Friday the 13th: Part 2 is a Canadian horror slasher thriller film which will be released on 2013. it is the remake of the 1981 film in the same name. The film stars Chelan Simmons, Nicholas D'Agosto and Derek Mears.


After the Camp Crystal Lake Massacre, a group of teenagers decided to go to Camp Crystal Lake to find out more about Jason Voorhees when suddenly Jason decided to murder them for going on Camp Crystal Lake.


The Film opens with Whitney Miller (Amanda Righetti) and Clay Miller (Jared Padalecki) in their rest house near Camp Crystal Lake believing that Jason is dead; (A Flashback of Whitney slamming an axe on Jason's Head). But the door of their rest house opens and Jason Voorhees quickly slams an axe on Whitney's neck leading to her death and Clay runs away and Jason chases him to the woods. The screen goes black and the title appears.

After 5 Weeks later, Shelby Hammersmith (Chelan Simmons) with her boyfriend Robin Washington (Nicholas D'Agosto) with their friends


Chelan Simmons as Shelby Hammersmith

Nicholas D'Agosto as Robin Washington

Derek Mears as Jason Voorhees

Jared Padalecki as Clay Miller

Amanda Righetti as Whitney Miller

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