Friday the 13th: Christmas Camping is a Horror Slasher 2012 Film starring Wendy McColm, Shantal VanSanten, Steven Yeun, Shane Dawson, Derek Mears, Thomas Dekker, Norman Reedus, Chelan Simmons, Crystal Lowe, Matt Lanter, Ryan Merriman and Mary Elizabeth Winstead.


To Be Announce...


Shane Dawson as Amy

Wendy McColm as Claire

Shantal VanSanten as Cassidy

Steven Yeun as Alex

Shane Dawson as Amy

Derek Mears as Jason Voorhees

Thomas Dekker as Jake

Norman Reedus as Dylan

Chelan Simmons as Penny

Crystal Lowe as Jane

Matt Lanter as Kyle

Ryan Merriman as Shane

Mary Elizabeth Wintead as Megan


Claire, Cassidy, Alex and Amy.


  • Jane - After she Pee Jason Voorhees appear behind her and Slit her Mouth ear to ear.
  • Kyle - After He see Jane's Corpse. He run to the Woods and is Grab by Jason. Jason try to Decapitated him but Fails. Kyle grab a Knife which Jason use to Stab Kyle's mouth.
  • Megan - After Witnessing Kyle's Murder. She runs Inside the Van and this gives Jason chance to Murder her. Megan hides under her Bed when Jason Grabs her and Bashed her Head on the Window and Stabs her in Head.
  • Penny - When she is Seen by Jason Penny runs as Fast as She can but Jason throws the Machete on her which Impales her in Head.
  • Shane - When going to escape Jason but is grab by Jason and is killed when he stabs his eyes.
  • Jake - While Claire with Cassidy, Alex and Amy. He trys to kill Jason when He stabs Jason on Chest he thinks he is Dead when he walk to go with Claire, Cassidy, Alex, and Amy but Jason wake up and runs towards him and Stabs him in Neck
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