crazy Ralph and Ennos die in this movie.

9) The film spans two days.

10) Before Mercy died, she has a chase scene.

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