Friday the 13th: The New Chapter is a 2007 American Slasher Horror film written by Scott Glosserman & David J. Stieve. Directed by Scott Glosserman, it is the eleventh overall instalment in the Friday the 13th film franchise, a sequel to the 1986 Tom McLoughlin entry: Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives.

It ignores the later continuity of The New Blood and following entries.

It stars Thom Mathews, Emily Rios, Alden Ehrenreich, Kimiko Glenn, Scott Mechlowicz, Rafi Gavron and Brie Larson, Mathews reprising his leading role of Tommy Jarvis from the initial Jason Lives, his character formerly portrayed in preceding instalments: The Final Chapter (1984) and A New Beginning (1985) by Corey Feldman and John Shepherd.

Mathews would go on to reprise the role of Tommy Jarvis a third time, in the 2017 fan film Never Hike Alone.

The series would be then be rebooted in 2009 with Michael Bay and Platinum Dunes' Friday the 13th, a spin-off prequel to Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday (1993) entitled Friday 13th and the Horrorverse Blumhouse Productions Friday the 13th (2020).

The New Chapter was released theatrically on Friday June 13th, 2007 to mixed reception. The film has since garnered more positive praise, specifically from audiences.


In 1990, during Jason Voorhees' killing spree, following his accidental resurrection by Tommy Jarvis, the undead killer after murdering Cort Andrews and Nikki Parsley happens upon couple Wyatt and Karla, who are en-route to meet up with their recently engaged friends Annette Edwards and Steven Halavex.

They stop at the wreckage of Nikki's stepfather's R.V and as Wyatt approaches the fiery wreckage, Jason appears at their car and begins to attack Karla, who at the time looking for chapstick discovers an engagement ring in the glove compartment, meant for her.

Wyatt rushing Jason is thrown across the car windscreen, and then violently against a tree, breaking his neck into his back. A machete stabbed, and fatally injured Karla escapes into the woods, coming across the bodies of caretaker Marvin, and their friends Annette and Steven. Karla almost reaching Camp Forest Green is stabbed to death, via machete on the road.

In present day 2007, Karla's younger sister Laine with her fellow senior classmate, and neighbor Russ assemble their friends: Muriel, Jimmy, Moira, Wesley, Rashi, Cooper and new Lakeview High student Dee to collect some old family possessions, from Laine's former Crystal Lake family home.

The family home is situated near the old grounds of Camp Forest Green AKA Camp Crystal Lake.

After an underage, town pub crawl the group are led by Laine and Russ into the abandoned property of the camp. There a heavily intoxicated Jimmy, Dee, Rashi and Wesley try a stunt with a speedboat at the pier, the ensuing damage from Jimmy results in Wesley coming into contact with Jason, who attacks him and then able to with the components of the damaged speedboat, free himself from the rock and chain binding him.

Wesley tries to relay the encounter to the others, with only Laine taking him seriously. The next day, the damage Jimmy and the others incited brings local rangers Kyle and Isaac to them, who let them off with a warning, Kyle taking an interest in Laine. Isaac is lured down to a boathouse near the pier where a hiding Jason kills him with a speedboat propeller.

Jason puts Kyle and Isaac's jeep into cruise and allows it to roll into the lake. After Kyle fails to find Isaac and the jeep Laine offers to drive him back into town. That afternoon Jason kills a hungover Rashi in bed with an axe. By nightfall as a distressed Wesley looks for Rashi after they find his bloodstained sheets Jason drowns Wes down at the pier, before the horrified eyes of Russ, Jimmy and Moira.

Russ rushes to warn Muriel, Cooper and Dee, but only finds Muriel inside, as Cooper has gone off with Dee. Jimmy with Moira starting Rashi's car have the vehicle ignited by Jason, the explosion killing Moira and injuring Russ who succeeds in pulling Jimmy to safety. The remaining group lock themselves in the house.

Jason kills Cooper and Dee, who are preparing to have sex in an old Camp Forest cabin, via double impalement with his retrieved machete. Laine and Kyle return to the family house with Officers McNult and Brennan. Local doomsayer Elias Voorhees also follows, being revealed to be killer Jason Voorhees' father. Jason breaks into the main family cabin, crushes Jimmy's head and discovers Muriel hiding in a cupboard, stabbing through with his machete, killing her. Laine, Kyle and the officers break into the house following Muriel's murder, and McNult is thrown through a window, Brennan smashed against the fireplace.

Laine lures Jason out to the Camp Forest Green road and Kyle succeeds in tranquilising him, realising he can not be killed they bring him back to the lake, to be chained in place again. Jason however awakens and after a long fight executes Kyle with a chest slit from his machete. An injured Russ is advanced by Jason but then taken by the surprise of Laine who disarms him and injures him with his machete, allowing for the chance to render him back to the bottom of the lake, with chain and rock. A now paramedic Tommy Jarvis escorts surviving Laine and Russ out in an ambulance, as Elias hops off the pier into the lake.


  • Thom Mathews as Tommy Jarvis
  • Emily Rios as Laine Reysen
  • Alden Ehrenreich as Russ Dandridge
  • Brie Larson as Muriel Addams
  • Scott Mechlowicz as Kyle Vaunder
  • Sam Waterston as Elias Voorhees
  • Kimiko Glenn as Dee Yu
  • Rafi Gavron as Jimmy Wells
  • Simu Liu as Rashi Yen
  • Tom Bateman as Cooper Alden
  • Jessica Baglow as Moira Douglas
  • Griffin Newman as Wesley Newall
  • Shawn Christian as Officer McNult
  • Matt Servitto as Officer Brennan
  • Chord Overstreet as Wyatt Boulton
  • Lindsey Shaw as Karla Reysen
  • Courtney Gains as Isaac Penn
  • Chris Eigeman as Sheriff Ryan
  • Gigi Rice as Donna Reysen
  • Paul Ben-Victor as Carl Reysen
  • Alexandra Wentworth as Diner Diane
  • Deprise Brescia as Diner Susan
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