Friday 13th is a 2019 American Slasher Horror film written by Adam Marcus & James Franco, directed by Evan Goldberg starring Steven Williams, Dave Franco, Talulah Riley, Skye Bennett, Ireland Baldwin, Sasha Lane, Corbin Bernsen and Kane Hodder.

A spin-off to Adam Marcus's 1993 Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday Friday 13th centres on the protagonist character Creighton Duke introduced in that film in his first encounter with Jason Voorhees.

Production began following the successful promotion of Danny McBride, David Gordon Green's 2018 direct sequel to John Carpenter's 1978 Halloween. The Horrorverse 2020 Blumhouse Production was on a delayed halt following Victor Miller's creative licensing lawsuit with Sean S. Cunningham and Paramount Pictures. Utilising the licensing void of New Line Cinema they were able to immediately enter production.

Kane Hodder reprises his role as Jason Voorhees for the first time in 17 years since his last portrayal in Jason X (2001), and Steven Williams who had portrayed Creighton Duke in Jason Goes To Hell returns to reprise the character.

James Franco and brother Dave approached Marcus for collaboration, James serving as a fellow screenwriter on the project and Dave cast as a central character.

Filming took place in Montclair, New Jersey, Wharton State Forest running along Hammonton, South Jersey and on constructed sets at New Line Cinema Studios in Los Angeles, California. Shooting began on July 17th, 2018 and concluded on October 15th that year.

It was released theatrically and in IMAX select theatres on September Friday the 13th, 2019 to mixed to positive reception, unlike it's predecessor Jason Goes To Hell but a box office success like it.


Friday the 13th, 1993 Crystal Lake runaway biker Creighton Duke on the abandoned Camp Crystal Lake grounds proposes to his girlfriend Naya, having stolen from his gang bounty occupation to fund for an engagement ring and a life away together. Naya accepts his proposal while they are camped with Naya's accompanying gay couple friends Jackson and Leland.

Jason Voorhees stalks an LSD intoxicated Jackson back to he and Leland's tent and with his machete stabs him in the face awakening Leland, who he suffocates in the collapsing tent he wraps around him, also breaking his back. Duke and Naya flee to the pier attempting to escape on a docked speedboat, ultimately Jason breaks the boat causing Naya to crack her head and drown. Armed forces arrive, subdue and capture Jason with an electrically charged net as Duke tries to resuscitate Naya, when he looks up Jason and the forces have disappeared.

2003 in Crystal Lake trainee analyst Willem is brought in by the Division who have Jason entrapped in their facility. They task him with reaching Creighton Duke who may have uncovered what they cannot about the subject. Willem utilises his girlfriend and Division fellow analyst Jayne, who rents out her spare studio loft room to Duke upon his return to town.

Division doctor Erin Moriaty starts to believe she is experiencing symptoms of psychosis and or schizophrenia before being possessed by a Deadite demon, which uses her to release Jason who kills her closest colleagues doctors Finlay and Bux, as well as most of the military personnel. Erin as the Deadite then exits her before Jason commits suicide via gunshot to the head.

Jason begins killing Willem's Lakeview High younger sister Lena's friends: beginning with her boyfriend Jensen's troubled friend Will, and his girlfriend Chance. After playing with Will's car outside Chance's diner while he was waiting for he breaks a cinder-block over his head and then stalks Chance inside the diner before fatally stabbing her, causing her to bleed out to death before crawling to the safety of a nearby family at their house. Jason then takes both their bodies.

After Ramona confesses her feelings to Lena she gets drunk that night at a playground with Tay, who believes someone had been following her earlier. Tay has her throat slit by Jason with his machete and her blood pours down the slide upon Ramona who flees to Jayne's house nearby. Calling the police and hiding in the house she is eventually killed as Jason appears and breaks her neck with his legs. Jensen arrives and is pushed down the stairs, twisting his head around at the bottom. Duke, Willem, Jayne, Lena and the Division's remaining armed forces unit lure Jason back to the Camp Crystal Lake Grounds. Jason kills the grunts in the surrounding woods, Corvax by causing an explosion which propels him at a tree. Taj by impaling him on a protruding branch, Wood with Taj's assault rifle and Rumble by disembowelling him with the machete. He then faces off with final grunt Byron who engages him in hand to hand combat, seemingly beating him to death before he resurrects and punches through his head.

A final battle with Jason with Duke results in him incapacitating him with a Naturom Demonto incantation that renders him comatose, the Division prepare for a sting operation utilising Agent Markus when he awakens and Duke, Willem, Jayne and Lena are forced at gunpoint into signing a clause masking their knowledge.


  • Steven Williams as Creighton Duke
  • Dave Franco as Willem Martin
  • Talulah Riley as Jayne Callam-Andrews
  • Skye Bennett as Lena Martin
  • Kane Hodder as Jason Voorhees
  • Corbin Bernsen as Sgt. Norris Harland
  • Sasha Lane as Ramona Evans
  • Ireland Baldwin as Tay Cordry
  • Shameik Moore as Jensen Avery
  • Cody Christian as Will Marlowe
  • Katherine McNamara as Chance Danning
  • Jere Burns as Dr. Colm Meridian
  • William Brent as Jackson O'Donaghue
  • Troye Sivan as Leland Anton
  • Scott Bakula as Dr. Tate Bux
  • Peter MacNichol as Dr. Percy Finlay
  • Alice Krige as Dr. Fran Moriaty
  • Adam Beach as Corvax
  • Archie Panjabi as Wood
  • Jason Mantzoukas as Taj
  • Nick Frost as Rumble
  • Dwayne Johnson as Byron
  • Chris Noth as Peter Martin
  • Ellen Barkin as Julianne Cordry
  • Donna Pescow as Aunt Ilene Evans
  • Dennis Haysbert as Duane Avery
  • James Pickens Jr. as Nolan Avery
  • Ken Olin as Lorry Marlowe
  • Trevante Rhodes as Young Duke
  • Herveline Moncion as Naya Tampa


  • The film leads into the plot of Jason Goes To Hell which was set in 2003 as opposed to its' release year of 1993
  • The Deadites of the Evil Dead franchise are responsible for Jason's immortality and invulnerability in this and Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday
  • The soundtrack minus Sonny & Cher's re-occurring song are primarily hits of 2003, the time setting of the film
  • Jason's soul transference, family and other plot points are touched upon in the film
  • Steven Williams cites his recent appearence in the Horrorverse IT Stephen King adaption as helping definitely decide to reprise the role of Creighton Duke
  • Adam Marcus credits the character of Creighton Duke the only character other than Jason Voorhees worth caring about from his initial film
  • Jason's appearence is modified from the original 2003 setting visage from Jason Goes To Hell
  • A sprinkler of blood death sequence involving Ireland Baldwin's Tay Cordry was planned but ultimately did not come to fruition due to Horrorverse's Halloween Night (2018) having the concept already in use and filmed
  • Kane Hodder's first time reprising the role of Jason Voorhees in 17 years, since Jason X (2001). Kane Hodder is the only actor to portray Jason more than once in the franchise, a total of four times overrall beginning with Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood (1988)
  • Troye Sivan and Dwayne Johnson were used in particular teasers, clips and promotional material for the film to attract attention but went into smaller supporting roles, and billing so as to not detract away from the rest of the cast and icon Jason
  • Talulah Riley's Jayne died in an original draft of the film
  • Ellen Barkin and Chris Noth were the last two actors cast
  • James Franco and brother Dave Franco spent the time preparing for their individual film contributions rewatching the franchise, beginning to end, in almost one sitting
  • Marcus credits Dwayne Johnson's death scene as his favorite kill in the film while Franco states his a tie between Alice Krige's suicide and Ireland Baldwin's blood slide
  • The Crystal Lake Biker Gang The Riverside Judges are the same biker gang that Friday the 13th Part III (1982) victims Ali, Fox and Loco belong to
  • Body-Count: 23 (7 Off-Screen)


  1. I Got You Babe- Sonny & Cher
  2. Ignition- R. Kelly
  3. In The Shadows- The Rasmus
  4. Intuition- Jewel
  5. It's My Life- No Doubt
  6. Make Luv- Room 5
  7. Mundian To Bach Ke- Panjabi MC
  8. Tu Es Fouto- In-grid
  9. The Way You Move- Outkast feat. Sleepy Brown
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