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Freeze Frame is a 2016 animated film produced by Shires and Shires Animation Studios and released by Lionsgate and Pentagon.

Voice Cast:

  • Jennifer Lopez as Amy
  • Jennifer Aniston as Elizabeth
  • Kevin James as Kelsey
  • Sam Rockwell as Walter the Snowman
  • Ian McShane as Harry
  • Ian McKellen as Duke of Whitworth
  • Samuel L. Jackson as Owen
  • Mel Brooks as Grand Pebble
  • Rachel House as Brenda
  • James Cromwell as Markowski


  • This is the fifth Shires Animation Studios feature to have the "Created and Produced at Shires Animation Studios," credit at the end.
  • The fourth film with the Shires logo under the movie title.
  • This is the third Shires Animation Studios film to feature the full 2011 Shires opening logo as a closing logo.
  • This is the second Shires animated feature to show only the studio logos in the beginning, and the title card and credits only appear at the end.