Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash is a 2022 American horror film directed by Troy Nixey and produced by Guillermo del Toro. The film stars Ron Perlman as Freddy Krueger, Michael Bailey Smith as Jason Voorhees and Jennifer Lawrence as Ash Williams. It acts as a crossover between A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th and Evil Dead, as well as a sequel to the earlier crossover Freddy vs. Jason.


Six months after Freddy vs. Jason, a young woman, Elizabeth Marcus, arrives at a cabin in Camp Crystal Lake. After replacing the lightbulb, she goes to take a shower, when the power suddenly goes out. Wrapping herself in a towel, Marcus goes out onto the landing, where Jason Voorhees appears and swings his machete at her. She escapes by falling over the rail, but Jason jumps down after her and chases her into the woods. When he finally catches up with her, she falls in the middle of a clearing. Suddenly, several bright lights come on, temporarily blinding Jason. As Marcus runs to safety, a government task force emerge from the shadows and open fire, blowing Jason away. Marcus, revealed to be a undercover FBI agent, is thanked by Director Gordon Russell. Russell is then approached by a younger agent who tells him that he found a mysterious book lying in the undergrowth. When Gordon takes a look, we see that the book is the Naturom Demonto, the Sumerian Book of the Dead. Elsewhere, Ashlee "Ash" Williams, having survived the events of Evil Dead, is approached by Dr Maggie Burroughs, who invites Ash to join a support group she is starting for people who have survived unnatural evils. Other members of the group include Alice Hardy, her brother Rob and Megan Garris, who battled Jason in the past, Molly Cartwell, a Hillcrest Academy student who survived an encounter with Michael Myers, and Lori Campbell ad her boyfriend Will Rollins, who fought both Jason and Freddy Krueger.

Jason's body is taken to a morgue at a government research facility. There, he has a dream where he sees his mother, Pamela, who tells him that he can never die. Jason wakes up and kills the coroner, his assistant and the two FBI guards keeping watch. After walking out of the building, Jason has another vision of his mother, who tells him to bring her the Narutom Demonto. After Jason saunters off into the night, Pamela is revealed to be a disguised Freddy Krueger, once again manipulating Jason from beyond the grave.

Ash arrives at the house where Maggie is holding the first meeting, and meets the other group members. She fails to notice an unseen person watching her enter in a Hummer. Maggie reveals one last addition to the group; Elizabeth Marcus, the woman who "killed" Jason. Alice and Rob are both openly skeptical that Jason is dead, but Elizabeth assures them that he isn't coming back. Suddenly, Jason crashes through the window behind her and crushes her skull. Before Jason can kill anyone else, the Hummer rams into him and slams into the wall, crushing Jason. The driver gets out and runs from the house from the group. Their saviour then reveals himself to be Tommy Jarvis.

More government agents descend upon Maggie's house and recapture Jason while the survivors flee. Tommy breaks away from the group, planning to break into the government holding area and kill Jason himself. At the Pentagon, Russell reads from the Narutom Demonto, accidentally ressurecting Freddy. However, Freddy is weak and is quickly subdued and captured, being locked up in the Capitol building.

Freddy finds himself locked up next to Jason and once again transforms into Pamela, reminding Jason of his quest for the book. Jason breaks out of his cell and slaughters the guards before retrieving the Narutom Demonto. He brings it back to Freddy, who becomes infused with it's power. Freddy then recites several passages, opening up a portal to Hell in Washington DC. An army of Deadites emerge and invade the capital.Freddy appoints Jason as the general of his army, and Jason takes off to destroy Washington.

The survivors arrive at Washington and meet Tommy, who has also arrived to kill Jason. Rob steals a gun and encounters Freddy, who he shoots. Freddy is unharmed as he is imbued with the power of the Narutom Demonto. Suddenly, Maggie picks up a gun and shoots Rob dead. Maggie reveals that she actually idolizes killers like Freddy and Jason and she wants to join their ranks by killing the people that they could not. Freddy drags Maggie away with him as Alice sobs over her brother's corpse.

Tommy confronts Jason on the streets as the Deadites lay waste to the city. In the battle, Tommy blasts the lower half of Jason's mask off before a winged Deadite swoops down and snatches Tommy. He is then flown to the White House, where Freddy and Maggie are in the Oval Office. Freddy, disguised as the President, addresses the nation, lying that the only way to stop the Deadites is to sacrifice children. Tommy manages to save the lives of many children by shooting Freddy, forcing him to reveal his true self. In retaliation, Freddy kills the real president and then prepares to kill Tommy. Suddenly, Ash crashes into the Oval Office in a tank, crushing Freddy. She then blows Maggie away with the tank's guns. She and Tommy retrieve the Narutom Demonto and flee the White House, but Freddy crawls out from under the tank, having survived.

Outside, the skies start to rain blood. Tommy is incapactiated by Deadites, but he throws the book to Alice. Jason grabs Alice, but hesitates when he sees that she resembles his mother when she was young. Russell, who thinks that Alice is giving Jason the book, panics and shoots her dead. Jason, enraged, disembowels Russell with his own two hands.

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