Friday the 13th: The Legend Continues is a 2015 horror film taking place in the original Friday the 13th continuity, continuing on where Freddy Vs. Jason left off.


The film begins with a scene of Jason bursting through the ice of a frozen-over Crystal Lake. Meanwhile, a group of teenagers arrive at Camp Crystal Lake for jobs as councilors, since the camp has been rebuilt and reopened since it's destruction in Freddy Vs. Jason.

The new councilors are Ron Everund, Jane Randall, Ethan Jones, Mary Smart, David Johnson, and Tiffany Ian. The kids come to the camp, and everything's looking fine. One night, while the camp is putting on a bonfire, Ron goes out in the dark to get some more fire wood, only to see Jason watching him from the woods.

Ron tells the others that he has seen Jason Voorhees lurking in the woods, but no one believes him. That night, when everyone's asleep, Jane goes outside to smoke a cigarette, only to hear someone walking up to her. She assumes it's one of her friends, and turns around, only to be decapitated by Jason.

The next morning, Jane's body is found, and people are shocked. Kids are being sent home, and in the last few days of the camp, the councilors sit around. Ron claims that it was Jason, but they don't believe him. That night, they're getting ready to head home, when Ethan goes out to the restrooms. However, he hears someone else enter the room, and sees that it is Jason. Ethan hides in the stall, as Jason walks through the room. Not finding Ethan, Jason goes outside. Ethan gets out of the restroom and runs to find the others, but is attacked by Jason and cut in half.

The others hear Ethan's screams and go to see what's happening. They can't find him so they decide to split up and go in different directions. Ron finds Ethan's dead body, and turns around to see Jason. Ron runs as Jason pursues him through the camp. Ron enters an empty cabin and hides under the bed. Jason knocks down the cabin door, and looks under the other bed. As he does so, Ron runs for it, and Jason chases after him again.

Ron runs into David, and they fall over as Jason approaches. David gets up and tries to talk some sense into Jason. However, he gets both his arms cut off. Ron lifts up David and runs away with him, as Jason approaches. The two arrive at the dock, and get on a canoe. As Ron rows them away, Jason stops following, and just watches from the dock. David and Ron reach the other side, and get out to find help. David is put in a hospital, and Ron hears from an old man the legend of Jason Voorhees.

In a flashback, we see that Jason, born very disfigured and misshapen, was bullied and neglected at Camp Crystal Lake. Not knowing how to swim, he supposedly drowned after falling off of the dock into the lake. His mother blamed the death on all the neglecting councilors, and went on a killing spree, only to be decapitated. Jason returned to avenge his mother's death, and is now an unstoppable killing machine.

The police are sent to Camp Crystal Lake, and find Mary, who tells them that her friend Tiffany is lost somewhere. The police continue searching, when they suspect someone is in a random cabin. An officer slowly enters the cabin, and turns on his flashlight to discover Jason standing right in front of him. Jason grabs the officer's mouth so he can't scream, and then rips his head off of his body, throwing it to the ground. The other officers go in, and fire at Jason, but he is not hurt.


  • Derek Mears - Jason Voorhees
  • Nana Visitor - Pamela Voorhees (flashback)
  • Dane DeHaan - Ron Everund
  • Alexandra Daddario - Jane Randall
  • Brandon T. Jackson - Ethan Jones
  • Evanna Lynch - Mary Smart
  • Ezra Miller - David Johnson
  • Shailene Woodley - Tiffany Ian


  • Jane - Decapitated with machete
  • Ethan - Sliced in half
  • Pamela Voorhees - Decapitated in flashback
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