Freddy vs Jason vs Ash is a 2004 American Crossover Supernatural Slasher Horror film written by Damian Shannon & Mark Swift. It is a sequel to the 2003 film Freddy vs Jason. Directed by Steve Joyner and produced by Raimi brothers: Sam, Ivan & Ted it serves as the twelfth overall instalment in the Friday the 13th film series, ninth in the A Nightmare On Elm Street film series and fifth in The Evil Dead film series.

It would go on to in part inspire the six-issue comic series of the same name published by Wildstorm and Dynamite comics.

Several other iconic slasher film series characters are paid homage to from individual franchises: Chucky of the Child's Play series, Pinhead of the Hellraiser series, Leatherface of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre series and Michael Myers of the Halloween series.

Actors Robert Englund, Monica Keena and Jason Ritter reprise their roles in the film and the ensemble cast is rounded out by new additions: Cash Warren, Bruce Campbell (reprising his iconic role of Ash Williams from the Evil dead films), Jayma Mays, Erica Cerra, Danneel Harris, Busy Philipps, B.J. Novak and Brandon Routh.

The film was released theatrically on September 13th, 2004 and was a box office success.


A year following Jason Voorhees & Freddy Krueger's climatic battle at Camp Crystal Lake, the waterlogged comatose body of Jason is uncovered by the developers of the new construction on the property, he arises and smashes one of the two developers' head repeatedly into a waterside log, while the other one who has been slashed at the leg by his machete is turned over and revealed to be Deadite possessed.

The possessed remaining developer tells Jason they have resurrected him and that mother wants him to wait for a group of people that will be intruding on their home, young people that need to be punished. With that said the Deadite possessed developer reverts to normal after Jason hallucinates his mother before him, he then finishes the developer with a machete stab to the head.

Meanwhile Ash Williams enters a workbreak from S-Mart where ominous signs appear to him passing trucks and whispers in the wind. Entering back inside to make a call he sees over the electronics section of televisions a Tennessee news report that Professor Raymond Knowby's mountain cabin has been burned down and all items within stolen.

In Springwood, Ohio on Elm Street Lori Campbell and now fiance Will Rollins pay her father a visit at his new house, announcing their engagement. On the travel home their van is possessed and driven to Camp Crystal Lake. There Jason appears and cuts Will in half with his machete. Lori runs into the lake on the hope Jason will not continue in out of fear. Jason hesitates and his aquaphobia triggers the last remaining demonic energy of Freddy to pull forward into the real world again. He rushes to shore and out of sight as Jason with his machete decapitates Lori despite her pleas of sympathy toward him.

News of her death goes without action in Springwood urging her father to seek further help, which leads him to Ash Williams at S-Mart, who offers him the mortgage on both his homes to travel with him to Camp Crystal Lake and kill his daughter's undead murderer.

Ash's young college colleague Lentman Worth locks up early following the two's exchange, prepared for a surprise college break trip with his friends: May, Julianne, Allen, Allen's girlfriend Courtney, Madison, best friends Mike & Tilly and tag along pot dealer William Burroughs Jr.

On the insistence of Tilly they are led to the newly renovated accommodation cabins of Crystal Lake, on it's former camp grounds.

Tilly is revealed as being the one who destroyed the Knowby cabin, the resurrecting force behind Jason Voorhees and current holder of the Naturom Demonto, who used friend Lentman to gain information on it's whereabouts and in return for power, has promised the souls of his companions to the Deadites. A main motivation with the group being his infatuation with Madison, who has twice rejected his advances. His third attempt is aided with a Deadite inhabiting him. Madison attempts to run away, but comes in contact with Freddy who with his glove slashes her neck. The Deadite controlling Tilly offers Freddy the chance to return to the dreamworld and get vengeance on a still roaming Jason.

Freddy agrees and absorbs the Deadite to him stabbing into Tilly with his glove, killing him.

Allen and Courtney who begin to have sex in an old cabin are killed by both Freddy and Jason, Courtney in euphoria has a fully powerful Jason appear in Allen's place twist her head, horrifying Allen who leaps up and is impaled into the wall with a pipe by Jason.

Jason then proceeds to the main cabin after a moment of confusion and kills William with his own glass bong that he shatters and lodges into his skull.

Freddy now backed with the power of the Deadites and Naturom Demonto makes previous victims of his from the area manifest, taunt and then attack him, in an attempt to have Jason dragged back to hell.

The attempt fails and Jason and Freddy become locked in a battle which Freddy after seemingly being executed in a machete impalement, resurfaces as a Deadite evolved Freddy who then throws Jason across the grounds. Meanwhile Lent, May, Julianne and Mike come across Jason's former home cabin, which contains a new shrine complete with Lori's decapitated head, the bodies of the developers and the remains of Will Rollins.

The Deadite Freddy sinks Jason into a watery grave prompting Lent and the others to rush out of Jason's hidden cabin. Mike who fails to rush out in time is crushed as Deadite Freddy via telepathy causes the cabin to collapse. Julianne is pinned at the waist and bleeds to death as Lent and May are forced to abandon her running into the woods.

Ash and Mr. Campbell arrive where Ash armed with his chainsaw arm and imbued with an incantation he recites from the Naturom Demonto (found along with Tilly and Madison's bodies) jumps into battle with the Deadite Freddy, and Jason rising from his watery grave. Ash succeeds in killing Freddy's Deadite form reverting him back to the dreamworld, which Jason and him are pulled by a Phantom Freddy into. In the Dreamworld Deadites flood the boiler room dreamscape pulling Freddy into hell and taking control of a child reverted Jason. Ash is pulled awake by Lent and May.

With everything done Ash, Lent, May and Mr. Campbell dispose of the book in the lake. Mr. Campbell attacks (possessed by the last remaining released Deadite) which results in Ash chainsawing him into fragments, killing him. At S-Mart as Ash and Lent starts his shift Jason rises in Deadite form, massacring all surrounding employees, including Lent who crawls toward him succumbing to wounds (Ash mercy killing him with a head break), eventually rising as a Deadite himself as Ash rushes back to his work locker and pulls forth his chainsaw arm.


  • Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger
  • Kane Hodder as Jason Voorhees
  • Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams
  • Cash Warren as Lentman Worth
  • Jayma Mays as May Tenning
  • Erica Cerra as Julianne Cross
  • Danneel Harris as Madison Ford
  • Diego Luna as Allen Ramirez
  • Busy Philipps as Courtney Mills
  • Emmett J Scanlan as Mike Noriaty
  • B.J Novak as Tilly Willems
  • Chris O'Dowd as William Burroughs Jr.
  • Tom Butler as Mr. Campbell
  • Monica Keena as Lori Campbell
  • Jason Ritter as Will Rollins
  • Kelly Brook as Francine
  • Jesse Spencer as Kimball
  • Sam Raimi, Ivan Raimi & Ted Raimi as The Brothers Penn
  • Christine Lakin as Linda
  • Jennifer Ferrin as Cheryl Williams
  • Julia Benson as Shelly
  • Patrick Renna as as Shelley Finklestein (Deadite)
  • Steve Byers as Jimmy Mortimer (Deadite)
  • Jennifer Finnigan as Melissa (Deadite)
  • Nonso Anozie as Ben (Deadite)
  • Emily Swallow as Judy (Deadite)
  • Erika Flores as Vera (Deadite)
  • Christopher Jacot as Andy (Deadite)



  • Features a reverse opening to it's predecessor Freddy vs Jason (2003), with the primary setting being Jason's film franchise's central location (Camp Crystal Lake). Both feature Camp Crystal Lake as the opening sequence however.
  • Original drafts had Mr. Campbell survive the film & Lent die by succumbing to injuries from the Deadite Jason attack at S-Mart in the climax. Shannon & Swift on test screening audience feedback and wanting to have an emphasis on the third versus slasher icon party Ash's killing ability, rewrote Mr. Campbell into becoming a Deadite and Lent being mercy killed by Ash in the film's close.
  • Body-Count: 21 (Two Ash Williams kills, 4 Freddy Krueger kills & 13 Jason Voorhees kills).
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