Friday the 13th is the 2013 slasher horror film and remake of the 1980 horror film, friday the 13th. it stars lindsay lohan, virginia madsen, daryl sabara, emma roberts, megan fox, johnny simmons, max thieriot, jason lee, chloe moretz, mason cook, bob king, dakota fanning, zac efron and wayne knight.


in 1999, an 11 year old boy named jason voorhees [mason cook] drowns at camp crystal lake, and two years later in 2001, two counselors named barry [zac efron] and claudette [dakota fanning] sneak off to a cabin to make out. claudette goes to the bathroom as the killer comes in and kills barry with an axe. Then the killer goes into the bathroom and stabs claudette in the chest with the axe, before decapitating her. ten years later, in 2011, steve christy [jason lee] is re opening camp crystal lake with his counselors, alice hardy [lindsay lohan], bill [daryl sabara], brenda [emma roberts], marcie [megan fox], jack [johnny simmons], ned [max thieriot] and annie [chloe moretz]. annie decides to hitch-hike to the camp and is picked up by enos [wayne knight]. they pass crazy ralph [bob king], who warns them both about a curse at the camp, but they ignore him and keep driving. enos' truck then ran out of gas, and annie decided to hike to the camp, while enos was fixing the truck. A figure came behind enos and grabbed his throat and pulled him out of sight. meanwhile annie was hiking when she saw a figure who began chasing her with a knife. after running for a long time, annie hid behind a tree and the figure disappeared, so it was safe for her to come out. however she was shocked to find enos' body hanging from a tree and she tripped on a tripwire, so the killer managed to find her. using the knife the figure stabbed annie in the the chest and hanged her with rope. meanwhile at the camp, jack and marcie snuck off to a cabin to have sex, while ned saw a figure in the kitchen and went after the figure, unaware it was holding a kitchen knife. it turned around and stabbed ned in the throat and the knife ended up coming out the back of his throat, so he fell over and was stabbed in the forehead. after killing ned, the killer snuck through the back door of the cabin and grabbed a machete, and when marcie went to the bathroom, the killer attacked and stabbed jack with the machete pinning himself to the wall. then when marcie came out and witnessed the figure killing jack, the figure decapitated her with the machete. then the figure hid the bodies in the closet and left. the figure went to the shed and turned off the generator, causing the lights to go off. because steve had left earlier to pick up supplies, he didn't experience the lights being turned off. when brenda went outside after hearing a voice, she ended up wandering in the archery zone when the killer attacked her and stabbed her with the machete. she tried to escape but the machete was thrown into her head and her body was pinned to a tree with arrows. then the killer killed steve who was returning in his truck by slashing his throat. bill went to the shed to see what was wrong with the lights, while alice stayed, waiting for him. after 30 minutes, alice went to find bill who was missing, when she suddenly found brenda's body pinned to the tree. then she tried to escape and found steve's body, and enos and annie's bodies were found hanging in a tree. she ran to find bill, but was shocked to find his head was rammed into a pipe which had killed him. she ran to steve's truck where she found a woman, named mrs. voorhees, who revealed herself to be the mother of jason. she then began to get aggressive with alice, saying it was her fault jason was dead, and brandished her machete which she proceeded to chase alice with, revealing she was the killer. after a long fight, alice and mrs. voorhees finished it off at the lake when alice momentarily weakened mrs. voorhees, then decapitated her with the machete she then ran to the road and was rescued by a police car, which drove her to the hospital. meanwhile, a naked young boy [later revealed to be jason] came out of the woods and picked up mrs. voorhees' head and the machete and walked back into the woods.


  • lindsay lohan as alice hardy
  • virginia madsen as mrs. pamela voorhees
  • daryl sabara as bill
  • emma roberts as brenda
  • megan fox as marcie cunningham
  • johnny simmons as jack burrell
  • max thieriot as ned rubinstein
  • jason lee as steve christy
  • chloe moretz as annie
  • mason cook as jason voorhees (child)
  • bob king as crazy ralph
  • dakota fanning as claudette
  • zac efron as barry
  • wayne knight as enos


Barry- head impaled on axe

Claudette- hit in chest with axe, decapitated

Enos- gutted and hanged from tree (offscreen)

Annie- stabbed in chest with knife, hanged with rope

Ned Rubinstein- stabbed in throat and forehead with knife

Jack Burrell- stabbed in chest and pinned to wall with machete

Marcie Cunningham- decapitated with machete

Brenda- machete thrown into her head, then her body is pinned to a tree with arrows

Steve Christy- throat slashed

Bill- head rammed into a pipe (offscreen)

Mrs. Pamela Voorhees- decapitated with axe

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