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Friday the 13th is a 2015 slasher film and remake of the 1980 film, Friday The 13th. This film is distributed by Warner Bros, New Line Cinema and Paramount Pictures and directed by David R. Ellis.


Camp counselors are stalked and by an unknown assailant while trying to reopen a summer camp that was the site of a child's drowning.



  • Emily Meade as Alice Hardy
  • Mary Scheer as Mrs. Pamela Voorhees
  • Jonah Hill as Bill
  • AnnaLynne McCord as Brenda
  • Danielle Harris as Marcie Cunningham
  • Ashton Kutcher as Jack Burrell
  • Thomas Dekker as Ned Rubinstein
  • David Arquette as Steve Christy
  • Shenae Grimes as Annie Phillips
  • Zachary Gordon as Jason Voorhees (child)
  • Dennis Quaid as Crazy Ralph
  • Lea Michelle as Claudette
  • Jason Dolley as Barry
  • Jack Black as Enos


Barry- stabbed in forehead with hunting knife.

Claudette- stabbed in chest with hunting knife.

Annie- throat slit with meat cleaver. her corpse is later discovered by alice.

Ned- follows killer into cabin and is killed offscreen. his corpse is later shown with his throat slit.

Jack- impaled with spear from under the bed.

Marcie- hit in the face with axe in the locker room.

Steve- killed offscreen in the woods. his corpse is later discovered with a meat cleaver in the stomach by alice.

Brenda- while investigating a childs voice in the woods, she is strangled with a rope offscreen and thrown through alices cabin window.

Bill- after alice finds brendas body, she finds bills body pinned to a door with arrows.

Mrs. Voorhees- after a battle to the death between her and alice, alice grabs an axe and decapitates her


the counselers find a snake in alice's cabin

[alice is sitting on the bed when she hears a noise. she gets and crouches down.]

alice: hello? [suddenly, a snake jumps up.]

alice: [terrified] bill! marcie! jack! brenda! ned! there's a snake in my cabin! [bill, brenda, ned, marcie and jack rush in.]

brenda: OMG! a snake! [marcie and alice scream in terror, as well as brenda.]

jack: that's an anaconda! bill, get me the meat cleaver! [bill grabs a meat cleaver and gives it to jack.]

jack: ned, god damn it! take this thing and chop it up! [he hands the meat cleaver to ned. ned runs over to the snake and chops it into ten pieces, killing it.]

ned: that should kill it!

marcie: well, at least we know what's for dinner.

jack: [grabbing allice's pillow] oh, marcie! [he hits her with it.]

mrs. voorhees reveals herself to alice as the killer

[after looking at brenda's corpse, mrs. voorhees puts her head on the door and starts sobbing.]

mrs. voorhees: [thru tears] oh, this place. steve should never have opened this place again. there's been too much trouble here. did you know that my son drowned here. the counselers were too busy having sex to help him. his name was jason. i was working here the day it happened. i was the cook.

alice: where the fuck is mr. christy?

mrs. voorhees: [now with a creepy smile] he's dead. they're all dead. i killed them you fucking bitch. i'm the killer. [she grabs a knife and stabs alice's arm, but alice runs away.]

marcie's death

[marcie is washing her hands by the sink, when a rumbling noise is heard in the backround.]

marcie: jack? ned? stop it you guys. i know this is some kind of prank. [she walks over to one of the shower curtains and looks inside, but theres nothing. so she goes over to the second stall.]

marcie: peek-a-boo! [she pulls back the shower curtain, and theres still nothing. she walks over to the last stall and pulls it open. nothing.]

marcie: must be my imagination. [if you look closely, you can see the shadow of an axe raise behind her in the backround. she then turns around, gasps, and then screams. the killer then wacks her in the face with the axe.]

annie's death

[annie is in the car with the killer. annie looks out the window and notices they passed camp crystal lake.]

annie: wait, wasnt that the road to camp crystal lake back there? [she pauses for a quick five seconds and looks out the window again.]

annie: i really think we better stop. [she pauses again.]

annie: please?

[the car starts driving past the forest.]

annie: please stop! [she has no choice but to open the door and jump out of the car.]

annie: [hitting the road] oww! [she runs into the forest. the killer then stops the car and runs into the forest after her. she keeps running until she loses the killer. suddenly, she trips over the killers foot. she gets up and notices he has a knife.]

annie: no! please no! [she backs up towards a tree and the killer slits her throat.]

alice finds bill and brenda dead, then meets mrs. voorhees

[alice finds an ice-pick to protect herself from whatever's outside]

alice: bill? [the killer suddenly throws brenda's corpse through the window.]

alice: oh my fucking god! brenda! ahhh!

[alice runs out of her cabin after finding brendas body.]

alice: bill? bill, where are you? bill, brenda is dead! bill? answer me bill! [she looks at a cabin and sees bill pinned to the door with arrows. alice then screams and runs away looking for ned, marcie and jack, not knowing theyre already dead.]

alice: jack? marcie? ned? bill and brenda are dead! steve? steve, where are you? [she sees someone parking up steve's jeep.]

alice: steve? [someone opens the door. not steve but a woman named mrs. voorhees.]

alice: who the hell are you and what are you doing in steve's jeep?

mrs. voorhees: why i'm mrs. voorhees. an old freind of mr. steve christy.

crazy ralph pays the counselers a visit

[alice is in her cabin with ned and marcie when crazy ralph walks in to the cabin.]

ned; what do you think you'r doing here?

ralph: [drunk] god sent me here to warn you. you are gonna be counselers, eh.

alice: yes.

marcie: who are you and what are you doing here?

ralph: [drunk] i'm ralph. and you'r all doomed here!

alice: get the hell out of here!

ralph: [drunk] you'r all doomed! all doomed! [he walks out, leaving ned, marcie and alice frozen in utter shock.]

jack's death

[jack and marcie are having sex in marcie's cabin.]

marcie: i have to go take a shower. when im done we can go to sleep like this. [she puts her shirt back on and walks into the shower room. jack grabs a cigarette and starts smoking. suddenly, a drop of blood lands on jacks nose. he then wipes it off with his hand.]

jack: what the hell? [suddenly, the killer is revealed to be under te bed and shoves a spear through the mattress and through jacks chest.]

alice gets trapped in a closet while running away from mrs. voorhees.

[alice starts running inside a cabin while mrs. voorhees is unconcious, and locks herself in a closet.]

alice: this should hold me. just calm down, alice. calm down. [suddenly, mrs. voorhees wakes up, takes an axe, and breaks down the door. alice then screams in terror,]

alice: get away, you son of a bitch! [she wacks her in the face with a frying pan and runs away.]

alice finds the bodies of steve and annie

[alice is running away from mrs. voorhees with a slashed arm. she opens up her jeep and finds annie with her throat slit.]

alice: oh my god! aaaaahhhhh!!!!! [she closes the door, turns around, and sees that steve's corpse has been hanged]

alice: aahh! steve! no! [she runs deep into the woods]

mrs. voorhees: kill her mommy! kill her!

alice fights mrs. voorhees in jack and marcie's cabin

[alice hides under the sheets in jack and marcie's cabin. mrs. voorhees walks in]

mrs. voorhees: alice! oh, alice!

[alice turns the other way and sees jack's corpse and screams.]

mrs. voorhees: there you are! [she pulls the sheets off her. alice grabs a shotgun and tries to shoot mrs. voorhees, but it's out of bullets]

alice: shit, it's empty! [alice takes the shotgun and wacks mrs. voorhees in the head, knocking her unconscious]

brenda's death

[brenda is sitting on a couch in her cabin when she hears a child's voice.]

child's voice: brenda! help me, brenda!

brenda: hello? [she goes outside to the archery range.]

brenda: who's there? [somebody then turns on the lights there, blinding her. the killer then murders her offscreen]

marcie reveals to jack her fear about thunder storms, while ned is killed.

[jack and marcie are walking on the camp crystal lake beach and they sit down on the dock to make out. ned follows them. suddenly, they both hear thunder.]

jack: there's a thunder storm coming. if we don't get inside, were gonna get trenched.

marcie: to be honest, i've always for some reason been afraid of thunder storms.

ned: why, it's just loud noises and drops of water falling from the sky.

marcie: you see, i once had this nightmare as a little girl. it was thunder storming really loud. i couldn't get the sound out of my ears. it just kept getting louder and louder. and then the rain turns to blood.

jack: well that's not real. why would there be a BLOODY thunder storm?

[ned suddenly sees an unknown asailant, not knowing it's the killer.]

marcie: who the heck is that?

ned: i don't know but i'm going to find out. [he walks into a cabin the killer went into and is murdered, but jack and marcie don't notice.]

the ending with alice's nightmare

[alice is sleeping in a canoe after killing mrs. voorhees. she suddenly wakes up to be on the canoe in the middle of the lake.]

alice: oh, thank god that's over. [suddenly, the decayed corpse of jason voorhees jumps up out of the water and starts to strangle alice.]

alice: oh, shit! somebody help me!

jason: you killed my mommy! [he pulls her underwater while she's still screaming in terror. alice then wakes up in a hospital to find out it was only a dream.]

ralph tries to warn annie and enos about camp crystal lake's death curse

[annie enters the diner while hitchhiking to camp crystal lake.]

annie: hey, does anyone know how to get to camp crystal lake from here?

enos: sure. in fact, i will drive you.

annie: okay. my name's annie.

enos: i'm enos. [they walk out of the diner and run into local crazy drunk ralph]

ralph: [drunk] so you'r going to camp blood, huh. quit. you won't come back again!

enos: shut the fuck up, ralph. come on, annie. [the two walk away.]

ralph: [drunk] it's got a death curse!

brenda checks out the archery range, but ned almost hits her with an arrow

[brenda walks over to a target at the archery range while checking out the camp. ned shoots an arrow at the target and almost hits brenda.]

brenda: are you crazy?

ned: tada!

brenda: [sarcasticly] you must be a big joker.

ned: you know, you'r beautiful when you'r angry.

brenda: oh really? fuck you!

alice kills mrs. voorhees

[alice is on the dock, thinking she's safe, when mrs. voorhees attacks her. as they start wrestling. suddenly, alice picks up an axe.]

mrs. voorhees: alice, it will be easier for you then it was for jason.

alice: have fun in hell! [she runs up and decapitates mrs. voorhees with the axe.]

the opening with barry and claudette

[barry and claudette, two counselers in 1993, are having sex in a cabin. suddenly, the killer sneaks in with a hunting knife.]

barry: we wer'nt doi'n anything. we were just messi'n around. [claudette gets up, then screams when barry is stabbed in his forehead]

claudette: oh my god, go away. please no. no! [she is then stabbed in her chest offscreen]

steve's death

[steve gets back from the store. he then gets out of his jeep.]

steve: hello? who is that? [the killer then murders him offscreen.]

ned fakes drowning

[alice, marcie, jack, bill, brenda and ned have just arrived at crystal lake and are getting to know each other in a nearby cabin.]

brenda: what should we do for fun?

ned: let's go swimmimg!

jack: yeah. i like that idea.

marcie: me too.

bill: why not!

alice: well let's go!

[they all rush out of the cabin, take off their clothes and go skinny dipping in the lake.]

marcie: omg, the water is warm.

ned: [already out far from shore] help! [he goes underwater]

marcie: oh my fricking god, ned is drowning!

jack: we have got to save him! [him and marcie swim over and pull his body out of the water.]

brenda: [helping get him on the dock] i will handle this! [she starts doing mouth to mouth with him.]

marcie: come on, ned!

jack: wake up!  [ned suddenly grabs brenda's head and starts kissing her, revealing he was faking it.]

brenda: [freeing loose] what the fuck are you doing!


103 mintues

It will distributed by Warner Bros, New Line Cimena and Paramount Pictures