Friday the 13th: Part II (2018) is the fourteenth installment in the franchise and a direct sequel to Friday the 13th, the 2017 reboot. Unlike the reboot, this film isn't a direct remake.

Friday the 13th Part II


The film begins with troubled teenage couple Mia Monroe and her boyfriend Billy Darwood driving along a dark road in the dead of night. They are driving back from their prom which ended in disaster when Mia caught Billy kissing another girl and they had a massive argument, and were subsequently forced to leave. Mia ignores Billy's attempts at talking to her and focuses on the road. He continues to try and get her to open up to him before she tells him she wants to break up with him, that her brother was right about him, and that their relationship isn't working anymore. This leads to another argument before Mia sees a bloodied man standing in the middle of the road. She screams for Billy to swerve and he does, causing them to crash off the side of the road, down a hill and right into a tree. Mia awakes moments later and wakes Billy up. Billy tries to start the car but it won't work. They decide to go up to the road to see if the man is alright and find the man crawling along the road, near death, covered in blood with wounds all over his body. He begs them for help before telling them "run" right before he dies. Billy panics and Mia calms him down, telling him they need to get back to the car and ring for help immediately. They do and Billy begins to look for his phone, which he can't find. With the headlights flashing on and off, Mia looks ahead into the woods and sees a tall figure wearing a hockey mask staring right at them. She tries to get Billy's attention quietly but he keeps ignoring her, still looking for the phone. Jason advances on them and she screams Billy's name, finally getting his attention. Billy locks the car doors and tries to start the car again as Jason walks up onto the hood and begins to kick the windscreen in. He suddenly disappears before shoving his machete through the roof of the car repeatedly, stabbing Billy in the shoulder in the process. Mia and Billy, panicked, flee the car and try to get back to the main road. Just as they climb up the hill to the road Billy is impaled though the back/chest with the machete as Jason begins to pull him back down into the wood. Mia begins crying as she tries to pull him up to the road but he tells her to run away before he is dragged away from her into the darkness. She runs along the road, screaming for help, before tripping as she sees a car in the distance. As she begins to look around she hears a noise behind her, turns around, and sees Jason towering above her. She screams as he grabs her by the hair.

One week later, Alicia Hamilton, survivor of the Camp Crystal Lake murders, arrives back in Crystal Lake during the Winter. Through a conversation with her mother, Susan, another survivor, on the phone we learn that it has been over a year since the massacre and that Susan is still living in California with Eric, who is still suffering with nightmares from the massacre. We learn that Alicia has been diagnosed with PTSD and is still taking the medication, despite Susan's worries that she's not. Susan is angry and worried that Alicia has decided to return to the Summer house, which they still haven't been able to sell, after everything that happened there. She questions Alicia about why she would want to go back there but Alicia tells her it's something "she needs to do". They say their goodbyes and Alicia gets settled in to the old Summer house and looks at old family pictures on her phone with a determined look.

The next day, five college students (Nikki, her boyfriend Tyler, lesbian couple Jessica and Wesley, and Hayden) are driving to Nikki's families Winter lodge for a weekend full of fun and partying. Hayden is trying to reach Lucas, her boyfriend, but he won't reply. Nikki insults Lucas before flirting with Tyler and revealing a bag of cocaine, talking about how it's going to be a great weekend. They arrive in the town and stop at a local store to stock up on supplies. The store is ran by Pete Sullivan, another survivor of the massacre. Hayden questions him about whether he's seen Lucas, who was supposed to arrive before them. He tells her he hasn't seen them and becomes annoyed at Nikki and Tyler's inappropriate behavior. Nikki teasingly flirts with him before Carla, another survivor and now Sheriff of Crystal Lake, arrives at the store. Carla questions them about where they are going and Tyler tells her the are heading to a lodge near the old camp and cheekily invites her to come with them. The group pay for their things and leave, being accosted by the towns 'crazy' after they exit. He warns them to stay away from Crystal Lake as it's cursed but they put him down as being a crazy old homeless man before driving off.

Carla and Pete, now in a relationship and living together, talk and Carla mentions that her deputy, Higgins, saw Alicia Hamilton arrive back in town yesterday and that she's staying in the Summer house near the lake. They both wander why she'd want to return and Carla tells him she'll go out and check on her, before changing the subject and telling Pete that she has a surprise for him and to be home early. He questions her on this surprise but she won't reveal anymore and they kiss and say their goodbyes.

Alicia arrives at the now abandoned and desolate Camp Crystal Lake. She begins to look around the ruins of the camp and has flashbacks to events from the previous film, ending with her decapitating Pamela on the jetty and her nightmare of Jason. She sits out on the wrecked jetty and watches the lake. Carla arrives in the background and sits out on the jetty with Alicia. Alicia asks how she knew she'd be there and Carla reveals she's Sheriff now. Alicia congratulates her and they sit in silence for a few moments, staring out into the lake. Carla reveals to Alicia that she's pregnant and plans on telling Pete tonight. Alicia congratulates her again and tells her she's glad something good came out of the mess. Carla then asks her why she came back to Crystal Lake and Alicia tells her she came back as part of the healing process, and that she hasn't gone crazy. Carla tells her she doesn't think she has, and to just ask if she needs anything before leaving, Alicia remaining out on the jetty.

The students are driving along the road when they see a hitchhiker. Nikki tells Tyler to keep going but he stops and lets the man (Javier) get in, just to annoy her. Javier, or Javi for short, reveals he's meeting some friends up North before going to a concert. The group is at first awkward about having him in the car but the mood changes to delight after he also shows the group a large amount of marijuana he has brought with him. They agree to let him stay the night at the lodge before heading out in the morning to meet with his friends. Hayden continues to insist she's worried about Lucas and Nikki tells her to shut up whining.

The group make it to the lodge, a large hunting lodge on the other side of Crystal Lake, not far from the camp. They begin to get settled in and explore the place. Hayden looks around for Lucas while trying to contact him but can't get a signal. They all pick their rooms before Nikki tells (or orders) Hayden to go down to the cellar to get the wine. Reluctantly she does, insulting Nikki along the way. While in the cellar she thinks she hears noises and feels like someone is watching her. She gets the drink and begins to leave when she sees a figure in the cellar. She throws the bottles at the figure and runs upstairs, being chased by the figure. She makes it to the living room where the others are and the masked figure enters after her, before taking the mask off and revealing it to be Lucas playing a prank on her.

She slaps him before he kisses her and the others wander where the alcohol is. Hayden reveals she broke a few bottles which angers Nikki as it's expensive and rare. She tells them that they'll have to sleep in the cabin near the lodge as they aren't sleeping in the lodge. Lucas thinks she's overreacting and the others try to convince her to change her mind but she just gets more annoyed. Lucas and Hayden agree and Hayden calls her a bitch before they leave. Wesley questions her about her overreaction and Nikki just stares at Tyler before leaving the room with him asking what he's done wrong.

Carla begins to drive back from the Lake when she notices a figure in the woods. She pulls over and steps out of the car to look. She walks up to the edge of the woods and is startled by a deer before eventually returning to her car and driving away. She looks around again, feeling like something is wrong, but drives away anyway. Jason watches her from the trees as she drives back to town.

Meanwhile, several of the students (Wesley, Jessica, Javier, Tyler and Nikki) all decide to go skiing and sledding further up the mountains. Hayden and Lucas stay behind at the cabin near the lodge as Hayden doesn't want to see Nikki after their argument. While the others have fun in the snow (and Javier has fun getting high) Lucas tries to seduce Hayden into having sex with him at the cabin but she keeps changing the subject before eventually admitting she doesn't want to have sex with him because she's not ready yet. She tries to convince him to just make out instead but he gets annoyed, insults her, and tells her he's going to get a beer before leaving the cabin and heading for the lodge.

Lucas makes it to the lodge where he finds the glass in the door broken, like someone has broken in. He goes inside but doesn't find anything out of place. He heads back to the kitchen to get a beer and begins to feel guilty about how he talked to Hayden, calling himself an idiot. Just as he's about to return to the cabin he notices muddy footprints on the kitchen floor leading to the basement. He opens the basement door and looks downstairs but its pitch black and the light only flickers on and off. He notices that the footprints end at the door before hearing a noise behind him. He turns around, thinking its Hayden, but bumps straight into Jason. He stumbles back and falls all the way down the steps in fright, temporarily knocking himself unconscious. As he awakes he sees Jason slowly walking down towards him. He tries to get up but has broken his ankle with the bone sticking out. He crawls along the ground down a hallway but Jason catches up with him. He grabs a screwdriver and stabs Jason in the foot, but it seems to have no effect. Jason puts his foot on Lucas' back, grabs him by the back of the head and lifts him upwards until his neck breaks. Lucas lies on the ground, unable to move, as Jason seemingly walks away and leaves. However, he returns moments later with his machete, flips him on his back, and hacks him to death as he scream for help in vain.

Back in the cabin Hayden feels bad about not having sex with Lucas and decides to give in and have sex with him. She takes off her purity ring as she hears who she thinks is Lucas entering the cabin, unaware its actually Jason. She undresses and gets inside the shower, telling Lucas to join her. Jason enters the bathroom as she showers. She begins to notice that he still hasn't got in with her and asks what's wrong. The silence worries her and she's about to get out when Lucas' decapitated head is thrown into the tub with her. She screams and panics, wrapping herself in the curtain and falling out of the tub naked, hitting her head off the toilet seat. As she begins to get her bearings she sees Jason towering over her. He smashes the mirror with his fist and grabs a large glass shard as she crawls around him and out of the room. She tries to make it to the phone but is stabbed in the hand with the shard when she tries to grab it. She gets to her feet and flees the cabin out into the snow and into the woods. She keeps running through the woods until she is caught in a trap that wraps around her leg and lifts her into the air. After failing to free herself she looks around for Jason but can't see him. As she spins around Jason suddenly appears and rushes towards her. She screams as he stabs her in the stomach and guts her with the glass shard.

At the same time Alicia arrives in town and stops at Pete's store to pick up groceries and supplies. They chat for a bit before Pete awkwardly asks her if everything is alright and Alicia tells him, like she told Carla, that everything is fine and she hasn't gone crazy yet. After getting all the things she needs Pete looks at her with worry when he sees some of the things she has bought. He tries to talk to her but the phone rings and it's Carla. Alicia pays for the things and tells him he should answer that before leaving. He tries to go outside to speak to her but she has already left. He tells Carla over the phone that they have a problem as the town's crazy laughs in the background. As she drives away it's shown that she has bought multiple tools and it's revealed she has a gun.

At the police station Carla looks unfazed, telling Pete over the phone that she suspected as much just by looking at Alicia's face. She hasn't came back for closure, but for revenge, and Carla believes she needs mental help as she hasn't mourned properly. Carla tells Pete that it won't end well as Jason has been dead for years and Alicia has came up with the Jason scenario as a way of grieving and it's also revealed they never found Jason's shack in the woods. It's also told here that an escaped mental patient who was on the run for months was blamed for the murders the previous year alongside Pamela Voorhees after he was killed during a stand-off with the police for which Carla was awarded a medal when she saved several hostages. Pete reveals he isn't so sure that man was the killer, that it could have been Jason, and this causes an argument between the two of them, Carla telling him she didn't kill the wrong man. Carla tells him she'll go out and check on Alicia again before hanging up.

Alicia is forced to pull over due to a flat Tyre. As she's about to change the Tyre a stranger approaches from behind and she nearly hits him with the tire iron when she turns around. The man dodges and tells her he's friendly. She apologizes but tells him he shouldn't be sneaking up on people. He apologizes and tells her he thinks they've gotten off on the wrong foot. He introduces himself as Kyle Monroe and tells her he's new in the area. She asks him why he'd come to a town in the middle of nowhere and he tells her he's looking for his sister: Mia Monroe. He shows her a picture and asks if she's seen her. Alicia tells him no, that she only just arrived back. They end up talking about the massacre the previous year and the stand-off with the escaped patient. Alicia remarks that he didn't do it, and Kyle recognizes her as one of the survivors. She gets frustrated and he helps her finish changing the Tyre. As she's about to leave she tells him that she's sorry but his sister is probably dead. He questions her further on this and notices the gun in the front of her car but she tells him to get out of town while he still can and drives off.

The others arrive back at the lodge from skiing/sledding and party. Jessica brings out the alcohol and Tyler questions whether Hayden and Lucas should be brought inside to drink with them. Nikki gets angry at this suggestion and asks him why he always has to bring Hayden into everything and if he likes her so much then maybe she should be his girlfriend. He tries to calm her down but she storms off looking for a corkscrew. Wesley tells him to go after her and he eventually does. Wesley, Jessica and Javier sit around the table and Javier suggests playing spin the bottle to the annoyance of the other two. They play truth or dare instead and Javier ends up talking about his troubled family, how his father was a rude abusive drunk and his mother gassed herself when he was three, trying to take him with her but his brother saved him and they fled home when he was seven. He explains that its always only been him and his older brother against the world and that he's actually visiting his older brother, not friends, and that there isn't a concert. His brother just had his first baby with his girlfriend and Javi is visiting them. Wesley congratulates him and, when Jessica is out of the room, explains that she is still trying to get Jessica to come out to her conservative religious parents and to be more open, but Jessica keeps brushing her off. Javier tells her he isn't a regular Casanova but advises her to give it time and not to push her too much, telling her everything will work itself out in the end.

Carla begins driving back out to Alicia's families Summer house and is almost at the house when she sees something in the middle of the road. She gets out of her car, taking the flashlight, and begins to investigate. As she nears closer to what is revealed to be a dying deer she lowers her gun and goes to help it. Suddenly the deer is pulled away into the wood as Carla jumps back in shock. The noise of the deer being slaughtered cause her to head back to her police car and lock the doors. She tries to radio Higgins but her radio isn't working. She looks and finds that the wire has been cut. She tries to start her car but it won't work. As it suddenly begins to work she notices a figure rising in the back seat and turns around to see Jason staring right at her. He shoves the machete through her seat and through her in the process, as she sees Alicia coming out of the house and walking over towards the lake in the distance. Jason also sees Alicia and stares ahead at her with anger in his eyes. He rips the machete out of Carla as she opens the door and falls out onto the ground. She begins to crawl along the ground in the rain, trying to get her gun out of the holster. She rings Pete on the phone, begging for him to answer while crawling towards Alicia. She is forced to leave him a voicemail, telling him that it's Jason, Alicia was right, and that she thinks she's going to lose the baby and telling him she's sorry and she loves him. She calls out for him as Jason emerges beside her, lifts her into the air by the throat as she insults him, and shoves the machete through her stomach, killing her.

Alicia is unaware of what is happening as she stares out onto the lake, skimming stones along the water. She walks back to the house, stopping for a moment to look into the trees, before going inside. Jason stares at her with fury from behind a tree, tightening his fist around holding Carla's corpses throat. As she goes upstairs she decides to take a shower and begins to undress. She turns the shower on as Jason throws Carla's corpse through a downstairs window and climbs inside. He makes his way upstairs, machete in hand, and walks into the bathroom. He walks over to the bathtub, raises his machete and begins to stab wildly through the curtain and into the shower. However, he pulls the curtain back and finds no one inside. Alicia, standing behind him fully dressed, brings an ax down upon his back as it's revealed she has set him up for a trap. She continues to ax him in the back before stopping and fleeing down the stairs with him in tow. She runs into the kitchen where he is ambushed with a nail gun and shot multiple times in the head and upper body before being hit with a hammer. She then run into the living room where she is surprised by Carla's corpse. As she stands in shock Jason uses this opportunity to tackle her though a glass coffee table. He begins to strangle her but she stabs him in the right eye with a shard of glass at the last moment. This causes him to stumbles backwards and for his eye to fall out onto the ground. Alicia escapes through the window and runs through the woods as Jason follows after her.

Pete begins closing up shop for the night and tries to call Carla's phone in her office but it goes to voicemail. He tells her he can't wait to see her and apologizes for earlier. As he gets into his car he sees that he has a missed call and a voicemail. He listens to the voicemail and is horrified to hear Carla on the other end, being attacked before telling him it's Jason and that she's losing the baby. He listens to the voicemail and is completely shocked. He immediately goes back inside, grabs the shotgun from behind the counter, and races for the Hamilton's Summer house.

Tyler and Nikki patch things up by having sex and sit among the others in a slightly happier mood than before. Kyle arrives at the Hayes lodge where he answers the door to Nikki, who looks him up and down. Tyler arrives behind her and asks what he wants. Kyle tells him he's in the area looking for his sister and shows them the picture. Tyler remarks 'not bad' to Kyle and Nikki's annoyance. Nikki asks if he wants to come in for a drink despite Tyler trying to tell her no but Kyle accepts. He walks in and finds the three playing spin the bottle with Wesley and Jessica making out as part of truth or dare as Javi films them. Wesley turns around and tells Javi to knock it off before Kyle is introduced to the group. Jessica offers him alcohol but he declines, explaining that he's looking for his missing sister and needs a clear head.

Nikki flirts shamelessly with him to try and make Tyler jealous, which works. Tyler tries to get Kyle to leave, becoming forceful, but this just annoys Nikki who lets out a barrage of insults against Tyler, criticizing his performance in bed and his attitude along with his crush on Hayden, which he denies having. Tired of Nikki, he eventually leaves intending on sleeping in their car. Kyle also leaves, saying that he also needs to get back to his campsite for the night so he can get up early and continue looking in the morning. Nikki drunkenly offers him to stay in her bed, which he politely declines, telling her that she should be with Tyler, which she agrees with but tells him she hates the way Tyler looks at Hayden and doesn't want to be with someone who is only using her, like all of her previous boyfriends.

Outside Kyle tries to apologize to Tyler for everything that happened and Tyler reveals he was planning on proposing to Nikki, showing him the ring he bought her. Kyle tells him to do it, that Nikki is just jealous, but Tyler has second thoughts and decides to sleep off the booze in the car for the night and decide in the morning. Kyle leaves for his campsite and Tyler climbs into the car to sleep for the night. Meanwhile, Alicia makes it to the abandoned Camp Crystal Lake where she hides in one of the cabins, watching Jason search for her. She attempts to follow and ambush Jason but he suddenly disappears. Feeling anxious, she tries to find another hiding spot but is instead ambushed by Jason herself and almost killed. She fights with him, managing to graze his left arm with a bullet but is slashed several times and thrown through a cabin window. She manages to temporarily knock Jason down with a large plank of wood and just barely escapes the camp into the woods.

At the same time Kyle gets settled in at the fire by his campsite while looking at old photos of him and Mia from a family album he brought with him. He asks her where she is aloud to himself and he begins to fall asleep but he hears screams coming from the woods and takes aim at the dark woods as everything goes quiet. Suddenly, Alicia comes running from the trees and he almost shoots her with his hunting rifle. She collapses to her knees from exhaustion and he tries to calm her down but she rambles and tells him that he's coming. He tries to get answers from her but they then hear footsteps coming from the wood. Just then Jason emerges from the trees wielding his machete and Kyle goes for his hunting rifle while Alicia stares at Jason in shock. Kyle tries to shoot him but is knocked against a tree instead. Jason attempts to stab Alicia but she narrowly evades his machete several times until Kyle buys her some time by tackling Jason after his gun jams and she flees again. Jason bashes Kyle's head against a tree several times, knocking him out, and heads after Alicia.

Pete races for the Hamilton summer house, calling the police station and telling Deputies Higgins and Woodrow that Carla has been attacked and to get out to Crystal Lake immediately. Woodrow tries to pass it off as not serious (as he wants to go home in time to watch his favorite TV programme) but Higgins forces him to go with him and to stop being a lazy lardass. Pete arrives at the Hamilton house and searches for Carla and Alicia. He finds Carla's lifeless body on the floor in the living room and collapses to his knees beside her, breaking down into tears as he cradles her body. He apologizes for earlier and apologizes to his unborn child, telling them that he will make Jason pay for what he's done. He kisses Carla goodbye and closes her eyes before taking the shotgun and stumbling off towards Crystal Lake with revenge on his mind.

At the lodge Wesley tries to get Jessica alone to speak with her about their relationship but Jessica keeps brushing her off. Wesley confronts Jessica about her insecurities in their relationship and Jessica's lack of openness but Jessica tells her that she's just not ready to tell her mother yet. Wesley tells her that she's simply burying her head and not facing the problem, causing Jessica to argue with her and storm off as Wesley tries to call her back. Javi enters and tells her he won't tell her 'I told you so' and she half-jokingly tells him he better not if he wants to keep his teeth. Javi offers her more alcohol but, just then, Alicia arrives at the lodge and begins banging on the window of the room they're in, scaring them.

Wesley, Javi, Nikki and Jessica arrive in the main hall where they let an anxious Alicia inside, Nikki asking what the hell is going on, having just come downstairs from taking cocaine. Alicia tries to tell them to barricade the doors and windows but Nikki calls her insane and tries to get the others to throw her out but Alicia tells them Jason is after her. The others begin to think she could be telling the truth but Nikki calls them crazy and tells them she's clearly insane and tells Alicia to leave her house. She goes to the front door and refuses to listen to Alicia's pleas to not open the door. Nikki, trying to show them that no one is out there, opens the door and is greeted by Jason, who brings his machete down upon her face, killing her, as the others scream in terror. He then enters the house and the group is separated, Wesley and Javi running in one direction and Alicia and Jessica in another.

Wesley and Javi barricade themselves in the kitchen as Javi panics, being even more anxious due to the drugs he had just taken. Wesley tries to calm him down and tells him they need to find the others and get out of there immediately. She grabs a knife and gives him one too as they get escape out through a window just as Jason begins breaking down the door and run for the cabin to warn Hayden and Lucas. They enter the cabin but after turning the lights on they find the mutilated bodies of Hayden and Lucas laid out on the bed, causing them to flee the cabin and head back for the lodge to find Alicia and Jessica.

Pete, finding the camp abandoned too, walks aimlessly through the woods in search of Jason and Alicia, shouting Jason's name as he goes. He finds a wounded Kyle and helps him to his feet before Kyle gives the direction that Alicia ran off in, and explains that there is a lodge nearby in that direction. Pete tells Kyle to head back to the camp and then to the Hamilton house for safety but Kyle refuses and forces Pete to bring him with him. Pete reluctantly agrees and they head for the Hayes lodge together, both armed. At the same time Higgins and Woodrow finish searching Crystal Lake, Woodrow continuing to whine and telling Higgins that they should just leave. Higgins argues with him, telling him that if Carla's in danger they have to stay and make sure everything is fine. They hear screams and loud noises in the distance and set out to investigate, despite Woodrow moaning that he's starving.

Alicia and Jessica hide in an upstairs recreation room, Alicia hiding under the pool table and Jessica behind the bar. Jason enters and begins looking for them. He's about to leave when Jessica's phone suddenly rings and it's her mother. Jason heads towards the bar as Jessica stands up and throws several bottles of alcohol at him to try and delay him. Alicia climbs out from under the pool table and attacks him from behind with a cue but he simply turns around and breaks it in half. She throws several snooker balls at him, trying to lure him away but barely managing to even make him flinch until Jessica stabs him in the back of the neck with a broken bottle, temporarily staggering him. They use this opportunity to flee the room with Jason following after.

Alicia and Jessica run to a door and find Wesley and Javi on the other side trying to get inside. They reunite briefly with Tyler stumbling, still drunk and covered in blood, towards Wesley and Javi telling them he found Hayden and Lucas' corpses and asks what is going on. Just then Jason makes his way towards Alicia and Jessica, splitting them up again as he shoves his machete through the door, almost impaling Javi, Wesley and Tyler. Alicia fights with Jason again through the living room but is forced to flee into the basement where she has a game of cat-and-mouse through the wine cellar, ultimately escaping out a small window but being stabbed in the leg in the process.

Wesley, Javi and Tyler take cover at the car with Wesley quickly explaining to Tyler what has happened, but it basically being incoherent because neither of them are sure what's going on besides Jason trying to kill them all. Tyler asks about Nikki and they fall silent. Enraged, he opens the boot and takes a Tyre iron from the car, headed for the house to kill Jason. Wesley and Javi try to stop him but he refuses to listen, revealing to them that he was planning on proposing to her. He turns around and finds Jason at the front entrance of the lodge. He begins running towards him while wielding the Tyre iron but has his foot caught in a bear trap planted on the ground by Jason. As he screams in agony Wesley and Javi attempt to free him but fail. Jason grabs him by the head and lifts him up into the air, ripping his leg from the bear trap and leaving his foot dangling from his leg in the process. He hits Jason repeatedly with the Tyre iron but fails to do any damage as his head is squeezed so hard that one of his eyes pops out of his head. He then tosses his body aside and turns his attention to Wesley and Javi who flee right into Pete and Kyle. Pete immediately begins shooting at Jason who heads back inside the lodge.

Woodrow and Higgins arrive at the other side of the house and enter, finding the door broken down and the place thrashed with blood on the ground and walls. Higgins tells Woodrow to search upstairs just before he hears the gunshots coming from the other side of the house and heads there. Woodrow enters an upstairs bedroom, clearly terrified and on-edge. He stops at the window, looking outside to see Pete and the others heading towards the entrance of the house armed with guns. Jessica, who was hiding in the closet, walks out after realizing the man wasn't Jason but startles him, causing him to turn around quickly and shoots wildly, shooting her through her right eye, killing her almost instantly. He checks the body and is shocked to see that he has killed her. He radios Higgins, lying that a girl attacked him with a knife and to be careful as they're dangerous. Just then Jason appears behind a crouched Woodrow who turns his head slowly to see the towering figure, wielding the Tyre iron, and lets out a scream as Jason whacks him across the face with the Tyre iron twice, mutilating his face and taking several of his teeth out. Woodrow crawls towards the window and tries calling out for help but instead has his head repeatedly stomped in under Jason's boot until his head is a bloody pulp. Below, Higgins points his gun at the group, asking them what is going on and where Carla is. Pete tries to explain but Jessica's body is suddenly thrown through the upstairs bedroom window, landing on the windscreen of the car below. Wesley screams and collapses to her knees in horror.

Higgins panics, pointing his gun at them again as Pete tries to calm him down and explain. Higgins orders him to stand back or he'll shoot, saying that they're all crazy. Just then, Jason rushes Higgins from upstairs. Higgins turns around just in time to be impaled through the stomach/back with the machete and then thrown aside through a piece of furniture. The others begin to slowly back away as Jason continues to advance on them. However, Alicia shoots Jason in the back with her gun, turning his attention to her. She shouts at them to get to the car and escape as she lures him away. Pete refuses, saying that he can't let her do that this time. She tells him to get the others away and that she's headed for the camp. Javi helps a distraught Wesley towards the car and is told by Kyle to drive back to town and alert the remaining authorities. He asks what he's going to do but Kyle tells him not to worry and to go as they drive off towards town. Kyle tells Pete that he's not leaving until Alicia is OK and that he believes Jason has his sister and he won't leave until he finds her.

Alicia flees through the woods with Jason in tow, making it to the abandoned Crystal Lake camp. She tries firing at Jason again but has ran out of bullets so she hides in the main cabin, taking a pitchfork along the way. Jason bursts in through the window, grabbing her with the two of them falling onto the ground. She manages to stab him in the stomach with the pitchfork and he collapses, presumably dying. As she begins to collect herself Jason rises and attacks her again. Kyle and Pete arrive at the camp and split-up to find Jason. Kyle finds Alicia being attacked in the main cabin and shoots at Jason, hitting him in the leg and giving Alicia a chance to escape. Kyle attacks Jason and they fight but Kyle is knocked unconscious. Alicia, almost unconscious herself, watches as Jason throws Kyle over his shoulder and leaves. Moments later she awakes to Pete who asks her where Jason and Kyle are. Alicia remembers Jason captured him and goes for her gun, finding it empty, intending on going after Jason but she is dazed and almost falls over. Pete tries to convince her to let him go and her to stay there but she refuses and tells him Jason has taken Kyle to the shack as a way of luring her to him, to fight on his own ground. She tells Pete they need to end this together, for those they lost, and he agrees.

Pete and Alicia sneak their way through the woods, trying to find where the shack was. Pete almost gets caught in a spiked pitfall trap made by Jason, alerting them to the fact they are near his 'home'. As they continue they hear Kyle's screams ahead and find the shack. Pete tries to get Alicia to leave again, asking her if she's ready, and she nods. They head inside and find the decomposing body of Billy along with with many more. They head deeper into the shack and hear Kyle's cries, finding him locked up in a cage but alive. Pete looks around while Alicia tries to free him. He tells Alicia he knows Mia is here because he found her locket in the cage, showing her the picture of Mia inside. She frees Kyle and he insists that they need to find her. Alicia agrees and they look in the other rooms as Alicia has flashbacks to last years events. As they enter the main room they are all shocked to find a shrine of heads at the center of the room, with Pamela's decapitated head at the top surrounded by mementos from victims. Along the bottom are heads of victims, including, to Kyle's horror, Mia's head.

Kyle collapses beside her head in shock as Alicia tries to get him to his feet, sensing that Jason is near. Pete begins to pour petrol all over the shack so they can burn it down while Kyle shouts that he won't leave her just before Jason bursts through a wall and attacks them. Kyle attacks Jason with a pickax, engaging in a fight between the two. Pete and Alicia also attack Jason, starting a 3 V 1 fight. Jason easily knocks the reckless Kyle aside and fights the others. Pete manages to injure Jason by ramming a sharp piece of wood through Jason's back after Alicia distracts him but Jason then fights Pete in hand-to-hand combat and seems to be winning until he is stabbed in the stomach with the machete. Alicia, horrified and having crippling flashbacks, realizes that they can't fight Jason through force as he is too strong. She looks at Pamela's head and knows what she has to do. While Jason's back is turned she dons Pamela's old jumper and holds up her head. She then begins to speak to Jason, pretending to be his mother. Jason, confused, simply stares at her. She tells Jason to stop what hes doing, eventually telling him that he needs to die for what he has done and to give up. However, Jason begins to see through her disguise as she panics more and more just as Pete stabs him through the back of his neck with the pickax. Alicia then drops the disguise, takes his dropped machete and rams it straight through his heart after he turns around. To her horror he doesn't die.

Jason begins to pull the machete out when Pete realizes what must be done. He grabs Jason and attempts to restrain him while yelling for Alicia to take Kyle and escape the shack. She tearfully refuses to leave at first but is eventually forced to as she and an injured Kyle run from the shack. Pete, restraining Jason, tells him he is taking him straight to hell as he lights a match and tosses it onto the petrol covered ground, lighting the cabin up in flames and setting them alight in the process. Kyle and Alicia just barely escape into the woods as the fuel tanks are caught by the fire and the shack explodes into pieces.

Alicia, crying over Pete's sacrifice, looks on at the shack for a few moments as a figure begins to become visible. Her sadness turns to horror when a burning Jason emerges from the flame filled shack, machete in hand. However instead of attacking her he stumbles, covered in flames, down through the woods and falls over a small cliff into Crystal lake, thrashing around in the water for a while as Alicia watches from the cliff with anger in her eyes. He holds up a hand, as if wanting her to try and pull him up, but she simply watches as he slowly sinks down into the depths of the lake, his figure disappearing into the water as the camp once again falls silent. She goes back to help an injured Kyle as the lake is shown silent once more.

Now morning, Alicia is in a hospital bed being treated by a nurse. Kyle, limping with an arm cast, appears and she apologizes for what happened to Mia. She tells him it won't be easy but with time things do get better. He thanks her and they stare at each other for a moment, indicating a potential romantic interest. Alicia blushes and asks him how the others are. He tells her to ask them herself as Javi and Wesley appear at the doorway, injured but alive. Wesley thanks Alicia for ending Jason and tells her Jessica would have thought she was tough. Alicia apologizes for Jessica too, telling them that at least Jason won't be able to take anyone else anymore. Javi notes that they still haven't found the body, surprising Alicia, who senses something and turns her head towards the window to see Jason, half burnt, running straight for them with his machete. He jumps through the window at them as she wakes up screaming from the nightmare. She wakes up in a hospital bed and, sensing someone near her, turns her head to see Kyle in the other bed beside her. He smiles at her and asks if she's OK. She begins to smile back and tells him that she thinks she finally is as he reaches out his hand and she holds it, smiling as she closes her eyes again.

Meanwhile, at Crystal Lake a thunder storm is heard as recovery teams work to recover Jason's body from the water. Two divers from one of the boats searches through the depths of the lake, looking for any sign of a corpse. As they search one of the divers finds the hockey mask floating upwards right in front of him. He tries to talk to the other diver but he doesn't respond. He grabs hold of the hockey mask to then see the alive, disfigured and burnt Jason right in front of him. The female recovery worker in the boat tries to call out to the two divers as the water rushes quickly back and forth and she loses communication with them. Suddenly, everything goes silent. She turns to alert the other recovery boats as Jason bursts from the water and grabs her, dragging her underwater.


  • Maika Monroe as Alicia Hamilton
  • Patrick Wilson as Pete Sullivan
  • Alex Roe as Kyle Monroe
  • Malin Åkerman as Sheriff Carla Buchanan
  • Keke Palmer as Wesley Jensen
  • Frank Dillane as Javier 'Javi' Baker
  • Bella Thorne as Nikki Hayes
  • Alexander Ludwig as Tyler
  • Bianca A. Santos as Jessica
  • Halston Sage as Hayden
  • Diego Boneta as Lucas Baker
  • Morris Chestnut as Deputy Sean Higgins
  • Pruitt Taylor Vince as Deputy Bud Woodrow
  • Chloë Grace Moretz as Mia Monroe
  • Nick Robinson as Billy Darwood
  • Connie Britton as Susan Hamilton
  • Derek Mears as Jason Voorhees

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Alicia Hamilton

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Carla Buchanan

Carla Buchanan

Deputy Higgins

Deputy Sean Higgins

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Mia Monroe

Mia Monroe

Billy Darwood

Billy Darwood

Bud Woodrow

Deputy Bud Woodrow

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Susan Hamilton


Jason Voorhees

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