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Friday The 13th Part 2 is a 2017 Horror-Slasher film that will be a sequel to the 2009 horror film, Friday The 13th and a reboot to the 1981 horror film of the same name. This film will have a snowy environment and will be the first film in the franchise where the setting is in snow. This will be the 13th installment film in the Friday the 13th franchise. The film stars Jared Padalecki, Leighton Meester, Emma Bell, Lucas Till, Logan Henderson, Derek Mears, Caleb Guss, Nana Visitor, Kevin Schmidt, Madison Riley, Cody Longo, Trey Songz, Amanda Crew, Bobby Campo, Katie Cassidy, Max Vane Ville, Bob King, Katrina Bowden and Kellan Lutz.


8 years after Jason's last murderous rampage, Whitney Miller who is a young resident of Crystal Lake and is someone from Jason's past goes and invites her new group of friends to her cabin for Winter Break to play in the snow and have fun, Once they go to Whitney's house they get murdered by Crystal Lake's most infamous serial killer, Jason Voorhees. A week later after the murders her brother, Clay goes to the snowy woods of Camp Crystal Lake to find and kill Jason Voorhees and avenge the deaths of Whitney and all her new friends. Meanwhile, a new group of campers goes to a luxiorious cabin near Crystal Lake to go skiing and have a fun time in the snow. Clay encounters the group of teens and one of the girls from the group helps Clay on his journey to hunt down and kill Jason and avenge his sister's death. Meanwhile, The new group of campers are caught in Jason's trap and are being killed one by one and it's up to Clay to stop Jason's murder spree once and for all.


Jared Padalecki as Clay Miller - Clay is a local resident of Crystal Lake who has a strong passion of what he believes in. Clay is the older brother of Whitney Miller and a person from Jason's past. Clay has found out that someone murdered his sister and all her friends, He goes back to Crystal Lake to see if Jason is still out there and then avenge his sister and her friends' death. He is very strong minded and tough and only uses his fighting techniques for good and defense. On his journey to find Jason, He encounters a new group of campers. A girl from the group named Anna befriends and helps Clay on his journey. Clay is really strong and tough because he wants to defend himself from people like Jason Voorhees. It is revealed that he keeps a journal full of newspaper articles, pictures, and notes about the murders that been happening in Crystal Lake. It is revealed that Clay drives a motorcycle to transport wherever he goes. Once Clay's sister gets murdered by Jason, he puts his skills to use to track down Jason and ultimately kill Jason and for all to avenge all Jason's victims deaths mainly Whitney's.

Leighton Meester as Whitney Miller - Whitney a local resident of Crystal Lake and the deceased younger sister of Clay Miller. Now Whitney is 28 years old and during a relaxing and snowy December, she invites her new group of friends go to her house in the woods near Crystal Lake to keep her company. While she was camping with her friends she gets encountered by her only fear from her horrible past, Jason Voorhees. She doesn't really like people bringing up stuff about Jason because she is really traumatized. Whitney can get easily scared at times but she's also kind of cool to hang out with and has a big heart. She knows all about the background and legend of Jason Voorhees but wouldn't admit it to her friends. Whitney has a very shy and easily frightened demeanor ever since she was kidnapped and held prinsior by Jason. Later on Whitney and her friends are brutally murdered by Jason and a week later, her brother Clay avenges her and her friends' deaths.

Emma Bell as Anna - She is one of the new campers at Crystal Lake and the ex-girlfriend of Trevor who tags along on Chet's journey to go play in the snow during Winter Break. Anya is a beautiful young teen that has beautiful dirty blonde hair who is a self-described tomboy who enjoys spending time with her guy friends and participating in guy-type activities. She is a smart, beautiful girl who has a big heart who is willing to help those in need, but can be bitchy at times. AnNa is very strong minded and learned from her father how to use a gun at a young age. Anna is a very cultured and adventurous girl and always is in the mood for adventure. She likes visiting several different countries and states across America to learn about all of the different cultures and peoples'heritage. Her and Trevor broke up because she was compketely tried of his selfish, self-centered ways.

Lucas Till as Trevor - He is the leader of the new campers and the ex-boyfriend of Anna. Chet invites all his friends to Crystal Lake to see his family's luxurious cabin during Winter Break and to have fun in the snow. He is kind and polite on the outside but on the inside he is described as braggy, bossy and cares about no body but himself. Chet is very attractive towards woman because he has a blond mullet. He likes playing in the snow like ice hockey, skiing, or shovels snow in the driveway so he can drive his mini van out of the snow. Chet is wealthy scholar in line to go who cares a lot, but can be a snob at times and is very uptight about his belongings. Though he comes off as tough, Chet also carries a bit of cowardly demeanor when it comes to fighting people like Jason. He always thanks he's better then everyone just because he has a rich family.

Logan Henderson as Evan - Evan is one of the new campers of Crystal Lake who tags along with Trevor and his friends to have a fun vacation in the snow. Evan is best friends with Nathan and is always in the mood for mischief and chaos and can be really self-centered and rebellious sometimes but sometimes he'll show loyalty to his friends and family. He is a game developer with a raunchy sense of humor and is unable to take anything seriously. All Evan wants to do is have fun and break the rules, even if it bothers those around them. Trevor is interested in stuff like watching TV, looking and masturbating to pornography magazines, eating junk food, playing video games, and getting intoxicated on beer and alcohol but sometimes he can have a mood to play outside. Trevor has a hard time taking stuff seriously.

Derek Mears as Jason Voorhees - Jason is a disfigured man, serial killer and a local resident Crystal Lake. Jason was first born in 1970 where he was born with a disease that made him hideous and disfigured. When he was a child he had a kind and warm hearted mother and an abusive, insensitive father. Since his father abused him for being disfigured and retarted his mother divorced his father and him and his mother moved into a cabin near Camp Crystal Lake where his mother got a job as the camp cook. When adults weren't around the kids would beat and pick on him for being different. On the summer of 1977 while his mother was cooking the lunches, the kids took the bullying to far by pushing Jason in the lake and they knew he could drown the just watched him drown while the counselors were off having sexual intercourse. 3 years later Jason returned to find his mother. Jason watched her mother being decapitated by a camp counselor with a machete. When the counselor got away Jason walked up to his mother's corpse took her head, her locket, and the machete that killed her. Years later he returns as a grown adult seeking revenge. Now he has turned into Crystal Lake's most wanted and infamous serial killer. Jason wears a black hooded overcoat, black leather gloves, long black pants, black button up long sleeved collared shirt, hunting boots, and wears a pale yellow hockey mask to cover his horribly disfigured face. And Jason carries around and uses the machete that killed his mother whenever possible as his favorite weapon to kill his victims with. Jason vows to avenge his mother's death and get his revenge by killing anyone who enters the woods of Camp Crystal Lake. In the summer of 2009, Jason has killed 4 college students and kidnapped an innocent young woman named Whitney Miller but soon Whitney's brother goes looking for her and as soon as he does, Jason murders 8 other college students and tries to murder Clay and Whitney but they fight back and kill him and dump his body in the water hoping he'll never return. 8 years later in the winter of 2017, Jason returns seeking vengeance and then murders Whitney along with her new friends. A week later, Clay returns to Crystal Lake finding out that his sister was killed and goes in the woods seeking vengeance because he knows it was Jason. During his journey Clay meets up with 7 party goers who are living in a cabin in the woods for Winter Break. Clay tells them to go back but none of them listen except for one girl in the group who helps him seek vengeance on Jason for killing his sister and her friends. Soon, Jason finds the cabin and kills them one by one with an urge for bloody revenge.

Caleb Guss as Young Jason Voorhees

Nana Visitor as Pamela Voorhees - Pamela is the mother of Jason Voorhees, the ex-wife of Elias Voorhees and was local woman who lived a normal life and was born in 1931 and married an abusive man when she was a teenager. Her own husband would rape, beaten and tortured her. One day when she was repeatedly raped by her husband she became pregnant with a disfigured boy that was later named Jason Voorhees. She divorced her husband for abusing and torturing Jason. Her and Jason moved into a cabin near Camp Crystal Lake where she got a job as the cook. On the summer of 1977, While she was cooking the meals for all the campers, She couldn't find Jason anywhere. Days later she found out that Jason drowned and no one helped him. For 3 years she's been depressed and hardly talked to anyone. On the summer of 1980 she turned into a homicidal maniac, went back to Crystal Lake and killed a group of teenage counselors but one survived and defeated and killed Pamela. The counselor decapitated Pamela with a machete while Jason watched in the bushes. Her last words were "Kill for Mommy" to young Jason because she wants teach every person that enters Crystal Lake a lesson.

Kevin Schmit as Derek - He is the leader of the old campers and one of Whitney's new friends. Brady is swag, cool college student that has a strong intelligence and really good at athletics. He loves telling scary legendary stories and tries to get his friends in on the joy of scary stories as well. He is very good friends with Whitney and will do anything to protect her acting as a surrogate brother towards her. He likes telling urban legends, campfire stories and Derek is a hardcore horror movie fan because he has been heard all of the legends even the Crystal Lake legend of Jason Voorhees and he is a hard-core horror movie fan and is interested in a lot of horror movies. While camping out to Whitney's cabin in the woods, Derek and his friends get encountered and murdered by Jason a week before Trevor and his friends went camping.

Madsion Riley as Ashley - She is one of the new campers at Crystal Lake who is known as every man's dream girl. She is a fun-spirited, beautiful and up-going teen who loves to party more than anything. Ashley has sophistication, but often puts it to little use and instead uses her sexy body to get her way but she is can also be very caring and loving at time. She cares a lot for her friends and is always there to support when needed. She usually wears Ashley has long bright blonde hair and beuatiful young body that she uses to get a boyfriend or have sex with her male friends. Ashley is very fun and always has tricks up her sleeve. Despite her sweetness, Ashley is also very conceited and somehow always manages to make a serious situation. When Anna and Trevor break up she becomes Trevor's new girlfriend and she is okay with that. She has a really girly personality because she doesn't like doing much guy type activities.

Cody Longo as Chet - He is one of the old campers at Crystal Lake and a very attractive teen who is the new supportive boyfriend of Whitney Miller who tags along with his friends to visit Whitney during the winter. His favorite activities are playing sports and is a professinal jock. Chet is a cool kid to hang out with and loves playing and participating in sports with his friends and family. He mostly likes spending time, playing games, and partying with his friends. He always tries to show his friends a good time even if it goes bad he just helps them out. He always wants to show people how to have a good time and if it ends up bad he just turns it back to a good day. He is very brave and fearless but his only fear is Jason Voorhees.

Trey Songz as Nathan - Nathan is one of the new campers at Crystal Lake who tags along with his friends to party, get drunk and have some fun in the snow. Nathan is an African-American teenager who has a bad way off taking stuff seriously along with is best friends with Evan. Nathan does any reckless thing he wants whenever he wants to do it and doesn't feel bad about it. His only activities he does is break the rules, eat junk food, get intoxicated on alcohol, get high on drugs, look at pornography and at times he likes to work out. He is really tough and doesn't really like Chet but likes the rest of his friends. He's not perfect but has a dream to be a Broadway celebrity. Nathan is described as a suave womanizer but is always loyal to his friends

Amanda Crew as Heather - She is one of the old campers of Crystal Lake and the new best friend of Whitney. Heather is a pretty, good-hearted and smart teenager who is always loyal to her friends. She loves playing in the snow with her friends but can be really bitchy at times. She has a lot in common with Whitney and that's why they are friends. She sees Heather as a sister she has always wanted. She is really tomboyish personality because she does stuff like hard labor and doesn't really like girly fashion. Heather helps Whitney to get rid of her past just like Ricky so Whitney can have a fun time acting as a surrogate sister towards her. Heather has a party going and big hearted when she is around her friends and family.

Bobby Campo as Mark - Mark is one of the new campers of Crystal Lake, the best friend of Trevor and is the boyfriend of Amanda who tags along on Trevor's trip to his cabin in the woods near Crystal Lake for Winter Break. He is a self-described chick magnet because he is really attractive teen towards his female peers vows to stay loyal and keep his eyes on his girlfriend, Amanda. Mark always has an urge to party with his friends and have a great time with his friends and family. Madk is a hard worker who will always get the job done. Madk is very humorous, smart, and loyal to those around him like his friends and family. Madk is always in a good mood never happy nor sad. He takes stuff to far at times but has a great sense of humor. His favorite activities during the snowy winter times are partying and skiing down hills.

Katie Cassidy as Amanda - Amanda is a one of the new campers at Crystal Lake and is the girlfriend of Josh and the best friend of Ashley. Amanda has a very girly personality and has a lot in common with her best friend. She is a perky blonde teen with a big heart. She is really good at cooking and likes making meals and desserts. She has a hilarious sense of humor, but can be a little bitchy at times but will always be there for a friend and family member. She has a huge fear of being alone because she's been hearing The Legend of Jason Voorhees and just wants to tell herself it's just an urban myth. Amanda works as a hairstylist at a local hair salon in Crystal Lake because she has an interest in stuff like fashion and hair styles.

Max Van Ville as Nick - Nick is one of the old campers at Crystal Lake who is the girlfriend of Heather and is best friends with Chet who tags along on Derek's journey to keep Whitney company for Winter Break. He has a funny but sometimes offensive sense of humor. Nick is a self-described dare devil because he does a lot of stunts and Nick is interested in skateboarding and also likes to listen to Rock Music. It is revealed that his real name is Nicholas but his friends call him Nick for short. He has a party going personality and likes showing his friends how to have a good time. He is smart and adventurous but skmetimes he likes looking for mischief wherever he is.

Bob King as Mr. Garikes - Mr. Garikes is an 81 year old hick and the caretaker of the small town of Crystal Lake. He is a shy man who's goal is to prove to everyone in Crystal Lake that Jason Voorhees is real. Because he had an encounter with him on the summer of 2009 because he saw a teen get murdered by Jason while he watched and that has been haunting him for the past 8 years. He works hard day and night to find out if the Jason Voorhees rumors are true. He is also a hardworking man who makes money by selling vegetables and other crops to provide for himself. He won't rest until the bizarre boogeyman of Camp Crystal Lake is found and killed once and for all. Whenever it is winter or snowing he shovels snow off the roads so people can drive safely.

Katrina Bowden as Rachel - She is one of the old campers at Crystal Lake and a close friend of Whitney who tags along with her friends to go see her for the winter. She is a smart and pretty teenager with beautiful blonde hair. She is a adventures and cultured and she wants to marry her boyfriend Paul and raise a family with him. Her personality is tomboyish because she is interetsed in stuff like sports, hunting and other guy type activities. Rachel loves playing in the snow like skiing, sledding, or throwing snow balls with her friends. Tamara loves playing in the snow and hiking in the woods with her friends. She is a really attractive girl to most of her male friends but she only has her eyes on her boyfriend, Paul and would always show loyalty to him.

Kellan Lutz as Paul - He is the best friend of Derek, one of the old campers and is the boyfriend of Rachel who tags along with Brady and all his friends to go to Whitney's house to keep her company for the snowy winter. He is a skilled martial arts student who uses his skills for defense. Paul is a warm hearted ladies man and had a nact to keep Crystal Lake a clean and nice enviroment, While keeping Rachel safe night and day. He is always protective over Rachel and has a tite romantic relationship with Tamara and nothing can make them mad at each other because they agree on anything. Paul is always is a good mood never happy nor sad and will always show someone to have a fun time. Paul used to work at a camp counselor at a summer camp and he has a responsible personality.


Rachel - Gutted and hung by Jason.

Paul - After making out with Tamara in his bedroom, Rachel went to get some beers and snacks for both of them down in the basements. A few minutes later Paul heard Rachel screaming downstairs. He put on his shirt and ran downstairs to check on her. He went saw a trail of blood leading to the basement. He grabbed a flashlight and walked slowly down the stairs. He heard creaking noises coming from the basement. When he turned on the flashlight he was shocked because he saw Tamara's corpse hanging from the basement ceiling with chains around her neck and her stomach ripped open. When he turned around Jason walked up and cornered Paul and picked him up by the neck. Paul was gagging for oxygen so he could scream for his friends but it he could hardly breath. Before Paul could scream, Jason impaled him through the neck on a metal flagpole sticking out of the wall.

Derek - Derek went to get a beer from the refridgearator and walked upstairs to his bedroom holding several beer bottles and ponro magazines. Derek laid on his bed intoxicated from beer and started looking at porno magazines and masturbated to the pictures of naked woman. While he was continuing masturbating started hearing noises coming from his room and stopped masturbating. The noises then stopped and went back to looking at the magazines. When he looked at the magazines blood started dripping on him and he looked up to see what was making the blood drip. When he looked up, he saw Jason holding a bloody axe and then Jason decapitated Derek with the axe and blood started to spread all over the sheets on the bed.

Heather - After Heather and Nick performed oral sex on each other and were drunk several beers in Heather's bedroom, Nick went outside to urinate from drinking several beers. Meanwhike Heather was laying on his bed in her sleeping bag to keep her warm. When she looked up to watch in TV, Jason walked to Heather in silence making her scream in fear and then Jason zipped up the sleeping bag with her in it hoping she wouldn't escape. Heather started suffocating and screamed for Nick but Nick didn't hear her screams because he was nowhere around to here it. Jason then dragged her to the edge of the bed, picked her up and impaled her through the sleeping bag on a bedpost

Nick - After Heather and Nick performed oral sex on each other and drunk several beers in Heather's bedroom, Nick put on his clothes and ran outside in the snow to urinate on a nearby a tree in Whitney's front yard to urinate after drinking several beers. He stopped urinating on the tree and turned around. When he turned around Jason ran up to him grabbed him by the head and picked him up very slowly with the cold black leather gloves on his hands. Nick was struggling to get away but Jason was to strong. Then Jason pinned him to the tree and lifted him up in the air and then impaled Nick through the stomach with his machete.

Chet - While Chet was adventuring Jason's basement along with Whitney who was frightened, Chet tried to comfort her to make her feel better. Then they heard noises coming from upstairs. Chet told Whitney to stay behind him when he leaned his head and hand on the door. When he leaned the door, a machete went through the door and through his hand. Ricky was screaming in pain and told Whitney to help him. Whitney pushed his hand out of the machete and his hand started bleeding. Ricky leaned his back on the door which made the machete go through his chest. A few seconds later Ricky was hung from the door with the machete still through his chest. Whitney ran downstairs and hid underneath a table

Whitney Miller - Before Chet was killed, Whitney hid underneath a table and heard Jason coming down the stairs and looking for her. She quickly took her phone out of her pocket and dialed the police. Before the police could answer Jason flipped the table and threw Whitney to the ground. Whitney was crawling on the floor trying to escape but Jason walked up behind her and picked her up by the back of the shirt. She was sobbing in fear but Jason ignored her cries. Jason then slashed her leg with his machete dropped her to the ground and stabbed her several times with his machete and impaled her through the chest with a spike hanging out of the wall. Later she was found hanging from a tree in a body bag.

Mark - While he was skiing down a hill with Amanda, he turned his head around to look for Amanda. When he turned his head to look for Amanda, an axe came out of the side and chopped off one of his legs. He fell to the snowy ground and screamed in pain while blood dripped off his leg. He was dragging himself to look for help and yelled out for Amanda but she was nowhere to be seen. Jason then walked up to Josh and tuned him over laying on his back and stared down at Mark. Jason layed his foot on Spencer's chest and Josh was trying to get away but Jason was to strong. Josh tried to beg for his life but Jason refused to let him go. Jason took one of Mark's skiing poles and impaled him through the stomach with the skiing pole and watched as blood drenched on the snowy ground.

Amanda - While she is skiing down the hill, Amanda turns her head to look for Spencer and she accidentally slips on a rock that is buried under the snow and falls down the snowy hill before breaking her leg while rolling down the hill. Amanda sits on the snowy ground and screams in pain for Josh, who is already dead. While Amanda sits on the ground and holds her broken leg with both hands while sobbing in pain, she discovers Jason watching her in the woods holding his machete. Amanda becomes frightened and screams for help but no one is around to here her screams. Jason then disappears into the woods frightening her. Amanda manages to crawl up against a tree and quietly sits in the snow to wait for help. While Amanda is sitting against the tree, Jason mysertiously appears standing over Amanda and then takes out his machete and then stabs Amanda in the chest with the machete making blood ooze onto the snow. Amanda's corpse then fell face down into a puddle making the puddle turn red from blood dripping from her.

Evan - David went downstairs to Trevor's basement to look for a hockey puck so he can play ice hockey with Trevor and Nathan. He found a hockey puck on the floor. When he picked it up the lights cut off. He thought it was one of his friends playing a joke then Jason walked up behind him in silence and Evan turned around. Jason picked up an axe and walked up to David in complete silence. Evan got scared and tried to run but Jason grabbed him by the shirt and threw him to the ground. David's nose started to bleed and his leg was broken. He said to Jason "who are you". Jason ignored his cries and was completely silent and looked down as Evan begged for mercy. Jason then stood over Evan's defenseless body and stabbed him in the stomach 5 times with the axe

Nathan - Nathan goes looking for David in the basement so they can play a game of hockey outside in the snow because David has been in the basement for 10 minutes. Nathan the notices a freezer with a trail of blood leading to it. Nathan slowly opens the freezer and sees David's bloody corpse lying inside of the freezer with the hockey puck in his mouth. Nathan is horrified and runs up the stairs, but Jason is hiding under the stairs and trips him with the hockey stick, causing Nathan to fall down the stairs and onto the floor. Jason then savagely beats Nathan with the hockey stick while he is lying on the floor, and Nathan kicks Jason in the groin and runs upstairs to the door. As he gets to the top stair, Jason tosses the hockey stick sideways and the hockey stick stabs Nathan in the back, causing him to fall onto his knees in front of the door. Nathan spits up blood and cries for help while he is sitting on his knees, but no one is around to hear him. Jason then walks up the stairs, picks Nathan up and throws him back down onto the floor and then Jason walks back down the stairs and looks down at Nathan. Then Jason stabs Nathan through the chest with his machete.

Ashley - While Ashley is lying down in her bed sobbing in frustration about the disappearance of her friends while her remaining friends were downstairs arguing, Ashley calls the police for the dissapearences of her friends and hears a noise coming from Trevor's bedroom. When she opened the door and walked in the bedroom, Jason appeared behind the door and closed the door to lock Ashley in. Jason cornered Ashley which made her start screaming in fear so she can yell for her friends. Jason grabs Ahsley by her neck with his cold hands and slowly lifts her up of of the floor. Ashley holds onto Jason's arm and tries to scream as she is losing oxygen but Jason's hands were to strong and Jason then impales her through the back with a shelf bracket attached to the wall.

Trevor - After Ashley was killed, Trevor, Clay, and Anna ran in the woods to look for help. Trevor lost Clay and Anna but he found the Voorhees house and thought he could find help in the house. He ran up to the house to look for help he slowly walked around the house looking for someone but couldn't find anyone. He found a big hole in the wall with used candles surrounding it. He saw something inside it when put his hand in the hole he picked up Pamela's decomposed head he dropped it and then backed up very slowly. Before he could turn around and run, Jason walked up behind him in silence and wrapped barbed wire around his neck. Chet was holding onto his bloody neck to stop the bleeding but it didn't work. Then Jason dragged him by the barbed wire around his neck and impaled him through the chest with a spike sticking out of the wall.

Mr. Garikes - Clay and Anna noticed a truck passing by and were yelling for help and for the driver to stop. He stopped the truck to see what they needed. Mr. Garikes told them to come here and Anya ran up to him and said that a killer is out there. Mr. Garikes commanded them to get in the truck. Clay and Anna listened to him and Clay repeatedly told him to go but the car wouldn't start. Then when he finally got it to start Jason punched through his side window, opened Mr. Garikes door, and grabbed Mr. Garikes out of the truck. Then Json threw him to the snowy hard ground and Jason repeatedly stabbed him to death with his machete and then slit Mr. Garikes in the throat with the machete.

Anna - After Mr. Garikes was killed, Clay and Anya got out of the truck and ran into the woods looking for a place to hide from Jason. Then Clay saw the Voorhees house. Clay and Anna ran inside the house and yelled for help to see if anyone was inside. They found a spike in the wall dripping blood and leading a trail to a door that leads to the basement. They slowly walked down the stairs and saw corpses off Jason's victims laying on the floor or hanging from the ceiling. Then they heard the door open upstairs which made them get frightened. Clay found a window to escape from that unfortunately has snow against it. Clay made it out of the house but Anna needed help to get out she grabbed Clay's hand and made it half way through. Then a machete went through her chest which made Clay scream. Then Anya fell to the ground with the machete still in her chest and blood dripping from her chest.

Jason Voorhees - Before Clay could get up and run, Jason grabbed his foot and dragged him back into the basement then grabbed him in a chokehold threw him to the ground. Jason then slashed his arm with his machete and Clay started crawling away from Jason but Jason was walking closer to him. Then, Clay found 3 buckets of gasoline and poured them all over the floor. He grabbed a lighter from his pocket and lighted it which started the fire. The fire started spreading all over the floor. Clay threw some gasoline on Jason and the fire started getting on Jason and then Jason threw his hockey mask onto the floor as the fire started burning his skin. Jason then fell to the ground still burning and became unconscious while his skin was turning black and brutally burnt. Clay walked up very slowly to Jason bent to his knees, took the machete from Jason's hands, then looked down at his deformed and burnt face with tears in his eyes and then stabbed him in the chest and face with the machete several times. The roof beam started falling to the ground which made Clay run up the stairs to the first floor. The fire started coming to the first floor. He was cornered by the fire but found a chair. He threw the chair at a nearby window and jumped through the window and fell to the snowy ground. The fire flattened the house while Jason was still inside. Later in the morning he walked around Trevor's cabin to find a phone and call the police for all the murders and the police answered his call. When the police answered his call, a horribly burnt Jason with his mask back on popped up from a nearby window and grabbed Clay.