Fresh Minty Adventure 2 is a platform game


Today is the Canterlot Wedding of Candace & Shining Armor. & Colgate,Lyra & Twinkle are trapped in a cave by Queen Chrysalis. They decide to make their way out of the cave. They eventually see a monster called Bulette who prepares to fight. After the battle, the cave collapses and sends them to another part of the cave. Where the Black Dragon prepares to chase them and then crumples to stone which shatters. Which opens a carved exit it.

After defeating enemies & bosses on their adventure, The Ponies finally makes the way out of the cave and then finally reach & notice The Equestrian Castle is being blocked and surrounded by a dark bubble. They enter the castle and notice everypony dressed for the wedding except for them frozen with their shut and surrounded by dark glitter. Then they battle their way through the castle and reach The Castle of Chrysalis. Chrysalis then appears and tells them that Shining Armor & Princess Candace are also stuck in two unseen Dark Bubbles that are shown above her in the lair. she forms an big monster. The Ponies defeat her as Shining Armor & Candace appear, she turns back to normal she surrounds and turns into stone. obilerating & shattering inside a dark purple sphere to huge pieces of Chrysalis body. The Curse is lifted, turning everypony in castle back to normal. Princess Celestia, Princess Luna & The Mane Six come and decides to celebrate their marriage. Shining Armor finally marries Candace, The Game Ends with a Conoration Banquet a few days after the wedding.

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