Freshmen is an ABC original comedy series.


Four high school freshmen deal with growing up as they are ready to fit in on their first year of high school.



  • Donovan Whitfield as Ja'Michael Roberts, a young basketball player and Raymond's best friend.
  • Grayson Thorne Kilpatrick as Raymond Pierce, a young teenage 9th grader who loves pop culture and reading comic books.
  • Eva Carlton as Bridget Henderson, a sassy fashionista who has a taste for beauty.
  • Loreto Peralta as Uma Gonzalez, a geeky teenage girl who is of Spain descent.


  • Dajan Ahmad as Abhi Malhotra, a streetwise Indian-American teen who loves skateboarding and pizza.
  • Mackenzie Ziegler as Marisol Poole, a snooty, bossy popular girl.
  • Hayden Rolence as Billy Kennedy, the school reporter and an avid gamer.
  • Quvenzhané Wallis as Shanice Ellis, Marisol's best friend who is obsessed with Rihanna.
  • Myles Truitt as Devion Roberts, Ja'Michael's older brother who is both a basketball player and a high school junior.
  • Mace Coronel as Cason Reynolds, a self assured popular guy that is dating Marisol. On the basketball team with Ja'Micheal and bullies him and Raymond all the time.
  • Nicolas Cantu as George Watts, the new kid. Becomes friends with Cason. Starts having a crush on Bridget. Pressured to be popular just because he's good looking, even if he doesn't want to be. Kind of quiet but really funny and kind.

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