Friday the 13th: Jason's Revenge is a 2022 American horror novel written by Chuck Hogan which takes place in between the films Freddy vs. Jason and Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash. It explains what Jason Voorhees was doing in the six month gap between the two movies.


After kiling Freddy Krueger at the end of Freddy vs. Jason, Jason Voorhees crawls out of Crystal Lake. Wandering down the road, he witnesses two gay young men, Vince and Pete, having sex in their car. Pete goes to into the woods to relieve himself, allowing Jason to brutally kill Vince with his machete. When Pete returns, Jason slices his throat.

Jason stumbles upon a halfway house for troubled teens which has been set up on the lake. He observes as the police arrive to deliver Eddie and Tina, two patients at the house who were caught having sex in the woods. Ethel Hubbard and her son Junior then arrive to berate Dr Matthew Letter, the person in charge. We also meet the other patients; Robin, Jake and Violet, as well as the cook, George, his grandson Reggie and assistant director Pam Roberts.

Returning to their home, Ethel sees someone walking into the chicken coup, so she sends Junior to investigate. The person is revealed to be Raymond, a drifter looking for work. Ethel sends him to clean out the chicken coup. That night, Jason stalks Lana, a waitress, who is closing up an empty diner for the night. Her boyfriend Billy arrives and they start to have sex in the diner, until Jason smashes something in the kitchen. Lana goes to clean it up, thinking it was a stray cat running around the place, and Billy goes out to his car. Jason crushes his head with a mallet and then waits for Lana to come out. When she leans into the car, Jason slams the door shut on her head.

The following day, Tina is hanging up the laundry to dry when Eddie sneaks up on her. He convinces her to take a sheet and they sneak into the woods to have sex. They are unknowingly watched by Raymond, who is then stabbed with a wooden stake by Jason. Eddie goes down to the river to relieve himself, leaving Jason to gouge Tina's eyes out. When Eddie returns, Jason attacks him and kills him by bashing his head against a tree.

As night falls, Pam takes Reggie to a run down trailer park to visit his brother "Demon" and his girlfriend Anita. Meanwhile, Junior is driving his motorcycle down the road when Jason swings an axe around and decapitates him. Jason then visits Ethel's house and attacks her. She tries to stab with a butcher knife, but he scalds her face with boiling hot water and then stabs her in the head with an icepick.

Jason then makes his way over to the trailer park as Pam and Reggie leave to go back to the house. Demon goes to use the outhouse, but is harassed by Anita. Jason suddenly appears and stabs her to death. Demon hides in the outhouse, but Jason shoots through it with multiple arrows and kills him.

Back at the house, Jake tries to tell Robin that he is attracted to her, but she laughs in his face. She then reveals that she is actually a lesbian and is in a relationship with Violet. Jake sulks off and encounters Jason, who cleaves his face open. Jason then comes upstairs, where Robin and Violet are having sex. He sneaks into the room and impales them both with a machete.

Pam and Reggie arrive as a thunderstorm starts and finds Matt's body with a spike in his head. Jason throws George's body through a window and then chases them out of the house. Pam and Reggie become separated and Jason tackles Pam to the ground. He is about to kill her when Reggie crashes through the wall of a nearby barn in a tractor and runs Jason down. He and Pam then escape together, while Jason crawls away.

Word of the massacre gets back to the government, who decide to set up a sting to send Jason to Hell once and for all, leading into Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash.

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