Freddy Vs Chucky Vs Jason 2

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Freddy Vs. Chucky Vs. Jason In New York
(also known as Freddy Vs. Chucky Vs. Jason 2) is the 2017 sequel to the cross-over horror film Freddy Vs. Chucky Vs. Jason In The Devil's Playground.


When Elm Street is no longer scared of Freddy Krueger, he decides to haunt the streets of New York instead. Meanwhile, Jason Voorhes finds himself in New York after Camp Crystal Lake is destroyed by a fire after it gets struck by lightning during a freak storm, which also sends a truck that the "lifeless" Chucky doll is in off road, causing it to end up in New York as well. While Freddy is looking for some dreams to turn into nightmares, he meets Jason Voorhes. Freddy, thinking that Jason is trying to get revenge for the incident in the Devil's Playground, tries to kill Jason. Their battle leads them to the subway, where they meet Chucky. Freddy starts to think that the two have teamed up to kill him, so Freddy attacks Chucky too. The three destroy the subway during their battle. The police show up to stop the terrifying trio, so Freddy escapes, leving behind Chucky and Jason. The two finish off the police, and split up to find Freddy. Jason finds Freddy in an abandoned factory, where Freddy seemingly kills Jason by knocking tons of pipes, old jagged pieces of metal, and rusty old tools onto him. Meanwhile, Chucky goes on a killing spree, which gets the attention of the cops again. However, this time Freddy shows up to help him. Freddy kills the cops and makes a dea with Chucky. Chucky can have Elm Street if Freddy gets Manhattan. Chucky negotiates and ends up with all of California. Chucky agrees, and hitches a ride on a train. But it turns out Jason is on the train, and he kills Chucky. Jason jumps off of the train and heads back to Manhattan. At Manhattan, Freddy is already on a killing spree, but Jason shows up to stop him. Jason and Freddy have an epic battle, leading to the docks. At the docks, Chucky jumps out of the water, surprising Jason. Chucky slashes Jason's legs, kncoking him backwards into the water. Freddy and Chucky dive into the water and fight Jason. There underwater battle causes the dock to collapse onto all three of them, sinking them into the dark depths of the ocean. End credits scene: Chucky washes up on a beach in New Jersey. He wakes up and laughs as the screen fades out....


A sequel, Freddy Vs. Chucky Vs. Jason In New Jersey, was announced shortly after the film was released.


  • Jackie Earle Haley - Freddy Krueger
  • Derek Mears - Jason Voorhes
  • Ron Perlman - Chucky (voice)

Deleted Scenes

  • An alternate ending where two cops are talking about "the incident in New York" to the president, and the president tells them that he has a plan. The president then gives the two police a folder that says "OPERATION: OUTER SPACE". The cops open the folder, and see blueprints for a space-ship and some pictures of Jason Voorhes, Chucky, and Freddy Krueger. The scene was deleted when the creators thought that "Freddy Vs. Chucky Vs. Jason In Outer Space" was just a cheesey idea.
  • A scene where two New Yorkers are talking about the urban legend of Jason Voorhes.
  • An alternate version of the previous deleted scene where they are instead talking about Chucky.

DVD Release

The film was released on DVD 5 months after the theatrical release. The extended version was released on DVD a year after the original DVD release. It was released along with Freddy Vs. Chucky Vs. Jason In The Devil's Playground for Blu-Ray the same day that Freddy Vs. Chucky Vs. Jason In New Jersey was released in theaters.

Memorable Quotes

  • "Well, well... if it isn't Hideous and Turd!" - Freddy, reffering to Jason and Chucky.
  • "I get Manhattan, you get Elm Street! Deal?" - Freddy, to Chucky.

"How about I get California, you get Manhattan?" - Chucky, to Freddy.

  • "Eat metal, mute-mouth!" - Freddy, throwing tons of rusty metal onto Jason in an abandoned factory.
  • "You don't like talkin' too much, do ya?" - Chucky, to Jason.


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