Friday the 13 is the 2015 slasher horror film and remake of the 1980 horror film, Friday The 13th. This film is distributed by Warner Bros, New Line Cimena and Paramount Pictures This starring Anna Kendrick,Selena Gomez,Chelan Simmons,Nick Zano,Chris Hemsworth,Matt Lanter,Matt Damon,Kate Mara,Dakota Goyo,Kendall Scmithd,Bridgite Medler And Diane keaton



a hitchhiker named Annie (Kate Mara) is standing outside a local diner drinking a bottle of liquor until an unseen trucker picks her up. she tells the driver about how she has signed up to be a counselor at camp crystal lake and that her and her brother are going there to help fix the place up before it re-opens. she soon notices they passed the road to the camp, and tries to tell the driver to stop, before having her throat slashed. still alive, she opens the door and attempts to jump out of the truck, but the killer drags her back in and decapitates her.

the film cuts to an asylum near the camp, where a guard (Jamie Kennedy) is giving extremely dangerous inmate Pamela Voorhees (Diane Keaton) her lunch, when suddenly she kills him and a lieutennant (David Arquette) coming to investigate. she then proceeds to escape and head to the camp. at the camp, the counselors - Alice (Anna Kendrick), Jack (Chris Hemsworth), Brenda (Selena Gomez), Ned (Matt Lanter), Marcie (Chelan Simmons), Bill (Nick Zano), Annie's brother Clay (Jared Padalecki), and the camp's new owner Steve (Matt Damon), are getting to know each other. everyone (except Ned) goes down down to the lake to swim and have fun. meanwhile, Ned is in his cabin watching porn on his computer when he hears footsteps outside his cabin. he goes to investigate and follows the figure into a mysterious shack, where he finds Annie's body in a bathtub. before he can run away, the figure finds him and slices his throat. he attempts to crawl away but then has his head ripped off from the wound.

back at the lake, the others are visited by two fishermen, Ralph (Skeet Ulrich) and Rob (Matthew Lillard), who warn them that they're making a big mistake re-opening the camp, and tell the story of Pamela Voorhees: she was a single mother 15 years earlier with three kids: 15-year old Claudette (Bridgite Medler), 9-year old Jason (Dakota Goyo), and 4-year old Elliot. Pamela loved Elliot more than anything, and when he was 4, she started giving him swimming lessons at their small lakefront home. when she left him alone to make dinner, he fell off the dock and drowned, and neither of her kids helped him because they were busy: Claudette was having sex with her boyfriend Barry (Kendall Scmithd), and Jason was behind them secretly listening. Pamela went berserk with a knife when she discovered this: she grabbed Jason from behind and slit his throat, before decapitating Barry and stabbing Claudette in the face. Pamela was sent to an asylum, Jason, the only survivor of his mother's stabbing rampage, was taken to an orphanage, and there were more cabins built by their house and the property was turned into a summer camp, Camp Crystal Lake.

Ralph and Rob leave, and things get crazy when Ned goes missing, and Clay gets worried when Annie still isn't showing up after over an hour. Jack and Marcie split up from the rest of the group and have sex in one of the cabins, until the power to the camp goes out. Jack goes to the fuse box warehouse to see what's up, and is stabbed in the neck with a spear. after half an hour without Jack's return, Alice, Bill, Clay, and Marcie split up in two groups to look for him. Alice and Bill find blood puddles in the fuse box warehouse, while Clay and Marcie find Ralph's dismembered corpse in his boat. when nobody can get a hold of the police due to the power outage, Steve and Marcie try to drive to the police station. however, Marcie is killed with an axe to the head by Pamela inside the car, and Steve runs into the cabin closest to him. Pamela catches up with him however and impales him on a pair of hanging deer antlers.

suspicious about why they aren't leaving, Alice and Clay go to check on them. while they're gone, the other killer sneaks up on Bill, who is chased across the woods before having his throat sliced and being decapitated with an axe. Alice and Clay return to find Bill missing, and Brenda decapitated in bed. Rob then shows up and the three remaining characters team up to find and kill the two murderers, as well as find the missing group members. they end up at the cabin where Ned was killed earlier, which is revealed by Rob to be the Voorhees's family's old cabin. they investigate, and Rob is killed in front of the other two by having his throat slit and eyes ripped out. as Alice and Clay find the bodies of Annie, Ned, Jack, and Bill piled up across the cabin, the killer is revealed to be Jason, now an adult. him and Pamela corner the two, who begin to fight back with weapons. eventually a fire starts, and Alice and Clay narrowly escape and let Pamela and Jason perish in the flames.

later, our two survivors recover at the hospital. it is soon revealed that the two killers actually escaped from the fire before it could kill them. Pamela wakes up in her body bag and kills a nurse by stabbing her several times with a scalpel and disposing of her corpse in a therapy hot tub, and then wakes up Jason as well before the two of them sneakily make their way towards Alice and Clay's ward. Alice and Clay are being tested in another room for their x-rays. Clay finishes his x-ray first and heads back to the hospital room, where Jason kills him by strangling him with a rope and hacking him three times with a hatchet. Alice returns as well minutes later to discover a bloody hatchet under her pillow. thinking Pamela or Jason might still be alive and after her and Clay, she searches through the cupboards for a weapon. suddenly, Clay's body comes crashing through the ceiling, and Jason follows. Alice fights off Jason and eventually kills him by stabbing him in the eye with a syringe and injecting a poison fluid into his head. Pamela crawls through the ceiling as well immediately after her son's death, and chases Alice out of her room and through the hospital. the chase continues and Pamela very nearly kills Alice, but while Alice takes an elevator, the door closes in on Pamela and crushes her head. the film ends as Alice and the other people in the elevator stare in shock at the gruesome sight.


Anna Kendrick as Alice Hardy

Nick Zano as Bill Marand

Jared Padalecki as Clay Phillips

Selena Gomez as Brenda Stanler

Chelan Simmons as Marcie Cunningham

Matthew Lillard as Rob

Chris Hemsworth as Jack Burell

Matt Damon as Steve Christy

Matt Lanter as Ned Rubinstein

Kane Hodder as Jason Voorhees

Diane Keaton as Pamela Voorhees

Skeet Ulrich as Ralph

Kate Mara as Annie Phillips

Bridgite Medler as Claudette Voorhees

Kendall Scmithd as Barry

Jamie Kennedy as Officer Winslow

David Arquette as Lt. Garris

Dakota Goyo as Young Jason Voorhees

Kristen Cloke as Nurse Dyer


Annie Phillips - throat slit/decapitated with meat cleaver (Jason Voorhees).

Officer Winslow - throat bitten out (Pamela Voorhees).

Lt. Garris - head bashed in against prison bars (Pamela Voorhees).

Ned Rubinstein - throat slit/decapitated with meat cleaver (Jason Voorhees).

Elliot Voorhees (flashback) - drowns (accident).

Barry (flashback) - decapitated with axe (Pamela Voorhees).

Claudette Voorhees (flashback) - stabbed in face with axe (Pamela Voorhees).

Ralph - dismembered with axe off-screen (Jason Voorhees).

Jack Burell - spear through neck (Jason Voorhees).

Marcie Cunnigham - hatchet to head (Pamela Voorhees).

Steve Christy - impaled on deer antlers (Pamela Voorhees).

Bill Marand - thraot slit/decapitated with axe (Jason Voorhees).

Brenda Stanler - decapitated with axe offscreen (Jason Voorhees).

Rob - throat slit with machete/eyes ripped out (Jason Voorhees).

Nurse Dyer - stabbed to death with scalpel/drowned in therapy hot tub (Pamela Voorhees).

Clay Phillips - strangled with rope/hacked in face three times with hatchet (Jason Voorhees).

Jason Voorhees - poison injected into eye with syringe (Alice Hardy).

Pamela Voorhees - head smashed between sliding elevator doors (accident, sort of Alice, but mostly accident).


Alice Hardy


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