Friday the 13th is a 2016 remake of the 1980 film of the same name. It stars Ashley Benson, Connie Britton, Alexandra Breckenridge, Bianca Lawson, Dylan O'Brian with Evan Peters and Emma Roberts.


The film opens to the year 1995, where a young boy, Jason, (Mason Cook) is walking to the lake. As he walks, kids stare and laugh at him, as he is deformed. When he gets in, the camp counselors ignore the campers and goof off and don't notice Jason starts to drown.

Two of the teenagers start making out in the woods when Claudia (Nina Dobrev) hears something and thinks someone is watching them. Brad (Zac Efron) continues to make out with her and tries putting a hand up her shirt when Claudia sees a figure closeby with a machete. She tries pushing Brad off her and screams as the person runs to them and pulls Brad away and kills him. Claudia runs away and is chased into a barn. The killer gets an ax and searches for her and she makes a break for the door, but is hit in the leg with the ax and soon killed.

Two girls are making fun of Jason when Heather (Mackenzie Foy) notices she hasn't seen him since he went in the lake. The girls go search the lake and see a body floating in the water. They pull it out to see it's Claudia and are attacked from behind and killed.

2015, the camp is being reopened and the new counselors have arrived except one, Annie. (Alexa Vega) She is stuck on the side of the road with her car broken down. A truck drives by and she gets the attention and explains what happened. She then is pulled into the truck window and it drives off. She hits the person and jumps out, breaking her leg on the road. She escapes to the woods but trips and is stabbed multiple times.

Back at camp, Alice, (Ashley Benson) Lily, (Alexandra Breckenridge) Marnie, (Bianca Lawson) Ned, (Dylan O'Brian) Jack, (Evan Peters) Brenda, (Emma Roberts) Kimberly, (Christian Serratos) and Bill (Nico Tortorella) are unpacking and getting everything ready when Ralph (Scott Wilson) attacks Alice. He claims they're all going to die and is kicked out by Steve Christy, (David Arquette) the owner. Steve then runs into town and allows the counselors to hang out.

The group goes for a swim while being watched. While the others start to get out, Kimberly is swimming alone and someone shoots arrows at her. One hits her shoulder and she swims to shore, but is soon shot through the head. Soon after, Ned sees the killer go into a cabin and follows them.

Jack and Marnie run through a storm and into a cabin and have sex. Marnie goes to the girl's restroom as Jack waits for her. Ned's body is revealed on the second bunk, scaring Jack off the bed. He is pulled under by the killer and his throat is cut. Marnie is in the bathroom still and hears the door open and assumes it's Jack and heads to the door but no one's there. The killer attacks with an ax, Marnie backing away and begging, but she is beaten with the ax.

The others are in Alice's cabin, drinking when Brenda remembers she has more alcohol in her car and runs to it. She hears Marnie's scream and locks herself in her car. She looks through the rain to see someone dragging Marnie's body and looks through the backseat to find a gun. When she looks back, the person is staring at her and she flees the car, chased by the killer. She is tackled down and the killer takes her gun and shoots her.

Alice, Bill and Lily hear the screams and gunshot and look outside but don't see Brenda. Lily stays behind and locks herself in the cabin while Alice and Bill find the others, but only find the bloody ax. Meanwhile, Steve is returning and sees the killer and recognises them before stepping into a trap and being hung. Lily is still alone and goes outside to hear a dragging noise, she hides. She sees the killer dragging Marnie and Brenda's bodies and she makes her way to find Bill and Alice and they get back to the cabin.

The power goes out and Bill checks the generator but never returns. The girls go together to find him. They find the generator cabin and see it's destroyed. They also find Bill impaled to the door and electrocuted. The girls run to the entrance and are almost hit by Betty Palmer (Connie Britton) who is a friend of the Christy's. The girls tell her about their friend being dead. When she sees Bill's corpse, she reveals herself to be Pamela Voorhees, Mother of Jason. She tells the girls it's her son's birthday before attacking them. The girls are split up and find multiple bodies. Alice is attacked by the car, but Lily saves her by hitting Pam over the head with a log, hopefully killing her. The girls make their way to the lake and decide to get to the other side and find help.

When Lily is about to step into the boat, Pam is revealed to be alive and attacks her, impaling her with a machete. Alice screams in terror and attacks the older woman. She gets hold of the weapon and runs to the woods, hearing a child screaming, "HELP ME!"

She gets to edge of the lake and is attacked by Pamela again, but this time she talks. She blames Alice for her son's death, who is revealed to be behind a tree, only older. Before the woman can attack her, Alice kills her by chopping her head off with the machete before running away, screaming.

A year later, Alice is in college and talking with her roommate, Amy, (Bella Thorne) about a vacation to the lake, which Alice denies. Amy leaves and Alice locks the doors and takes a nap. She hears glass breaking and checks the apartment before giving up and getting food. She opens the fridge to find Pam's head and she screams in terror. She turns to see Jason with a hockey mask on and screams before he swings at her.


  • Ashley Benson as Alice Hardy
  • Connie Britton as Pamela Voorhees
  • Alexandra Breckenridge as Lily Chambers
  • Bianca Lawson as Marnie Stanler
  • Dylan O'Brian as Ned Rubenstien
  • Evan Peters as Jack Burell
  • Emma Roberts as Brenda
  • Christian Serratos as Kimberly
  • Nico Tortorella as Bill
  • Alexa Vega as Annie Phillips
  • Brighton Sharbino as Megan
  • Mackenzie Foy as Heather
  • Zac Efron as Brad
  • Nina Dobrev as Claudia
  • Derek Mears as Jason Voorhees
    • ​Mason Cook as Young Jason
  • David Arquette as Steve Christy
  • Scott Wilson as Crazy Ralph
  • Bella Thorne as Amy


Brad - Hit with Machete.

Claudia - Hit in leg with ax, brutally beaten with ax.

Heather - Hit in the stomach with ax and knocked into lake.

Megan - Head held under lake, stabbed with knife four times in the back.

Annie - Leg Broken, stabbed in the stomach and throat.

Kimberly - Shot in chest and head with arrow.

Ned - Stabbed in throat.

Jack - Pulled under bed, throat cut.

Marnie - Hit in the stomach five times with ax.

Brenda - Shot in the head.

Steve - Stepped into noose, hung.

Bill - Electrocuted, body pinned to door by spear.

Lily - Impaled with Machete.

Pamela - Hit in the head and beheaded by machete.

Cast Trivia

Multiple cast members have worked with each other before.

  • Connie Britton, Alexandra Breckenridge, Bianca Lawson, Evan Peters, Emma Roberts and Christian Serratos all appeared on American Horror Story.
  • Ashley Benson and Bianca Lawson starred on Pretty Little Liars.
  • Christian Serratos, Brighton Sharbino, Scott Wilson and Alexandra Breckenridge all starred on The Walking Dead.
  • David Arquette, Emma Roberts and Nico Tortorella starred in Scream 4.
  • Alexa Vega and Mason Cook starred in Spy Kids 4.

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