Fresh Minty Adventure (Also known as The Minty Trilogy) is a platform- adventure game developed by Pony Platforming Project & Torus Games. It consists of 3 Games, Fresh Minty Adventure: The Search Of The Missing Socks & Fresh Minty Adventure: Colgate's Super Adventure.


The Search Of The Missing Socks.

Minty finds a note saying that she's is in a cave, So Minty decides to journey into the cave. Darby enters the cave and finds Zecora and she states that she lost her socks. She finally journeys into the Lair of Arachne (The first final boss of the game if you collect the socks) she defeats Arachne, but Arachne's Mom arrives and prepares to fight Minty. Minty finally Defeats The Queen Spider, After she's defeated, Arachne apologizes for stealing all her socks. Arachne finally comes friends with Minty.

Colgate's Super Adventure.

Colgate enters Zecora's house & Zecora tells her to go into the Darkest Cave to fight a bear, Darby goes into the cave. Colgate rescues Minty (when all of the teeth are clean), Colgate finds The Ursa Minor & defeats, Colgate notices that he had alot cavities & fixes his teeth, Colgate see another bear preparing to fight & defeats him too. They turn out to be very cute & Zecora comes. As for her reward, Colgate finally opens her dentist.

Minty's Big Quest


Game 1 is made of

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