Friday The 13th Part II is a sequel to Friday The 13th(2009) and a 2016 Horror-Slasher film featuring Derek Mears, Jared Padalecki, Amanda Righetti, Madison Riley, Paul Wesley, Max Van Ville, Daniel Curtis Lee, Arielle Kebbel, Nicholas D'Agosto, Nana Visitor, Stephanie Rhodes


A 2 residents of Crystal Lake named Clay Miller and Whitney Miller go to in the snowy woods for Winter Break and abouut 7 years ago they met with Crystal Lake's most deadliest serial killer Jason Voorhees and he meet a group of teenagers and tell them about how dangerous he is and they need to help them before they're next.


Derek Mears as Jason Voorhees, The Main Antagonist

Jared Padalecki as Clay Miller, Main Protagonist

Amanda Righetti as Whitney Miller, Secondary Protagonist

Madison Riley as Amanda, Love interest of Clay

Paul Wesley as Tanner, Amanda's boyfriend

Max Van Ville as Nicholas "Nick", Best friend of Tanner

Daniel Curtis Lee as Jeremy, Guest of Tanner

Arielle Kebbel as Tina, Amanda's best friend

Nicholas D'Agosto as Brady, Tina's boyfriend

Kate Todd as Ashley, Guest of Tanner

Noorman Reedus as Officer Sandler

Nana Visitor as Pamela Voorhees, The mother of Jason

Stephanie Rhodes as Camp Counselor

Caleb Guss as Young Jason Voorhees


Pamela Voorhees-After chasing the camp counselor in the woods the counselor grabbed a machete and decapitated her with it while Jason watched

Nick - Nick was sledding down a hill and was yelling with excitment then all of a sudden a cleaver was thrown at the back of his head he was crawling on the ground up the hill to get bacl to his friends when he got to the top of the hill Jason ran up behind him and sunk the cleaver deeper in his head

Jeremy - He was walking in the snowy woods and then he heard something then when he turned around an axe was thrown at his face he layed to the ground screaming for help Jason walked up infront of him picked the axe up while it was still in Jeremy's head then impaled him through the neck on a tree branch

Brady - While he was having sex with Tina he went to get two beers in the kitchen he saw a figure in the background and walked by it what he saw was Jason with a butcher knife Jason grabbed his mouth before he could scream and then impaled him with the butcher knife then hung him from a ceiling

Officer Sandler - He knocked on the front door of Tanner's house Ashley answered it and said " What do you want" he said " I want to ask yall a few questions " Ashley made him come in and he asked some questions and stories about teenage campers dissapearing in the woods. When they were done Officer Sandler said " Have a nice day" when he opened the door to his car Jason popped out of his seat and impaled him with a machete then slashed his throat with a machete

Tina - When she walked in the kitchen to find Brady he saw his corpse hanging from the ceiling she ran outside in the cold night then was ambushed and impaled with a machete she was barely alive and crawled to the door then Jason dragged her in the woods then she was pinned against a tree then Jason slashed her throat with a machete

Tanner - He was in his bed having sex with Amanda they didnt know that Jason is in the room with them. Jason's machete went through the bed through Tanner's chest he was bleeding and trying to say something

Amanda - Sh got out of the bed and tried to open the door but Jason wrapped barbed wire around her neck and arms and tied her up Jason grabbed his axe then stabbed her 7 times with it until she died

Ashley - After she drove around with Clay and Whitney in the woods to get to the Voorhees house once she got out of the car a machete went through both of her eyes she started crawling in the snow and then Jason stabbed her 8 times in the back and Clay locked the front door so Jason couldnt get in

Jason Voorhees-Jason jumped through a window and then Clay poured gasoline to spread the fire through the house he yelled out "Die You Bitch" he threw a chair through a window and said go Clay and Tommy jumped through the window and then the Voorhees house burned down the truck went to town and told the police what happened when he was in the car Jason punched through the side window and choked him with his burnt gloves then Clay and Whitney grabbed a screw driver and stabbed him in the shoulder 9 times


Clay Miller

Whitney Miller


  • 1 Hr 54 Mins
  • In the sequel Jason changes his clothes to a Black Hooded Overcoat, Black Leather Gloves, Black Jeans, Black Shirt, and Hunting boots
  • Rated R for Sexual Content, Nudity, Bloody Violence, Bad Language, Drugs, and Alcohal
  • Friday The 13th Part II is the 13th Friday The 13Th film
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