"Every town has an Elm Street." - Freddy Krueger

Freddy Krueger is the central character and principal antagonist of the A Nightmare on Elm Street film series. This page refers to the version which appears in the A Nightmare on Elm Street reboot timeline. Freddy appears in every film in the reboot series and is played by Ron Perlman.

Freddy was once a gardener at Badham Preschool, where the children started malicious rumours about him molesting them. An angry mob of Springfield residents marched on Freddy's hideaway when he tried to skip town and torched it, burning Freddy to death. However, Freddy was able to return several years later in the form of a dream demon, slithering into the dreams of the children who wronged him and killing them in their nightmares. His initial rampage was only stopped by Nancy Holbrook, who stopped being afraid of him. Without fear, Freddy lost his powers, but he later targeted the next generation of Elm Street children and started hunting them down. Nancy returned to fight Freddy and learned that the only way to stop him was to give his bones a proper burial. After doing so, Freddy seemingly died and the children were safe.

However, the new generation remained fearful of Freddy's possible return, and this fear allowed him to return yet again. With a new body made out of the souls of those he'd killed and a new plan to claim the souls of children all over the world, Freddy was become truly evil. However, Nancy confronted Freddy for the final time and the souls making up Freddy's torso revolted, ripping his body apart and dragging his soul into Hell.

With no more feed to feed off of, Freddy was trapped in Hell until he found Jason Voorhees. With the last of his power, Freddy resurrected Jason and sent him to Elm Street to kill the people there, generating fear of Freddy once again. The plan worked and Freddy escaped from Hell, but Jason kept on killing the children of Elm Street, depriving Freddy of victims. In a final battle at Camp Crystal Lake, Jason ripped Freddy's arm off and fatally stabbed Freddy through the chest.

Freddy was accidentally resurrected one more time by the Naturom Demonto, the Sumerian Book of the Dead, and he led an army of Deadites to destroy Washington. He was confronted by Ashlee "Ash" Williams, who opened a portal to Hell with the Naturom Demonto and the Deadites were sucked back into the underworld. Freddy tried to get away, but Ash blasted him in the chest with a shotgun sending him tumbling into the vortex. Freddy was reduced to a skeleton and his soul was dragged into Hell for the final time.

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