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Friday The 13th Part 2 is a 2016 film that will be the sequel to the 2009 remake, Friday The 13th and is the The film stars Jared Padalecki, Amanda Riggetti, Mike Vogel, Derek Mears, Trey Songz, Madison Riley, Max Van Ville, Chlean Simmons, and Liam


Whitney goes with her new friends Dave, Eric, Kristy, Amanda and Trevor for a snowy Winter Break in a cabin in the woods where they are getting drunk, have sexual intercourse, eating pizza, chips, hot wings and Chinese food, and having a fun time in the snow. One night a huge snow storm cuts out all the electricty. But that is not all, they feel like they're being watched by someone who wants to kill them all, someone from Whitney's past who is Crystal Lake's most wanted and most gruesome serial killer, Jason Voorhees. Whitney's brother, Clay helps her and her friends from stopping Jason's reign of terror once again.


Amanda Righetti as Whitney Miller - The main protagonist who is Clay's younger sister who goes camping in a cabin near Crystal Lake with her new friends.

Jared Padalecki as Clay Miller - He is the older brother of Whitney who goes with her and her friends so she can be safe from Jason Voorhees

Mike Vogel as Dave - The leader of the group who takes his friends in his luxorious cabin that is near Crystal Lake for the a snowy Winter Break.

Derek Mears as Jason Voorhees - He is the main antagonist and the arch-enemy of Whitney who is threating to get vengeance and kill anyone who is near his woods. On a cold and snowy winter, he goes on his killing spree when he finds Whitney with all her new friends in a cabin in the woods.

Caleb Guss as Young Jason Voorhees

Nana Visitor as Pamela Voorhees (flashback)

Trey Songz as Eric - He is one of the new friends of Whitney who goes camping with all his friend's in Dave's cabin in the woods.

Madison Riley as Amanda - She is the girlfriend of Dave who goes with her boyfriend to a cabin in the woods and is described as a perky blond chick.

Max Van Ville as Trevor - He is the best friend of Dave who goes with all his friends to go camp out in a cabin in the woods during Winter Break.

Chlean Simmons as Kristy - She is the best friend of Amanda and the girlfriend of Trevor who goes with all her friends to go to camp out in a cabin in the woods.

Liam Neeson as Officer Ford - He is a police officer in Crystal Lake who investigates the dissapearences of all the teenage campers.


Trevor - While he was having sex with Amanda he heard something walking up the stairs and then Jason slowly walked in the room while they were having sex. Trevor though it was one of his friends. He walked up to Jason to take off the mask then Jason grabbed his throat and picked him up slowly and impaled him through the eye with his machete pinning him to the wall.

Kristy - When she was running out of the room down the stairs to catch the attention of her friends who were out side playing in the snow. Jason walks up behind her and covers her mouth so she can avoid screaming. Then Jason crushed her head with her bear hands and she was later found hanging from a tree with barbed wire around her neck.

Eric - When him, Clay and his friends went inside after a huge snow storm hit he went to go get some firewood in the backyard of the cabin and then heard noises while he was getting the firewood. He turned around and saw Jason holding his machete and Eric knew he was planning to kill him. Eric tried to run but then Jason ran up behind him tackled and pinned him to the ground then stabbed him several times in the head with a machete.

Officer Ford - While he was looking around the cabin looking for Eric, Kristy, and Trevor who dissapeared. Jason threw Eric's corpse through a window and ran through a window into the cabin. Officer Ford told Clay, Amanda, Whitney and Dave to run and they did. Officer Ford tried to kill Jasom with several gunshots but he didn't die. Then Jason pinned him to the wall and stabbed him in the chest, stomach and face with a pickaxe 13 times.

Amanda - When Clay, Whitney, Amanda and Dave were running in the snowed up roads of Crystal Lake they saw trails of blood coming from the top of a tree and then they looked up and they saw the hung corpse of Kristy. Then they looked up and then a bloody butchers hook connected to a chain came down from a tree and the hook impaled Amanda through the neck. They all started to scream while they saw Amanda's bloody neck. Then Amanda fell to the ground and then Clay, Whitney and Dave ran away from Amanda's corpse while Jason came down from the tree and was chasing them.

Dave - After Amanda was killed, Whitney, Clay and Dave found the old abandon camp of Crystal Lake and then they ran into one of the cabins and tried to find a way to kill Jason. Then Jason broke through the door screaming in terror and then they all find 3 buckets of gasoline and spreads it across the platform and walls before a Clay started lighting it with a lighter. The fire started spreading on the floor and then Jason ran up to kill Clay with an axe but he dodged it and decapitated Dave with an axe.

Jason Voorhees - After Jason killed Dave Clay tackled him to the ground and started punching him several times, he told Whitney to escape and she did by jumping out a window and successfully surviving. Then Clay threw gasoline on Jason so he could catch on fire and get killed and then Jason's whole body started catching on fire and made him unconcious. Then Clay jumped through a window and landed in the snow and ran up to Whitney seeing if she was alright. Then Clay and Whitney both watch as the burning cabin flatte to the ground killing Jason and then they both smiled in joy as they finally killed Jason and stopped his chaos once and for all.