Freddy vs. Jason is a 2020 American horror film directed by Troy Nixey and produced by Guillermo del Toro. The film stars Ron Perlman as Freddy Krueger and Michael Bailey Smith as Jason Voorhees, and acts as a crossover between the their two respective franchises; A Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th. The film also stars Amber Heard and Emile Hirsch. It was followed by a crossover with Evil Dead; Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash.


Freddy Krueger has been dead for several years, his soul trapped in Hell. Previously, Freddy was able to escape because people were afraid of him, but now, the children of Elm Street are kept ignorant of Freddy's very existence by their parents, and he cannot escape as a result. While searching the bowels of Hell, Freddy learns that infamous serial killer Jason Voorhees is dead. Seeing an opportunity, Freddy appears to Jason disguised as his mother, Pamela Voorhees. Freddy tells Jason to go to Elm Street and kill several people. Hopefully, the people of Springwood will mistake the killings as the work of Freddy, inspiring fear in him and allowing him to return to life.

Meanwhile, Lori Campbell is a high school student who now lives in 1428 Elm Street, the same place where Nancy Holbrook lived. She is visited by her best friend Kia, who brings their other friend Bree and a guy named Blake. Kia is trying to set Lori up Blake to help her get over ex-boyfriend Will Rollins. However, Lori isn't interested.

The party is crashed by Trey, Bree's jerkish boyfriend. After getting her drunk, they go upstairs to have sex. Bree then goes to take a shower while Jason sneaks into the house downstairs and slips by the others. He enters the room and folds the bed over with Trey still on it, crushing him. Bree finds his body, and the group run screaming from the house.

The kids are all questioned by the police before being let go. Some of the officers wonder about the possibility of Freddy killing them. At home, Blake gets into a fight with his alcoholic father over taking out the trash and goes to his room, where he falls asleep. When Blake's father goes to take out the trash, Jason cuts his head off and hides his body in the bin. He then enters the house, and hides when Blake's sister arrives home with her boyfriend and they go to her room to have sex. Jason enters the room and cuts Blake's sister in half before holding a pillow over her boyfriend's face and stabbing him. In the next room, Blake has a dream where he finds his family, bloodily murdered, sitting around the table. Freddy appears and kills Blake by slashing his chest. Freddy is overjoyed that he can kill again.

Meanwhile, Will hears about the murders and tries to find Lori to see if she is OK. He finds out that the entire high school is planning a rave in a cornfield at the weekend, and Lori, Kia and Bree will be attending. He decides to go there and meet her. Will thinks that Freddy has returned. At the rave, Bree gets drunk and wanders off, eventually falling asleep. She has a dream in which she sees Trey beckoning her into an abandoned silo. Once inside, Trey transforms into Freddy and begins to chase her. In the real world, another raver takes Ecstasy and finds the sleeping Bree, so he tries to kiss and molest her. In the dream, Bree hides inside of a locker while Freddy searches for her. Suddenly he throws the door open and corners her. As he mocks her, Bree's chest is suddenly ripped open and Freddy's face is sprayed with blood. It is shown that in the real world, Jason has plunged a pole right through the raver and into Bree. Freddy screams in rage and curses Jason's name.

Back at the rave, Will shows up and tries to talk to Lori, warning her about Freddy, but she refuses to listen. Elsewhere, Jason finds the rave organizer Shack and his friend lighting up a bong. The friend starts to mock Jason for what he is wearing, prompting Jason to snap his neck. Shack douses Jason in alcohol and sets him on fire, but Jason calmly draws his machete. Shack runs into the center of the rave to try and warn everybody, just as Jason throws his machete into his back. Once he retrieves it, Jason starts to murder the ravers, slashing them to death. Will manages to escape in his van with Lori, Kia and their classmate Charlie and stoner Freeberg. 

Police Deputy Scott Stubbs suspects that a Jason copycat is reponsible for the murders, but Police Chief Landis refuses to listen. Stubbs later pulls over Lori and her friends for speeding and learns that they are running from the cornfield massacre. He tells about his theory on the copycat killer, but Charlie tells him that the killer is Jason. Stubbs then decides to team up the group in hopes of stopping his rampage.

The group confront Lori's father, Dr Don Campbell, who works at the Westin Hills Psychiatric Hospital, where patients are given Hypnocil to supress their dreams. However, he refuses to provide them with any, so they hatch a plan to break in and steal some. They are unknowingly followed by Jason. The group slip inside unnoticed, while Jason begins to bang on a metal door. A security guard goes to investigate, when Jason suddenly knocks the door down and crushes him under it. 

Stubbs decides to hold Jason off while the others steal the Hypnocil. Freeberg is more interested in smoking weed and he falls asleep in an empty room, allowing Freddy to kill him in his dream. Jason shoves Stubbs onto a transformer and electrocutes him to death and then starts to chase the others. Charlie retrieves Stubbs' gun, but the bullets have little effect on the undead Jason. Will ultimately saves the day by injecting Jason with some tranquilizer. However, in his last moments before going unconcious, Jason destroys the Hypnocil.

With no way to protect them from Freddy, the teens decide to pull Freddy out of the dream world as per Will's suggestion and then have him battle Jason. They put Jason's body in the back of Will's van and head towards Camp Crystal Lake, in order to give Jason a battlefield advantage as well as hoping that if he defeats Freddy, he will remain "at home" and not come after them anymore. 

At the same time, Jason finds himself in the dream world, where Freddy is waiting for him. Freddy explains that Jason has been helpful in brining back fear for him, but now he is depriving him of potential victims and must be stopped. He attacks Jason, but is easily outmatched. The two tumble through several dreams as they fight, before Freddy finds himself at Camp Crystal Lake many years before. He realises that this is the night Jason "drowned" and this is Jason's nightmare. Now evenly matched, the two continue to do battle.

While this is happening, Lori decides to enter the dream world to pull Freddy out, and witnesses them battling in Camp Crystal Lake and sees the young Jason falling into the water. Seeing that Freddy is winning, Lori rescues Jason, depriving Freddy of the advantage. Freddy is enraged and attacks her, but having seen what she did, Jason stops him and beats him down.

In the real world, the teens are stopped by a police roadblock set up by Landis. Will wakes Lori up, but she accidentally pulls Jason out of the dream and he kills the officers, including Landis, before chasing the others into the woods of Crystal Lake. They hide out in a rundown cabin, where Lori returns to the dream to find Freddy. He chases her again and corners her, just as Jason enters the cabin. In the struggle, the cabin catches fire and Lori's hand is burned, waking her up. She grabs Freddy just in time and pulls him out. Charlie tries to defend Kia by ramming Jason with a flagpole, but Jason grabs it and uses it to launch Charlie across the cabin, knocking him out and leaving him to burn. Jason next attacks Freddy and rams him through a window. Freddy gets up and tries to run, but Jason pursues him. Will pulls Charlie out of the cabin, but he dies in Kia's arms. 

Kia decide to act as a decoy to draw Freddy's attention away from Lori and Will, but Jason creeps up behind her and stabs her with his machete. Lori then spots some propane tanks sitting near the dock and sets a fire, which begins to burn towards it. Jason and Freddy stumble onto the dock as the fight and Freddy stabs Jason through the eye, but Jason rips Freddy's arm off. The fire then reaches the propane tanks and blows the docks away, destroying the rest of the campground in the process. The two titans are blasted into the lake, but Freddy climbs back out, clinging to Jason's machete, and tries to kill Lori. Jason bursts back out of the water and uses his last ounce of strength to impale Freddy through the chest with his own glove. Both killers then fall back into the lake and sink to the bottom. Reconciled, Lori and Will kiss and then leave Crystal Lake together.

The following morning, a fog bank descends on the lake and all is quiet. Jason suddenly emerges from the water, picks up his machete, and walks towards the camera.


Ron Perlman - Freddy Krueger

Michael Bailey Smith - Jason Voorhees

Amber Heard - Lori Campbell

Emile Hirsch - Will Rollins


Trey Cooper - Crushed in folding bed

Mr Anderson - Decapitated

Blake's sister - Cut in half

Boyfriend - Stabbed repeatedly

Blake Anderson - Chest slashed

Bree Smith and raver - Double impalement with pole

Shack's friend - Neck snapped

Shack - Burning machete through back

Ravers - Slashed with machete

Security guard - Crushed by metal door

Scott Stubbs - Electrocuted

Bill Freeberg - Gutted

Landis - Throat slashed

Charlie Linderman - Thrown against wall spike

Kia Waterson - Impaled with machete

Freddy Krueger - Impaled with his own glove

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